Ukraine looks for “Tymoshenko” Funds

Viktor Pshonka Ukraine’s top prosecutor has met his Swiss fellows to communicate them that formal ailments against opposition leader and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko for peculation could be filed in the near future.

Pshonka travelled to Switzerland last week for speaks with prosecutors in Bern and Geneva. The Attorney General’s office confirmed that the complaints were talked about, but its spokesperson said that Tymoshenko’s name was not noted, given the sore nature of the case.
However the Ukrainian prosecutor told Swiss public broadcaster RTS that Tymoshenko was being targeted. 
“A lot of people think that Yulia Tymoshenko is first and foremost a politician who is only interested in politics,” Viktor Pshonka said. “This is not the case. She gave all her energy to reach just one goal: bypass our laws and make money for her.” 
Earlier this month, the Ukrainian government assigned a London-based law practice to recover funds that were allegedly defalcated by the former prime minister during the 1990s. 
As the head of United Energy Systems, the company with the monopoly for natural gas distribution at the time, she is accused of shifting to foreign bank accounts huge sums of money, aided and abetted by mentor, the then prime minister, Pavel Lazarenko.
Lazarenko has since been condemned in the United States and Switzerland for corruption and money laundering.

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