New NADRA Policy: Get Your CNIC in Just 15 Days

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

Speedy NADRA Service: Get Your CNIC in Just 15 Days

Great news for Pakistani citizens! NADRA, the authority for national identity cards, has slashed the waiting time for urgent card issuance. Now, you can get your CNIC in just 15 days instead of the previous 23, and guess what? There’s no extra charge for this speedy service!

This change is a game-changer for folks who need their ID cards pronto. NADRA announced this fantastic update on social media, highlighting how it’s a boon for everyone. Their aim is simple: to ensure that people get their ID cards quickly when they need them the most.

Why is the National Identity Card (NIC) so important? Well, it’s like your ID card supercharged with a unique 13-digit number. You need it for loads of stuff, from getting licenses to opening bank accounts, and even for getting passports or mobile connections. Anyone who’s 18 or older can apply for an NIC through NADRA.

Starting April 2024, the fee for applying for an urgent smart ID card is Rs1,500. This makes the faster service more accessible for everyone. So, if you’re in a rush to get your CNIC, NADRA has got your back with their speedier process.

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