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National Flag of Pakistan which is known in Urdu as Qaumi Parcham was formed just four days before the independence day of Pakistan during a meeting of the constituent Assembly dated August 11, 1947.

Pakistan flag images have different orientations and styles with its colour, design and structure that clearly reflects the whole Pakistan country as a nation of Muslims with other minority religions.

At that time it was designed as the official flag of the dominion of Pakistan and afterwards, it has retained as the flag of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pak flag consists of two colours which are green and white.  It is designed as a green field with a white crescent moon and five rayed stars at its centre and a vertical white stripe at the hoist side.

Though the green colour is mandated as dark green which shows that the most consistent representation of Pakistan is green that all are Muslims while the white colour represents minorities or other religions. The flag was designed by Amiruddin Kidwai for all India Muslim League flags.

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14 August Pakistan Flag Images photo Pictures Wallpapers HD

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pakistan flag wallpaper free download independence day picture of pakistan independence day picture of pakistanIn the national anthem, the flag represents as the flag of the Crescent and Star. It is hoisted on several important days of the year including Republic Day, Independence Day and Defence Day of Pakistan.

It is also hoisted every morning at schools, offices and government buildings to the sound of the national anthem and lowered again before sunset.  On Waghah border, Lahore national flag raising and lowering ceremony is carried out each day with great pomp and enthusiasm attended by hundreds of spectators. The government of Pakistan has pronounced rules about the flying of the flag.

It is to be displayed at full mast on 23 March of each year, marking the adoption of the Lahore Resolution in 1940 and the Declaration of the Republic of Pakistan in 1956, and on 14 August in celebration of Independence Day, when Pakistan was carved out from British India as a home for Indian Muslims.

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Before the partition Muslims and Hindus were living  under the  British Raj and a number of muslims  formed  a league for muslims of India  and afterwards  it appears  as  All India Muslim League.   When Pakistan emerged on Global Map on Independence Day of Pakistan 14th August 1947 the flag of the Muslim league served as the basis for the flag of Pakistan.

The green colour represents Islam as the majority of Pakistan is Muslims while white stripe represents religious minorities and minority religions. In the centre, the crescent and star symbolizes progress and light respectively. Flag represents Pakistan’s commitment to Islam and rights of other religions also.

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