Warid Mark a New Record for Postpaid Sales in a Month

Postpaid Connections Record Sale by Warid in a Single Month

At this time when all cellular companies is going through a tough competition Warid has sold over 19,000 postpaid connections in a single month and make a new record in postpaid sales in a month.


Donpk.com has come to know that this record number of 19,000 postpaid sales came through franchise, collective Sales and Business Center network, which is a record mark for any cellular company in a single month. (Especially the franchise segment has contributed the major share of the sales).

Postpaid customers are also valuable customers because they pay bills in advance and also deposit cash money on security for a new connection.

Postpaid base is viewed as intensity of an operator, this is why almost every telecom company is offering really low-priced plans to gain postpaid base.

Remunerative post-paid segment is usually less concerned over price while they desire prominent network with crystal clear voice quality, consistent connectivity and premium care services. Usually the elite and business class prefers a postpaid connection.

Postpaid segment not only adds great value to revenues but it also indicates the quality of network and service standards maintained by a telecommunication companies.

Warid has earned a name as quality network and has reached the maximum number of postpaid connection over 538,000 in Pakistan.


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