PAT to End the Protest (Dharna) in Islamabad

Pakistan awami Tehreek (PAT) has decided to end the protest and Dharna in Islambad and move to all cities of Pakistan. PAT Protest end can cause problems for Pakistan tehreek e Insaf leaders as there would be serious challenge to make gathering in Islamabad protest.

PAT to End the Protest (Dharna) in Islamabad

According to reports PAT leadership has decided to end protest but finally confirmation will be made by Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri Announcement.

Revolutionary principle to end the sit -D in the first stage 500 tents were removed from the square and sit- declared security risk position has been handed to police .

Abbasi also sit pat on the progress while sticking indicated that now sit in the whole country will be revolutionary and may be terminated sooner sit Islamabad.

PTI sit pat ending would be a blow to its credibility and capacity to maintain not only the increase in the number of participants, but also 24-hour challenge will be to co- workers sit-in.

The Prime Minister’s protest movement to end the political strategy associates sought Islamabad


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