Banana Yogurt Face Mask for Dry Skin in winter at Home

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

In winter season everyone is worried with Dry Skin. By constantly dry skin loses its brightness and glow affect and then it is not easy to recover. So we should be keep avoid to get rid Dry Skin in Winter Season

moisturize Dry Skin with Home Made Face Mask

Here on this page we are showing you    how to deal with dry skin at home or Home remedies for Dry Skin in winter season for men and women.

In this article, we are going to tell our viewers how Banana Fruit and yogurt moisturize our dry skin, How Banana and yogurt helps to glow our dry skin and how honey provides glow and  soft skin by applying a face mask at home for Dry Skin in winter.

So first of all we will discuss how we can cover our dry skin with a Hydrating facemask at home using three common things Banana, Yogurt and honey. By Applying the Face Mask of these three home items for dry skin home remedy we can easily moisturize our dry skin.

Let’s see the following Steps for Moisturizing our Dry Skin

What is required for Home Made Moisturizing Face Mask?

For making a hydrated moisturized Face Mask for Dry Skin at home in winter the following three things are required.

  • One half of ripe Banana Fruit. Banana has Vitamin C and antioxidants which help to moisturize dry skin and cleanse skin radicals.
  • Half Cup of yogurt that cools the skin and reduces the redness and tightens pores.
  • A teaspoon of Honey which is natural antibiotic and is used to kill any bacteria on skin and its moisturizing and soft affect helps to glow dry skin.

How to make a Banana Yogurt Face Mask?

  • Collect all three ingredients for the Moisturize Face Mask.
  • Cut the Banana into small pieces having no lumps in a bowl to get a smooth consistency.
  • Make a paste of Banana add one teaspoon of Honey and mix well.
  • Finally, add half a cup of plain Yogurt start stirring and mix all ingredients well until you get a smooth paste.
  • Your Home Made Moisturize Face Mask is ready to use.

Face mask for Dry Skin at HomeHow to apply a Moisturized Face Mask?

  • Before you start to apply a Banana yogurt Moisturized Face Mask, make sure your hands are clean and the skin where you have to apply is clean. Wash the skin with lukewarm water and pat dry with towel. Skin cleansing is very important for applying face mask to get better and outstanding results.
  • Apply the homemade mask with Brush or hand fingers and cover the skin very well and allow the mask for ten minutes after it is applied. Again use Lukewarm water to wash your skin and splash some cold water on your skin and pat dry with a clean towel.
  • You would see instant changes in your skin and will feel your skin glow softness more than before.
  • For Dry Skin Moisturize Face mask should be used for one time in Two weeks, but if your skin is extremely dry you can use it after one week too.
  • By reading this article i hope our viewers would be able to make moisturized Face Mask at home easily with Yogurt, Banana and Honey.  If you have any complaint for dry skin must share with us in a comment us we will give you easy solution and home remedies, home tip for your skin problems.

Banana Yogurt Face Mask for Dry Skin in winter at Home from women

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