Shab e Qadar Ki Dua Ibadat ka Tarika Nawafil

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

Shab e Qadar Ki Dua Ibadat ka tarika

Although the holy month Ramadan has so much importance in Islamic Religion Shab e  Qadar is known as Laylatul Qadar or the 27th Shab of Ramadan Mubarak is the best night of the year. It is also called the night of power.   Shab e Qadar dua and Shab e Qadr Prayers keeps Muslims busy the whole night.  Muslims around the world off shab e qadr prayers with the holy Quran recitation and organize religious ceremonies.

In this night holy Quran the most read book of the world which is the base of Islamic Religion was sent to down from heaven to earth.  Shab e Qadar or laila qadr   exact date is unknown but according to Hadith Mubarak, it occurs on one of the last ten odd night of Ramadan (21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, or 29th).

Quran is the book that tells us all about life. It gives us the complete way of life and has a history of all past when this universe came into being. Allah Almighty has revealed Quran in this night to the Prophet Muhammad at first time by Hazrat Jibrael Alaia Salam.

Muslims do prayers and recite the holy Quran all night and offer shab e qadr namaz and Shab e qadar dua with nawafil ibadat.    Get Shab e Qadar ki ibadat ka tarika , Nawafil ibadat Wazifa and Shab e qadr ki namaz ka tarika in Urdu. Get online Lailatul Qadar night sms text message Islamic wallpapers on this page.

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