SC hints YouTube Ban in Pakistan

Supreme Court of Pakistan hinting YouTube ban in Pakistan on Wednesday dated 22.07.2020 while hearing a case of man namely Shoukat Ali who was involved in sectarian crime.

Sc hints Youtube Ban in Pakistan

Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin and Justice Mushir Alam heard the case and the court objected unregulated social content regarding the judiciary, government, armed forces, and other state institutions. They remarked particularly comments and freedom of expression without any proof.

While hearing the case, Justice Amin remarked that we have no objection to freedom of expression. Our salaries are being paid by the tax of people of Pakistan and they have the right to raise questions on our decisions and performance but the constitution of Pakistan has also granted us the right to privacy. The family members of the judiciary come under scrutiny on YouTube and other social media.  He refereed a decision announced yesterday  which was discussed on the platform whether the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)  and the Federal Investigating Agency (FIA)  had taken notice against persons who mocked and embarrassed judges.

While PTA official told that the PTA cannot remove such content on YouTube and it can just report it. However, Justice Mushir Alam said that YouTube is banned in many countries and no one can raise any question against European Union or the United States on such platform and in some countries, it is regulated through local laws.

People are incited against the judiciary, government and armed forces remarked Justice Amin. The Court issued notices to the attorney-general of Pakistan and the foreign ministry on the matter.


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