Prize bond schedule 2021 Draw list Download

National Savings of Pakistan draws the prize bond results for different nominations. Download Government of Pakistan Central Directorate of National Savings Islamabad schedule of Prize bonds draw from January 2021 to December 2021 on Here is a prize bond schedule 2021 on this page.  Download prize bond draw schedule 2021 full draw  list  by  National Savings. Prize bond schedule Draw results 2020

 Prize Bond Schedule 2021 for all Draw results

There are total of eight prize bond nominations including Rs.100, Rs. 200, Rs.750, Rs.1500, Rs.7500, Rs.15000, Rs.25000 and Rs.40000.Central Directorate National Savings of Pakistan organize prize bond draw results in different cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Quetta, Multan, Peshawar, Lahore, Muzaffarabad, and Faisalabad.  Each Prize bond draw schedule 2021 are held three times a year in three of the above mentioned nine cities of Pakistan.

Prize bond schedule 2021 Updated

Prize bond schedule 2021-2022

Previous Prize bond schedule 2020 Draw Check below:

S No.Prize BondDraw#Draw  DateDayCity
1Rs.15000/-81January, 02 2020ThursdayQuetta
2Rs.750/-81January, 15 2020WednesdayKarachi
3R.7500/-81February 03 2020MondayHyderabad
4Rs.25000/-32February, 03 2020MondayFaisalabad
5Rs.1500/-81February, 17 2020MondayRawalpindi
6Rs.100/-29February, 17 2020MondayPeshawar
7Rs.40,000 Premium12March, 02 2020MondayMultan
8Rs.200/-81March, 16 2020MondayMuzaffarabad
9Rs.15000/-82April, 01 2020WednesdayFaisalabad
10Rs.750/-82April, 15 2020WednesdayHyderabad
11Rs.7500/-82May, 04 2020MondayPeshawar
12Rs.25000/-33May, 04 2020MondayRawalpindi
13Rs.1500/-82May, 15 2020FridayMuzaffarabad
14Rs.100/-30May, 15 2020FridayLahore
15Rs.40,000 Premium13June, 01 2020MondayKarachi
16Rs.200/-82June, 15 2020MondayQuetta
17Rs.15000/-83July, 02 2020ThursdayHyderabad
18Rs.750/-83July, 15 2020WednesdayMuzaffarabad
19Rs.7500/-83August, 03 2020MondayFaisalabad
20Rs.25000/-34August, 03 2020MondayLahore
21Rs.1500/-83August, 17 2020MondayMultan
22Rs.100/-31August, 17 2020MondayQuetta
23Rs.40000/- Premium14September, 01 2020TuesdayRawalpindi
24Rs.200/-83September, 15 2020TuesdayPeshawar
25Rs.15000/-84October, 01 2020ThursdayMultan
26Rs.750/-84October, 15 2020ThursdayLahore
27Rs.7500/-84November, 02 2020MondayKarachi
28Rs.25000/-35November, 02 2020MondayPeshawar
29Rs.1500/-84November, 16 2020MondayQuetta
30Rs.100/-32November, 16 2020MondayFaisalabad
31Rs.25000/- Premium15December, 10 2020ThursdayHyderabad
32Rs.200/-84December, 15 2020TuesdayRawalpindi

Prize bond Schedule 2021 for the whole year gives us the full detail  for all prize bond:

Here is a full schedule of prize bonds draw results of national savings of Pakistan for all those persons who have the interest to get lucky draw chance to win prize bond schemes and to change their lives mode.

You can see a full-year prize bond schedule and can make plans to save money for purchasing prize bonds from the State Bank of  Pakistan. It is a trustworthy scheme and very well known as it is working before the establishment of Pakistan.

Every businessman has invested his money into such government schemes. If unfortunately, you could not get the prize from your purchased prize bond draw results you may exchange your prize bond copies with other coming prize bond nominations and can get again a chance to win. The page will share all Prize bond schedule 2021 for all prize bond denominations. All prize bond draw schedule results in dates’ timetable Calendar on this page can be seen and download in PDF.

If you know more interested in this business than you can also get back your money by submitting your purchased prize bonds from the concerned prize bond shop. The Prize bond Schedule 2021 will help you all the years for managing your savings with ease.

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