How to care our Teeth at home

Keep your teeth having no gum pain and whitening with balance diet and caring tips at home for you, that you can easily adopt on daily basis and can get innumerable results.

Here we have some tips for your teeth to avoid gum pain and for your cute smile on your face. You will be look so comfortable, confident, self assured and attractive with clean and healthy teeth.  Fruits are also so good for our teeth protection and for removing deposits. Discolored teeth by Coffee and tea and some other reasons can be whitening by lemon and strawberry. These two fruits have naturally best figure for our teeth. Use fluoride tooth paste daily for two times or other paste by consulting a professional dental surgeon. Keep in touch with specialist dentist to remove plaque.

Here there are some tips for your teeth


Brushing daily for two times with fluoride tooth paste and after brushing rinse your mouth with water.

Cleansing your teeth and eating right with teeth

Consulting the specialist dentist

Use small circular motions and short back-and-forth strokes while brushing.

Lightly brush your tongue to help keep your mouth clean.

Low fluoride toothpaste is best for children under six years of age. Introduce low fluoride toothpaste from approximately 18 months of age.

Be careful when wearing dental plate because it may be harder for you to feel hot foods and drinks or notice bones in your mouth from your food.

Enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods.

Do not use tobacco products—cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff, pipes, or cigars.

If you eat sugary foods and snacks, limit their intake – especially between meals.

Drink plenty of tap water – especially if fluoridated.

Milky products are best for teeth.


Teeth Care tips in English and Urdu |Gum pain,

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