Nestle NESCAFE Basement Season 2 launched in pakistan

Nestle NESCAFE Basement Season 2

Lahore: Nestle Pakistan has launched NESCAFE Basement Season 2 on Friday to astonish the young talent across all Pakistan with more mind-blowing music and diverse instruments.

NESCAFE Basement II will be launched on major TV channels from today (Saturday) with weekly episodes. Giving these wishful youngsters a chance to show their talent and to give them a platform to grow and bloom, is at the heart of NESCAFE Basement’s philosophy. 

NESCAFE has also tried to build up youth talent and new mood of self discovery and promote music industry of Pakistan.

Nestle Season 2 Nescafe BasementNESCAFE Basement is a pivotal start for these young artists. Under the mentorship of Xulfi, it is a platform which allows them to discover their capabilities, hone their skills and help them create music that is different, edgy and most importantly their own. 

Audience can show their performance and can develop their talent on TV Shows and social media. NESCAFE Social Media Page links are given below.


Twitter (@NESCAFEPakistan)



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