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By Fayyaz Sidhu

all national flags of the world

Flags of the world are the national symbols of the countries represent a lot about their values, cultural, geographical and religion aspects etc.  All country National flags have their identity to portray themselves to the rest of the world. There are many types of flags of a country that show its organizations, states, territories, districts and cities by  national, state, municipal, military, historical, cultural flags and ensigns of the country. According to Wikipedia If we want to know about the term “what is flag”.

 “A piece of cloth or similar material, typically oblong or square, attachable by one edge to a pole or rope and used as the symbol or emblem of a country or institution or as a decoration during public festivities”.

“A flag is a piece of fabric (most often rectangular or quadrilateral) with a distinctive design that is used as a symbol, as a signaling device, or as decoration.”

Here on this page you can find flags of countries with global capitals, population and total area of world flags countries. See the list of all country flags alphabetically on  You can get full direction and peculiar facts of all national flag images with their population.

There are some most searched flags on internet by Google Adword keyword tool. The names of such countries flags are Italian flag, British flag, American flag, usa flag, us flag and German flag pole etc.  There are many flags of a country which specifically describes its different regions, states, departments, provinces, districts and organizations etc. All country flags whether they are state flags or describe other functions like military are raised with flag pole with national flag.  Flagpole  is the same for each flag.

Now a days people have become used to attain custom flags for advertising and marketing purposes.  It is the very fast way to become a show piece in a society.  In America there are a lot flags are used in different ways of life. US flag depot offers flag for America in different shapes and passions of life.

National Flags of the World for all Countries Alphabetically

Flag Country Capital Population Total area
Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan Kabul 25,500,100 652,090 km2
Flag of Albania Albania Tirana 2,821,977 28,748 km2
Flag of Algeria Algeria Algiers 38,700,000 2,381,740 km2
Flag of Andorra Andorra Andorra la Vella 76,098 468 km2
Flag of Angola Angola Luanda 20,609,294 1,246,700 km2
Flag of Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda St. John’s 86,295 442 km2
Flag of Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires 41,660,096 2,780,400 km2
Flag of Armenia Armenia Yerevan 3,017,400 29,800 km2
Flag of Australia Australia Canberra 23,414,552 7,741,220 km2
Flag of Austria Austria Vienna 8,504,850 83,858 km2
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Baku 9,477,100 86,600 km2
Flag of Bahamas The Bahamas Nassau 351,461 13,878 km2
Flag of Bahrain Bahrain Manama 1,234,571 694 km2
Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh Dhaka 152,518,015 143,998 km2
Flag of Barbados Barbados Bridgetown 285,000 430 km2
Flag of Belarus Belarus Minsk 9,468,100 207,600 km2
Flag of Belgium Belgium Brussels 11,132,269 32,545 km2
Flag of Belize Belize Belmopan 349,728 22,966 km2
Flag of Benin Benin Porto-Novo 10,323,000 112,622 km2
Flag of Bhutan Bhutan Thimphu 745,200 47,000 km2
Flag of Bolivia Bolivia Sucre 10,027,254 1,098,580 km2
Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo 3,791,622 51,197 km2
Flag of Botswana Botswana Gaborone 2,024,904 581,730 km2
Flag of Brazil Brazil Brasília 201,032,714 8,514,880 km2
Flag of Brunei Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan 393,162 5,765 km2
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Sofia 7,282,041 110,912 km2
Flag of Burkina Faso Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 17,322,796 274,000 km2
Flag of Burundi Burundi Bujumbura 10,163,000 27,834 km2
Flag of Cambodia Cambodia Phnom Penh 15,135,000 181,035 km2
Flag of Cameroon Cameroon Yaoundé 20,386,799 475,442 km2
Flag of Canada Canada Ottawa 35,295,770 9,970,610 km2
Flag of Cape Verde Cape Verde Praia 491,875 4,033 km2
Flag of Central African Republic The Central African Republic Bangui 4,616,000 622,984 km2
Flag of Chad Chad N’Djamena 12,825,000 1,284,000 km2
Flag of Chile Chile Santiago 16,341,929 756,096 km2
Flag of Colombia Colombia Bogotá 47,506,000 1,138,910 km2
Flag of Comoros The Comoros Moroni 743,798 2,235 km2
Flag of the Cook Islands Cook Islands Avarua 14,974 240 km2
Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica San José 4,667,096 51,100 km2
Flag of Cote d'Ivoire Cote d’Ivoire Yamoussoukro 23,202,000 322,463 km2
Flag of Croatia Croatia Zagreb 4,290,612 56,538 km2
Flag of Cuba Cuba Havana 11,167,325 110,861 km2
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Nicosia 865,878 9,251 km2
Flag of Czech Republic The Czech Republic Prague 10,513,800 78,866 km2
Flag of Democratic Republic of the Congo The Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa 67,514,000 2,344,860 km2
Flag of Denmark Denmark Copenhagen 5,627,235 43,094 km2
Flag of Djibouti Djibouti Djibouti 873,000 23,200 km2
Flag of Dominica Dominica Roseau 71,293 751 km2
Flag of Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 9,445,281 48,671 km2
Flag of East Timor East Timor Dili 1,066,409 14,874 km2
Flag of Ecuador Ecuador Quito 15,699,200 283,561 km2
Flag of Egypt Egypt Cairo 86,127,000 980,869 km2
Flag of El Salvador El Salvador San Salvador 6,340,000 21,041 km2
Flag of Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea Malabo 736,296 28,051 km2
Flag of Eritrea Eritrea Asmara 6,333,000 117,600 km2
Flag of Estonia Estonia Tallinn 1,311,870 45,100 km2
Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia Addis Ababa 86,613,986 1,104,300 km2
Flag of Fiji Fiji Suva 858,038 18,274 km2
Flag of Finland Finland Helsinki 5,452,821 338,145 km2
Flag of France France Paris 65,844,000 551,500 km2
Flag of Gabon Gabon Libreville 1,672,000 267,668 km2
Flag of Gambia The Gambia Banjul 1,849,000 11,295 km2
Flag of Georgia Georgia Tbilisi 4,483,800 69,700 km2
Flag of Germany Germany Berlin 80,619,000 357,022 km2
Flag of Ghana Ghana Accra 24,658,823 238,533 km2
Flag of Greece Greece Athens 10,815,197 131,957 km2
Flag of Grenada Grenada St. George’s 103,328 344 km2
Flag of Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala City 15,806,675 108,889 km2
Flag of Guinea Guinea Conakry 10,824,200 245,857 km2
Flag of Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau Bissau 1,704,000 36,125 km2
Flag of Guyana Guyana Georgetown 784,894 214,969 km2
Flag of Haiti Haiti Port-au-Prince 10,413,211 27,750 km2
Flag of Honduras Honduras Tegucigalpa 8,555,072 112,088 km2
Flag of Hungary Hungary Budapest 9,906,000 93,032 km2
Flag of Iceland Iceland Reykjavík 325,671 103,000 km2
Flag of India India New Delhi 1,241,610,000 3,287,260 km2
Flag of Indonesia Indonesia Jakarta 249,866,000 1,904,570 km2
Flag of Iran Iran Tehran 77,288,000 1,648,200 km2
Flag of Iraq Iraq Baghdad 34,035,000 438,317 km2
Flag of Ireland Ireland Dublin 4,593,100 70,273 km2
Flag of Israel Israel Jerusalem 8,146,300 22,145 km2
Flag of Italy Italy Rome 59,943,933 301,318 km2
Flag of Jamaica Jamaica Kingston 2,711,476 10,991 km2
Flag of Japan Japan Tokyo 127,180,000 377,873 km2
Flag of Jordan Jordan Amman 6,558,900 89,342 km2
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Astana 17,186,000 2,724,900 km2
Flag of Kenya Kenya Nairobi 44,354,000 580,367 km2
Flag of Kiribati Kiribati South Tarawa 106,461 726 km2
Flag of Kosovo Kosovo Pristina 1,815,606 10,887 km2
Flag of Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait City 3,065,850 17,818 km2
Flag of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Bishkek 5,663,133 199,900 km2
Flag of Laos Laos Vientiane 6,580,800 236,800 km2
Flag of Latvia Latvia Riga 2,003,900 64,600 km2
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon Beirut 4,822,000 10,400 km2
Flag of Lesotho Lesotho Maseru 2,074,000 30,355 km2
Flag of Liberia Liberia Monrovia 4,294,000 111,369 km2
Flag of Libya Libya Tripoli 6,202,000 1,759,540 km2
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Vaduz 37,132 160 km2
Flag of Lithuania Lithuania Vilnius 2,941,953 65,300 km2
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg Luxembourg City 537,000 2,586 km2
Flag of Macedonia Macedonia Skopje 2,062,294 25,713 km2
Flag of Madagascar Madagascar Antananarivo 21,263,403 587,041 km2
Flag of Malawi Malawi Lilongwe 16,363,000 118,484 km2
Flag of Malaysia Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 30,041,000 329,847 km2
Flag of Maldives Maldives Malé 317,280 298 km2
Flag of Mali Mali Bamako 15,302,000 1,240,190 km2
Flag of Malta Malta Valletta 416,055 316 km2
Flag of Marshall Islands The Marshall Islands Majuro 56,086 181 km2
Flag of Mauritania Mauritania Nouakchott 3,461,041 1,025,520 km2
Flag of Mauritius Mauritius Port Louis 1,257,900 2,040 km2
Flag of Mexico Mexico Mexico City 119,713,203 1,958,200 km2
Flag of Micronesia Micronesia Palikir 101,351 702 km2
Flag of Moldova Moldova Chisinau 3,559,500 33,851 km2
Flag of Monaco Monaco Monaco 36,136 2 km2
Flag of Mongolia Mongolia Ulaanbaatar 2,931,300 1,564,120 km2
Flag of Montenegro Montenegro Podgorica 620,029 13,812 km2
Flag of Morocco Morocco Rabat 33,202,300 446,550 km2
Flag of Mozambique Mozambique Maputo 23,700,715 801,590 km2
Flag of Myanmar Myanmar Naypyidaw 53,259,000 676,578 km2
Flag of Namibia Namibia Windhoek 2,113,077 824,292 km2
Flag of Nauru Nauru Yaren District 9,945 21 km2
Flag of Nepal Nepal Kathmandu 26,494,504 147,181 km2
Flag of Netherlands The Netherlands Amsterdam 16,842,200 41,528 km2
Flag of New Zealand New Zealand Wellington 4,518,330 270,534 km2
Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua Managua 6,071,045 130,000 km2
Flag of Niger Niger Niamey 17,129,076 1,267,000 km2
Flag of Nigeria Nigeria Abuja 173,615,000 923,768 km2
Flag of Niue Niue Alofi 1,611 260 km2
Flag of North Korea North Korea Pyongyang 24,895,000 120,538 km2
Flag of Norway Norway Oslo 5,109,056 385,155 km2
Flag of Oman Oman Muscat 3,957,000 309,500 km2
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan Islamabad 185,914,000 796,095 km2
Flag of Palau Palau Ngerulmud 20,901 459 km2
Flag of Panama Panama Panama City 3,405,813 75,517 km2
Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Port Moresby 7,398,500 462,840 km2
Flag of Paraguay Paraguay Asunción 6,783,374 406,752 km2
Flag of People's Republic of China The People’s Republic of China Beijing 1,363,350,000 9,640,820 km2
Flag of Peru Peru Lima 30,475,144 1,285,220 km2
Flag of Philippines The Philippines Manila 99,275,100 300,000 km2
Flag of Poland Poland Warsaw 38,502,396 312,685 km2
Flag of Portugal Portugal Lisbon 10,487,289 91,982 km2
Flag of Qatar Qatar Doha 2,045,239 11,000 km2
Flag of Republic of China The Republic of China Taipei 23,379,129 36,188 km2
Flag of Republic of the Congo The Republic of the Congo Brazzaville 4,448,000 342,000 km2
Flag of Romania Romania Bucharest 20,121,641 238,391 km2
Flag of Russia Russia Moscow 143,700,000 17,098,200 km2
Flag of Rwanda Rwanda Kigali 10,537,222 26,338 km2
Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre 54,000 261 km2
Flag of Saint Lucia Saint Lucia Castries 180,000 539 km2
Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingstown 109,000 388 km2
Flag of Samoa Samoa Apia 187,820 2,831 km2
Flag of San Marino San Marino San Marino 33,540 61 km2
Flag of Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tome and Principe São Tomé 187,356 964 km2
Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Riyadh 29,994,272 2,149,690 km2
Flag of Senegal Senegal Dakar 13,567,338 196,722 km2
Flag of Serbia Serbia Belgrade 7,181,505 77,474 km2
Flag of Seychelles The Seychelles Victoria 90,945 455 km2
Flag of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Freetown 6,190,280 71,740 km2
Flag of Singapore Singapore Singapore 5,399,200 683 km2
Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Bratislava 5,415,949 49,033 km2
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Ljubljana 2,061,963 20,256 km2
Flag of Solomon Islands The Solomon Islands Honiara 581,344 28,896 km2
Flag of Somalia Somalia Mogadishu 10,496,000 637,657 km2
Flag of South Africa South Africa Pretoria 52,981,991 1,221,040 km2
Flag of South Korea South Korea Seoul 50,219,669 99,538 km2
Flag of South Sudan South Sudan Juba 10,625,176 644,329 km2
Flag of Spain Spain Madrid 46,609,700 505,992 km2
Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Colombo 20,277,597 65,610 km2
Flag of Sudan Sudan Khartoum 37,964,000 2,505,810 km2
Flag of Suriname Suriname Paramaribo 534,189 163,820 km2
Flag of Swaziland Swaziland Mbabane 1,250,000 17,364 km2
Flag of Sweden Sweden Stockholm 9,651,531 449,964 km2
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Bern 8,112,200 41,284 km2
Flag of Syria Syria Damascus 21,898,000 185,180 km2
Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan Dushanbe 8,160,000 143,100 km2
Flag of Tanzania Tanzania Dodoma 44,928,923 945,087 km2
Flag of Thailand Thailand Bangkok 65,926,261 513,115 km2
Flag of Togo Togo Lomé 6,191,155 56,785 km2
Flag of Tonga Tonga Nuku’alofa 103,036 747 km2
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain 1,328,019 5,130 km2
Flag of Tunisia Tunisia Tunis 10,886,500 163,610 km2
Flag of Turkey Turkey Ankara 76,667,864 783,562 km2
Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Ashgabat 5,240,000 488,100 km2
Flag of Tuvalu Tuvalu Funafuti 11,323 26 km2
Flag of Uganda Uganda Kampala 35,357,000 241,038 km2
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Kiev (Kyiv) 45,426,200 603,700 km2
Flag of United Arab Emirates The United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi 8,264,070 83,600 km2
Flag of United Kingdom The United Kingdom London 63,705,000 242,900 km2
Flag of United States The United States Washington, District of Columbia 317,706,000 9,629,090 km2
Flag of Uruguay Uruguay Montevideo 3,286,314 175,016 km2
Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Tashkent 30,183,400 447,400 km2
Flag of Vanuatu Vanuatu Port Vila 264,652 12,189 km2
Flag of Vatican City The Vatican City Vatican City 839 0.44 km2
Flag of Venezuela Venezuela Caracas 28,946,101 912,050 km2
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam Hanoi 89,708,900 331,689 km2
Flag of Western Sahara Western Sahara Laayoune 567,000 266,000 km2
Flag of Yemen Yemen Sanaá 25,235,000 527,968 km2
Flag of Zambia Zambia Lusaka 14,580,290 752,618 km2
Flag of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Harare 12,973,808 390,757 km2


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