PTA Report regarding No Ban of SMS Bundle & Call Packages

PTA Report regarding No Ban of SMS Bundle & Call Packages

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has issued the report regarding SMS Voice Bundle packages on Respond to National and International talking and misquoted by Media.

In a letter issued by Khurram Mehran, Director Public Relations PTA, the regulator states that its latest directive was simply a continuance from an earlier letter dated 14th November 2012, in which it had asked all telecom companies to stop offering ‘chat room’ services, where users could log on without showing their name and contacts and transposed with other people logged into the same room.

PTA claims that it had received several complaints about these services from the Supreme Court, standing committees of Parliament as well as lawmakers, who were worried about the hurtful effects these would have on social averages and values.

After frantic meetings between PTA officials and telecom companies representatives, it was decided that all such packages would be discontinued and consequently the regulator issued a letter confirming this directive.

In its clarification letter, PTA states that it has not banned SMS and voice ‘bundle’ packages; rather it has directed only these ‘chat rooms’ to be abolished. Furthermore, they claim to have been misquoted in the press.


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