Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) Jobs 2014

punjab vocational Training Council jobs 2014

Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) is an autonomous corporate body established by the Punjab Government through the PVTC Act of 1998. Its mission is to alleviate poverty through Muslim charity (Zakat) and private sector participation by imparting demand driven skill training and enhancing employability for disadvantaged youth.

Punjab vocational council (PVTC) has announced various jobs in different Vocational Training Institutes of Punjab Province.

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Sample papers of All PVTC jobs 2014:


1. Admin & Accounts Officer                      

2. Admission & Placement Officer                           

3. Instructor (Computer Application & Office Professional)                          

4. Instructor (Computer Application for Business)                            

5. Instructor (Web & Graphic Designing)                               

6. Instructor (Clinical Assistant)                 

7.Instructor (Veterinary Assistant)                          

8.Instructor (Agriculture Field Assistant)                               

9.   Instructor (Life Skills)                              

10.   Instructor (Poultry Farming)                              

11. Junior Instructor (Welder / Fabricator)                           

12. Junior Instructor (Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)                  

13. Junior Instructor (Auto Mechanic)                    

14. Junior Instructor (Textile Weaving)                  

15. Junior Instructor (Industrial Electrician)                          

16. Junior Instructor (Plumbing)                               

17.  Junior Instructor (Beautician)                            

18. Junior Instructor (Auto CAD)                               

19. Junior Instructor (Repair & Maintenance of Electrical Appliances)                      

20. Junior Instructor (Dress Making)                       

21. Junior Instructor (Auto Electrician)                   

22. Junior Instructor (Industrial Stitching)                             

23. Junior Instructor (Food & Cooking)                  

24. Junior Instructor (Plastic Injection & Blow Molding)                  

25. Junior Instructor (Motorcycle Mechanic)                       

26. Junior Instructor (Embroidery)                           

27. Junior Instructor (Tractor & Diesel Mechanic)                              

28. Junior Instructor (Civil Surveyor)                       

29. Junior Instructor (Domestic Tailoring)                             

30. Junior Instructor (Mobile Phone Repairing)                  

31. Lab Assistant (Computer Application & Office Professional)                 

32.  Lab Assistant (Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)                        

33.  Lab Assistant (Clinical Assistant)                       

34. Lab Assistant (Agriculture Field Assistant)                     

35. Lab Assistant (Welder / Fabricator)                  

36. Lab Assistant (Auto CAD)                      

37. Lab Assistant (Auto Electrician)                          

38.Lab Assistant (Hotel Management)                   

39.Lab Assistant (Motorcycle Mechanic)                               

40. Lab Assistant (Dress Making)                              

41. Lab Assistant (Textile Weaving)                         

42.  Lab Assistant (Industrial Electrician)                

43.Lab Assistant (Industrial Stitching)                     

44. Lab Assistant (Plumbing)                      

45. Lab Assistant (Beautician)                    

46. Lab Assistant (Repair & Maintenance of Electrical Appliances)                             

47. Lab Assistant (Computer Hardware & Network Professional)                              

48. Lab Assistant (Veterinary)                    

49. Lab Assistant (Food & Cooking)                         

50. Lab Assistant (Industrial Garment Stitching)                 

51.  Lab Assistant (Web & Graphic Designing)                     

52.Lab Assistant (Import & Export)                          

53. Lab Assistant (Poultry Farming)                         

54.  Lab Assistant (Embroidery)                 

55.  Lab Assistant (Tractor & Diesel Mechanic)                    

56.  Lab Assistant (Domestic Tailoring)                   

57. Lab Assistant (Auto Mechanic)                           

58 Lab Assistant (General Fitter)                              

59.  Office Boy                  

60. Lady Attendant                         



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