Check Online kwsb duplicate bill 2023

How to check online kwsb duplicate bill 2021

Here you can find how to download and print Karachi Water and Sewerage Board KWSB duplicate bill online 2023. Karachi Water And Sewerage Board KWSB  has resolved the water issue by setting up this system for citizens of Karachi city.  It supplies water to the residents of this city of Karachi all through the induction and installation of pipelines. Karachi Water & Sewerage Board Act 1996 is enforced for managing all water issues and grievances of litigants.

KWSB Duplicate Bill Online 2023, Check, Download & Print

This act covers all the duties and powers in respect of making and development of legal framework as well as the specification of functions and also making financial guidelines and to the delegation of powers which are provided and handed over to this Karachi Water & Sewerage Board. Now this board has launched EMS (Electronic Management system)  for making ease with its e-services.

The most important feature of its e-service facility is to provide online KWSB Bills check and download. Now its a time of modern age and everyone is glued to electronic media and on internet services so by taking this initiative people have redressed their grievances to some extent and now they are ready to find their relevant KWSB bill online and in this way they save their time in daily routine matters.

To check your Karachi Water and Sewerage Board KWSB retail duplicate bill,  simply you have to enter your relevant consumer number and you will get your required KWSB bill through an online e-service facility. KWSB offers duplicate bills through online facilities.

On the other hand, if you want to get in hand the bulk bill details for yourself, then you have to follow this same process and same way enter your consumer number information.

It is noteworthy that the required bill which has to be printed after getting it downloaded through e-service will be in PDF format so you have to install  PDF software or adobe acrobat reader in your system or mobile phone.

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