New GP Fund Deduction Rates 2022 By The Finance Department of Punjab

Punjab Government new GP Fund Deduction Rates 2022

GP Fund Deduction Rates 2022: The Government Of Punjab, Finance Department has issued a notification dated 17th October 2022 in connection with an amendment in the Punjab General Provident Fund Rules, 1978.

The Said Notification is as under:-


NO.FD.SR-IV/2-22/2020  In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 23 of the Punjab Civil Servants Act, 1974 (VIII of 1974), the Governor of Punjab is pleased to make the following amendment in the Punjab General Provident Fund Rules, 1978, with immediate effect:


In the Punjab General Provident Fund Rule, 1978, in Rule 1.10, for sub-rule (1), the following shall be substituted:

“(1) The subscriber shall pay a monthly subscription according to the Basic Pay Scale mentioned in column I of the table at the rate mentioned in column 2 thereof:

Basic Pay Scale Rate of monthly

subscription (Rs.)

1 2
BPS-I 600/-
BPS-2 1,060/-
BPS-3 1,150/-
BPS-4 1,230/-
BPS-5 1,330/-
BPS-6 1,420/-
BPS-7 1,500/-
BPS-8 1,600/-
BPS-9 1,700/-
BPS-10 1,800/-
BPS-I I 1,920/-
BPS-12 3,300/-
BPS-13 3,570/-
BPS-14 3,900/-
BPS-15 4,290/-
BPS-16 4,960/-
BPS-17 6,350/-
BPS-18 7,960/-
BPS-19 10,660/-
BPS-20 11,950/-
BPS-21 13,260/-
BPS-22 14,660/-



  • The deduction on the basis of the rates mentioned above shall be made with effect from the pay for October 2022 payable on 15′ November 2022.
  • The subscription shall not be suspended or postponed during training or leave except in case of extraordinary leave without pay.”

A copy is forwarded for information and further necessary action to:-

  1. The Senior Member, Board of Revenue, Punjab
  2. The Principal Secretary to Governor, Punjab, Lahore
  3. The Military Secretary to Governor, Punjab, Lahore
  4. The Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Punjab, Lahore
  5. The Additional Chief Secretary, South Punjab
  6. The Chairman, Planning & Development Board, Punjab, Lahore
  7. The Chairman, Chief Minister’s Inspection Team Punjab, Lahore
  8. All Administrative Secretaries to the Government of Punjab
  9. All Administrative Secretaries, South Punjab
  10. The Secretary Ombudsman, Punjab, Lahore
  11. The Secretary Ombudsperson, Punjab, Lahore
  12. The Registrar, Lahore High Court, Lahore
  13. The Inspector General of Police, Punjab, Lahore
  14. The Secretary, Provincial Assembly, Lahore
  15. All Commissioners in Punjab
  16. All Heads of Attached Departments, in Punjab
  17. All Deputy Commissioners in Punjab
  18. The Secretary, Punjab Public Service Commission, Lahore
  19. The Chieflnspector of Treasuries & Accounts, Punjab, Lahore
  20. The Provincial Director, Local Fund Audit, Punjab, Lahore
  21. The Director General, Audit, Punjab, Lahore
  22. The Director General, Audit & Accounts (Works), Lahore
  23. The Chief Pilot, VIP Flight, Lahore
  24. The Superintendent Government Printing Press Punjab, Lahore with the request to publish in the official gazette


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