Scotland Yard Getting New Information about Princess Diana Death

Scotland Yard, Diana Death

Scotland Yard Getting new Information relevance and Credibility related to Car Incident and Death of Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed in Paris.

 However  the Metropolitan Police does not show that this information is confirmed or under process or from where it come, but now it was “not a re-investigation” of the case relevant to Princess Diana Death and her boy friend Dodi Al Fayed in Paris.

Al Fayed Father’s conspiracy rejected and dismissed all allegations with no evidence through earlier criminal investigation. He issued a statement through his spokesman saying he is “interested in seeing the outcome” and trusts the new information will be investigated “with vigour” by Scotland Yard.

A royal spokeswoman says that there is no comment of Diana’s Sons, Princes Willian and Harry.

A royal spokeswoman says Diana’s sons, Princes William and Harry, have no comment.

 Diana and Dodi death inquiry 2008 concluded that there was gross negligence of their driver who was pursued in streets of paris by Paparazzi.

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