Germany has approved new integration law for refugees

The new integration law was a reaction to the influx of migrants into Germany and for the people who already come to Germany. The draft document conceives of an optimized process of integration for refugees, in particular, facilitated access to the labour market, German language classes and German translation books as they have to come in a residence. In  April 2016 the bill was passed by the 16 Federal states of the country and in may draft law endorsed by the cabinet.

“The purpose of this integration law  is to improve the people in need of protection in society, particularly in the labour market, and to hasten record keeping   of all refugees status—it is reported in the ministry of internal affairs.

The Integration law was actively discussed in  the media, because many considerable persons also some from  provisions have controversy. Especially the provisions have controversy because the state is supporting refugees for 3 years with a certain place of residence and providing all basic facilities for living.  In the future indefinite residence permit refugees can only get  if they have approved integrated law of German society.

Europe  have refugees  in the largest number since the second world war, the migration crisis  caused primarily next to conflicts and economic crisis for whole nation in the  Middle East and  North Africa.

According to EU border Agency Frontex, in 2015, the EU profit of 1.8 million migrants. According to the interior Ministry of Germany, in Germany, in 2015 net profit of more than one million refugees.


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