Pakistan likely to lift ban on YouTube vedio sharing website

Pakistan likely to lift ban on YouTube

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan National Assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution unanimously to lift the ban on YouTube, which is the most popular video data website worldwide.

During the session, chaired by Deputy Speaker Murtaza Javed Abbasi, PPP  MNA Shazia Marri presented a resolution necessitating the lifting of the ban on YouTube which was unanimously accepted by the lower house of the parliament. The lawmaker said that the ban be lifted as the website has deleted all obnoxious material in question.

During the session, State Minister for Coordination Saira Tarar proposed that a committee be formed to decide whether the ban should be removed or not. But Shazia  Mari protested, demanding immediate action from the government in this matter and said it affected students and businessmen negatively. No date has been given as to when the ban would be removed as yet.

In Pakistan, the  most popular video-sharing website has been blocked since September 2012 when the then prime minister ordered its shutdown over its failure to take down a movie that sparked protests around the world of Muslim community. Despite the removal of the video, the video-sharing website remains banned in the country so far. YouTube is also banned in Turkey, Iran, Sudan and Tajikistan.


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