Jazz free minutes check codes for all packages /offers

Jazz free minutes check codes for all jazz packages and offers including hourly, daily, 3 days, weekly, forthnighly and monthly packages. Simply dial *2# with your package code.

What is the Jazz Free Minutes check code for all packages

Jazz free minutes check codes is very hard for most of the customers who  seldom ly use jazz packages or even for those who use Jazz voice call packages and internet packages on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Its very hectic exercise and some of them mostly  lose their remaining balance  due to lapse of such knowledge. Here on this page we are going to share that how to check remaining jazz free mintues and what is the code for your package to check your remaining  free minutes on your Jazz package.

Jazz remaining free mintues check codes are of hourly, daily, 3 days, weekly, forthnightly and monthly packages. You can see all information in respect of your  package by dialing your specific code given in table here under:-

Simply you have to dial *2#  with your package activation code  or even you have forget  that what is the code for your jazz package  you can search your required package code  in this table. For dialing this code  you have to be the jazz customer and have to insert  Jazz Sim Card in your mobile phone for dialing this  code.

Jazz telecom is one of the leading telecom company of Pakistan and serving for audio, video and 4G/5G services. Check jazz free minutes codes for your jazz package and offers  by finding your package  in this table here under:-

Following are All Jazz Free Minutes Check Codes

Offer/ Package Name Free Minutes Check Codes
Monthly Super Duper *706*2#
Monthly Super Duper Plus *707*2#
Weekly Super Duper *770*2#
Weekly Anniversary *505*2#
Monthly Hybrid Bundle *430*2#
Weekly All Network *700*2#
Weekly Hybrid *407*2#
Weekly Make Your Own Bundle *303*7#
Monthly Make Your Own Bundle *303*30#
Daily Super *212*2#
Jazz Super Duper Card *601*2#
Super Plus *558*2#
Mandi Bahauddin Offer *565*2#
Sargodha Weekly Offer *627*2#
Dg Khan Monthly Offer *705*2#
Haftawaar All Rounder Offer *747*2#
Daily Day Bundle *340*2#
Kpk Offer *522*2#
Sindh Daily Offer *522*2#
Chiniot Weekly Hybrid Offer *664*2#
Apna Shehr Haftawar Offer *406*2#
Daily Punjab Offer *6000*2#
Sindh Raabta Offer *766*2#


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