Victim’s Son: Mobster Whitey Bulger is Satan

Victim's son: Mobster Whitey Bulger is 'Satan'

BOSTON — James “Whitey” Bulger is a “domestic terrorist” who deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison, the son of one of the notorious mobster’s victims depicted on Wednesday.

Bulger, 84, was pronounced in August of 11 murders and in other crimes. On Wednesday, a dozen of his victims’ loved ones got hold for a chance to have their say at Bulger’s dooming hearing. Prosecutors are seeking two life sentences; Judge Denise Casper said she will rule Thursday.

Sean McGonagle, the son of victim Paul McGonagle, was the first to manifest Wednesday.

McGonagle, 49, got up and covered the man who killed his father in 1974, when Sean was boy. He began by looking in Bulger’s direction and addressing him as “Satan.”

McGonagle said to him he troubled his life with terrorism and sickening ego and in the result of  he live every day and die another day. But Bulger wearing an orange jump suit, did not look at victims’ family members as they spoke, one after another, at a lectern. He stared emotionless at a notepad, seldom moving his pen.


Marie Mahoney, daughter of Bulger victim William O’Brien, looked angrily at Bulger as she spoke. “I miss my father all the time, and I always wonder what would have been,” she said. “We got you, you rat!”

Emotional family members expressed frustration at Bulger’s emotionless, seemingly inattentive demeanor during the hearing. “You won’t even look at us?” asked Patrick Callahan, who’s father was murdered in 1982, as he finished his statement and left the lecturn.

“Mr. Bulger, will you please look at me?” asked Theresa Bond, daughter of Arthur Barrett, whom Bulger shot in 1983 after cuffing him to a chair and gouging him. After a pause, Bulger slowly looked up from his notepad, glinted in her direction, then looked back down. Bond went on to say she forgives him.

When a jury in August found Bulger guilty of 11 murders and 31 racketeering counts, the verdict left eight families without closure. Their loved ones’ deaths, the jury found, couldn’t be tied to Bulger. But Wednesday’s hearing began with Judge Denise Casper ruling that family members of the eight people Bulger was acquitted of killing can testify.

Perhaps the angriest testimony came from Stephen Davis, brother of Debra Davis, whose death in 1981 wasn’t attributed to Bulger in the jury’s verdict. The jury issued no finding in that case.

“This man has built up so much hate in my heart, I’d like to strangle him myself,” Davis said. “The son of a bitch should look at us. … You piece of (expletive), look at me!”

Moments later, Bulger looked up from his notepad in Davis’ direction. But Davis was reading from his text and didn’t seem to notice.

When asked if he would like to address the court, Bulger stood and said: “No.”

Before witness testimony began, prosecutor Brian Kelly said the defendant would soon hear from those who, because of his crimes, had to live their lives without their husbands, fathers and brothers.

“The victims in this case will never be able to regain what he has taken from him,” Kelly said. “But hopefully they find some solace in the fact that he will spend the rest of his miserable life in jail.”

source (USA Today)

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