What About CPEC Kohala Hydro Power Project

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC Kohala Hydropower Project is one of the total six hydropower projects of the CPEC Program to be built on the Jhelum river.  This project has been listed as an actively promote project to be completed in 2027.

Location about CPEC Kohala Hydro Power Project

Kohala Hydropower Project is located at Jhelum River which comes from the Indus river in AJK and situated in the northeast region of Pakistan. It has a total capacity of 1118 MW.  The adjacent upstream project is the Chakothi-Hattian Hydropower Station and the adjacent downstream project is Mahl Hydropower Station on Jehlum river.

Kohala Hydropower Project is at a distance of 85 Km from Islamabad and 35 KM from Upstream  Muzaffarabad city of AJK. The dam site is 30 km from Muzaffarabad City. The catchment area of the dam site is 14,060 km2, with an average annual discharge is 302 m3/s and an average annual runoff is 9.52 billion m3. The main objective of this development project is to generate power through a reservoir operational water level of 907 m and reservoir capacity of 19.90 million m3.

Kohala hydropower Project Capacity

Total 1118 electricity will be generated by this project comprising 1,100 MW (4 x 275 MW) installed capacity for the main power station and 18 MW (2 x 9 MW) installed capacity for the ecological flow power station. The average annual energy generation of the main power station will be 5.079 billion kWh, with 122 MW guaranteed output and 4,617 hours of capacity utilization.

The average annual energy generation of the ecological flow power station will be 95 million kWh, with 8.4 MW guaranteed output and 5,280 hours of yearly utilization hours of installed capacity. The total annual generating capacity of the main power station and ecological flow power station will be 5.174 billion kWh.

CPEC Hydropower Project Structure Details

There are three structures of Kohala  Hydropower Project divided as headworks, waterway system for power generation, and powerhouse. The headworks will mainly include the dam, ecological flow hydropower station, and permanent camp at the dam site. The waterway system for power generation includes the water intake, headrace tunnel, surge shaft, penstock, and associated structures. The powerhouse system includes the surface powerhouse, tailrace, switchyard, permanent camps at the powerhouse area, and associated infrastructure.

Structure of Kohala Hydropower Project  of CPEC

There will be a total installed capacity of 1118 MW and a total annual power generation of 5.174 billion kWh by this project.



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