How to avoid strangers’ emails from landing in your Gmail inbox!

Google recently announced Google + integration with its mailing service that allows Google plus users to send emails to any Gmail id.


The feature would not display a user’s email address till they reply to that email, but it sure would extend to an unwanted spam-like clutter in the Gmail inbox.

However, since the feature, which is to be rolled in a couple of days, isn’t as tough to undo, as it appears, users can simply ‘opt-out’ of it without much of a beset.

According to sources, users can turn off the ‘by default email via Google+ feature’ by clicking on the Settings menu and under the General tab clicking on the said feature and selecting a setting they are most comfortable with.

Users can choose from options like ‘Circles’, ‘Extended Circles’ or ‘No One’ and save the changes to switch back the good old emailing sending feature.


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