How to Change File Type in Microsoft Picture Manager

Changing Image (Picture) File Formats and Sizes

Using Microsoft Office Picture Manager

These directions were written using MS Office 2007.

Changing File Format and Size of Pictures before Inserting to a Web Page

Why? Not all file formats are readable using different web browsers. A simple picture, such as clip art,

is best used in “.gif” format. A photograph is best used in “.jpg” format. If you use Microsoft Clip Art,

much of it is saved in “.wmf” format which can only be viewed using Internet Explorer, not Firefox or


Locating and opening the picture in MS Office Picture Manager – Good option for one picture or

several pictures.

1. Locate the picture or image FILE you wish to change. You can accomplish this by going to “Start,” “My

Computer” and then locating the folder where the picture is saved.

2. Change the view of your folders to “Thumbnail” so you can find pictures.

a. Click on “View” on the pull down menu at the top of your page.

b. Scroll down and click on “thumbnails.”

3. Right click on the picture.

Option: To select several pictures, click on one pictures, hold down ctrl and click on other pictures you want to

select. Then right click on one of the selected pictures.

4. Choose “Open With”

If you don’t see MSOffice Picture Manager listed scroll down to “choose program” and look for it. If you still

don’t see it listed, open the program first by following these steps:


Go to Start, All Programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Tools, Microsoft Office Picture Manager

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you open Picture

Manager first to work with pictures, you

probably do NOT want to use the “locate

pictures” option. This option will scan

every disk drive that you have access to

(this would include all folders on the

network to which you have access!).

Instead, follow the steps below:

Choose “Add picture shortcut”

Then, browse to the folder where your

pictures are stored.

Click on “Add” and all pictures from that

folder will show up for editing.

Converting the file format and/or picture size

using MS Office Picture Manager

After you have the picture loaded into MS Office Picture


1. Select one or several pictures.

2. Choose “File”

3. Choose “Export”

4. A task pane will open on the left of your window.

5. If you wish to save the file(s) to a new folder,

uncheck the “original location” and browse to the

folder where you wish to save.

6. Uncheck the “original file name” and type in a

name that describes the picture (for the web, use

a short name with no spacing). If you have

several pictures it will give you numbering

options to add to the file names.

7. Under “Export with this file format,” if you are

saving for a web page, change the format to

either JPEG (for photos or complex graphics) or

GIF for simple graphics or clip art.

8. Under “Export using this size” change the size to

either “Web – Small” or “Web – Large” depending

on the purpose of your picture.

9. Click on “OK.”


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