PEMRA Issued new Instructions for TV channels to avoid vulgar contents

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) issued new rules and instructions for all Media Channels to stop vulgarity in TV serials as well as on TV Shows and other Airing activities.

Everyone knows that Pakistan TV Serials are very popular all over the world because it has Family norms and in character.  PEMRA news instructions and rules for all TV channels are issued by its press released on May 03, 2017 that no TV channel will cater immoral activities to promote indecency in audience.

PEMRA instructions and  rules  to stop vulgarity

Those TV Channel which are   incorporating immoral themes into its serials or other airing activities are not only against the social norms and ethics but also they are degrading themselves

Keeping all this in view PEMRA formulated new instructions and rules 2017 for all drama serial makers, to adhere and curb the promotions of indecency with immoral themes

Recently PEMRA imposed a string of bans and fine on local TV Channel HM TV with Rs. 1 million against its indecent scenes in a drama serial KItni Girhein Baqi hein one month ago.

So below are the instructions for all media channels, coordinators, directors and producers to cast their work in specific norms and ethics of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

pemra bans against immoral content

pemra rules and instructions to stop vulgarity

pemra instructions for tv channels


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