Meat roasting Cooking Time and Degrees

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

Meat cooking Different conditions & Roasting
Degrees & Cooking  Time


Describes  meat  that is  very underdone. The surface is only being quickly browned.

Rare Au Bleu:

Meat cooked so that the inside of the meat is still red or pink. Au Bleu in France means: A method  of cooking fish or shellfish by plunging  them alive in boiling water or  bouillon/ stock.

Underdone ( Medium Rare):

Cooked  so that the centre of the meat is just cooked but pink.


Brown on the outside, Pink on the inside but no blood visible.

Well done:

Cooked so that no traces of pinkness or blood exists  in the outside or centre of the meat.

Approximate Cooking  times for meat Roasting Are:


30min per 1kg + 15 min per joint  ( underdone)


40min per 1kg + 15min per joint (Cooked through)


40 min per 1kg +15min per joint ( cooked through)


50min per 1kg +15 min per joint (cooked through)

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