Aaron Rodgers leaves game with shoulder injury in loss to Bears by 27-20

Aaron Rodgers has been ruled out from returning to Monday's game

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has been ruled out from returning to Monday’s game, after suffering a left shoulder injury in the first quarter. Rodgers took a few warm-up throws with backup Seneca Wallace but, after being examined by medical staff, ran into the Green Bay locker room. He wasn’t seen again until midway through the third quarter, when he came back onto the field in sweats.


Rodgers went down hard early in the game, and was instantly favoring his non-throwing shoulder. The Packers’ star QB was initially doubtful to return but was eliminated during the second quarter. While the downgrade obviously isn’t a great sign for Rodgers’ status moving forward, there’s no need for fantasy owners to panic with minimal information available. Hopefully, the Packers will have good news before the end of the night. All we know for now is that Rodgers is done for the game due to a left shoulder injury. He’ll finish just 1-of-2 for 27 passing yards, with nine rushing yards on one carry.

Rodgers has a shoulder injury,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. “They want to run more tests. They don’t have an exact diagnosis. We’ll have more information, probable tomorrow on this page.”

Pressed for more information, McCarthy insisted there wasn’t any.

“No timeline, no exact diagnosis,” he said. “That’s where we’re at.”

Rodgers returns to the sidelines and gives the crowd thumbs up but his future status remains unclear. 

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