Chairman PTI Imran Khan Nikkah vedio Exclusive Pictures

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf chairman Imran khan has  tied to know with  anchor Reham Khan . Here on this page we are sharing you exclusive Nikkah pictures of PTI Chariman Imran khan with his wife Reham Khan. Reham Khan  has also married before imran khan with  pakistani British man.  Mufti Muhammad Saeed  held Nikkah   of Imran khan  with Reham Khan.

Imran Khan & Reham Khan Nikah/Marriage Pictures & Video

See the Imran khan wedding pics,  imran khan wedding with reham khan, imran khan nikkah pics and  exclusive pics of PTI Chairman Imran khan  shadi on

Imran Khan Nikkah Pictures with Reham KhanBoth Bride and Bridegroom have weared white Dress.  we have confirmed  that PTI Chairman Imran Khan  has tied to knot with  Rehaam Khan. 

See the first pic of Imran khan wedding with  Reham khan exclusive  after marriage on  this page. Nikkah ceremony  was held with full simplicity and no government official invited to attend this ceremony.

The Nikkah Ceremony was held in Banbi Gala.

Imran Khan And Reham Khan Marriage Picture Imran khan Marriage With Wife Reham Khan, Wedding Pics Imran Khan Reham Khan Wedding Pictures (Official Pics)

Imran Khan Wedding With Reham Khan Nikkah Vedio



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