Where to get Covid-19 Vaccine in Pakistan

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

As we all know the most important three precautions for combating coronavirus around the world are to wear a mask,  maintain distance and stay safe.  Coronavirus has become more mature because it has got infected people for more than one year and now people around the world have developed different ways to protect them from this pandemic.  The most important way to combat this pandemic is vaccination.  In Pakistan, the question is revolving very much that where to get the covid-19 vaccine in Pakistan or where are Covid-19 vaccination centres near me.

Covid-19 Vaccine in Pakistan/Registration Process/CentresIn this topic, I am going to share some information about the covid-19 vaccination

The government of Pakistan has introduced a covid-19 vaccination helpline that is 1166.

As speculation about variants continues, it’s important to remember that every virus mutates and the coronavirus is not unique for doing so. We’re learning more about variants but in the meantime, everyone who is eligible should get vaccinated right away without hesitation.

How to get covid-19 registration in Pakistan?

Covid-19 vaccination registration has started in Pakistan. One can have to send an SMS with his/her CNIC No. to 1116 from any mobile number. After sending your CNIC through SMS to 1166, your registration process has been started.

After the registration process,  citizens of Pakistan will get information about the nearest Centre for vaccination and according to the scheduled date, citizens of Pakistan just walk to the nearest centres and the vaccination process will be completed.

Citizens which have aged from 40 to 49 years, their vaccination process has also been started in Pakistan from 27th of April 2021. They also have to adopt the same procedures for vaccination. After sending SMS with his/her CNIC, they have to wait for a reply and through communication, they will be informed from administration vaccination centres of their respective dates of vaccination.

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