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Are you a Jazz user and looking for the perfect jazz call package to suit your communication needs? Jazz also known as Mobilink has got you covered with a variety of daily, weekly, and monthly call packages, ensuring you stay connected without breaking the bank. Discovering the perfect Jazz call packages is now easier than ever, as Jazz continues to lead the way with its customer-centric approach. From Jazz call packages for 24 hours to monthly bundles, Jazz offers a diverse range of options to cater to every user’s needs.

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Jazz-daily-weekly-monthly-call-internet-packages-offersJazz is offering daily, weekly, and monthly call packages according to their user’s requirements. Let’s find out about the different call packages that Jazz offers and how to subscribe to them.

Jazz Daily Call Packages

Package NamePrice (Incl. Tax)DetailsValidityActivation Code
Jazz Super Plus OfferRs. 35500 On-Net Minutes, 5 Off-Net Minutes, 500MB Internet, 500 SMS1 DayDial *558#
Daily Day BundlePKR 1720MB Data, 300 Jazz Mins, 300 SMS1 Day*340#
Jazz SIM Lagao OfferN/A3000 Jazz/Warid Minutes, 6GBs (Including 3 GB for WhatsApp), 3000 SMS24 Hours (Valid for 60 Days)Dial *551#
Karachi Daily BundleRs. 21 Incl. TaxUnlimited On-net minutes, 1500 SMS, 250 MBs1 DayDial *400#
Punjab Daily OfferRs. 12 incl. TaxUnlimited Jazz Mins, 250 MB Internet, 1000 SMS1 DayDial *6000#
KP Daily OfferRs. 21 incl. TaxUnlimited Jazz Mins, 250 MB Internet, 1500 SMS1 DayDial *291#
Sindh Daily OfferRs. 21 Incl. TaxUnlimited Jazz Mins, 250 MB Internet, 1500 SMS1 DayDial *522#


Note: To activate the “Jazz SIM Lagao Offer,” maintain a balance of at least PKR 12. You will receive 50 On-net minutes, 50 SMS, and 50MBs daily, except from 6 PM – 10 PM.

Jazz 3-Day Call Packages Offers

If you are looking for jazz 3-day call packages and offers,  subscribe to Jazz 3 Day Max Offer, a specially crafted call package designed to cater to your communication needs. Let’s find out the details of this exciting package/offer on this page.

Package NamePrice (Incl. Tax)Offer DetailsValidityActivation Code
Jazz 3 Day Max OfferRs. 601 GB Data, 10 Other Networks Minutes, 1000 Jazz Minutes, 1000 Jazz SMS3 DaysDial *631#

For just Rs. 60 inclusive of tax, you get a comprehensive package that includes 1 GB of data, 10 minutes for other networks, and a whopping 1000 minutes for Jazz calls. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of sending 1000 SMS to your Jazz contacts, all within the 3-day validity period.

To activate this fantastic Jazz 3 Day Max Offer, simply dial *631# and stay connected without any worries. Embrace the ease of communication with this specially tailored package, ensuring you stay in touch with your loved ones seamlessly. Explore the convenience and affordability of Jazz 3-day call packages, making communication a breeze for Jazz users.

Jazz Weekly Packages Offers Details

If you’re a Jazz subscriber looking for budget-friendly and feature-packed weekly call packages, you’re in the right place. Jazz offers a variety of options to cater to your communication needs throughout the week. Let’s explore the enticing Jazz Weekly Packages:

Package NamePrice (Incl. Tax)DetailsValidityActivation Code
Weekly All Network OfferRs. 2603 GB Data, 1000 Jazz Mins, 90 Other Network Mins, 1000 SMS7 DaysDial *700#
Lajawab Haftawar OfferRs. 1043 GB Data, 3000 Jazz Mins, 30 Other Network Mins, 3000 SMS7 DaysDial *565#
Super Chenab OfferRs. 17410 GB Internet, 1000 Jazz Mins, 100 Other Network Mins, 1000 SMS7 DaysDial *664#
Weekly Super PlusRs. 3455000 Free On-Net Minutes, 120 Off-Net Minutes, 5000 SMS, 10 GB Internet7 DaysDial *505#
Weekly Super MaxRs. 41730 GB Data, 6000 Jazz Mins, 150 Other Network Mins, 6000 SMS7 DaysDial *506#
Weekly All NetworkRs. 2603GB Data, 1000 Jazz Mins, 90 Off-net Mins, 1000 SMS7 DaysDial *700#
Sargodha Weekly OfferRs. 1303000 Free On-Net Minutes, 3000 SMS, 3GB Internet, 30 Off-net Mins (Offer Valid for Sargodha Only)7 DaysDial *627#
Haftawar All Rounder OfferRs. 1501000 Free On-Net Minutes, 50 Off-Net Minutes, 1000 SMS, 1 GB Internet7 DaysDial *747#

These Jazz Weekly Packages are designed to provide you with an incredible mix of data, minutes, and SMS, ensuring that you stay connected with your loved ones without breaking the bank. Choose the one that suits your needs and enjoy uninterrupted communication throughout the week. Stay connected, stay Jazz with its trademark “Dunya ko Bta do”.

Jazz Monthly Call Packages Offers

When it comes to staying connected with Jazz, it has covered with its diverse range of monthly call packages. Whether you’re a casual user or someone who needs extensive connectivity, Jazz has tailored packages to meet your specific needs. These Jazz monthly call packages and Jazz monthly internet packages are given as under:-

1. Jazz Monthly Hybrid Offer: Discover a perfect blend of connectivity with the Jazz Monthly Hybrid Offer. For just Rs 545, enjoy a comprehensive package featuring 10,000 Jazz Minutes, 2500 SMS, 4 GB Data, and an additional 100 minutes for other networks. To subscribe, simply dial *430#, and for bundle status, dial 4302#.

2. Jazz Monthly Super Duper Card: Experience the ultimate convenience with the Jazz Monthly Super Duper Card. Priced at Rs. 655 (Incl. Tax), this card brings you 3000 Jazz Minutes, 3000 SMS, 8 GB Data, and 165 minutes with other networks every month.

3. Jazz Monthly Super Duper Offer: Designed for hardcore users, the Jazz Monthly Super Duper Offer ensures you stay connected throughout the month. For just Rs. 655 (Incl. Tax), enjoy 3000 Jazz Minutes, 165 minutes on other networks, 3000 SMS, and 8 GB internet. To subscribe, dial *706# and enjoy carefree connectivity.

In the upshot in a world where connectivity is key, Jazz Monthly Call Packages stand out as the perfect solution, offering a variety of options to cater to different communication needs. Stay connected effortlessly with Jazz’s reliable and affordable monthly packages.

Package NameSubscription FeeDetailsValidityActivation Code
Jazz Monthly Social PlusRs 275 incl. tax10 GB Data (WhatsApp, Tamasha, Facebook), 300 Jazz Minutes, 50 Other Network Mins, 300 SMS30 DaysDial *617#
Monthly MaxRs. 1260 incl. tax40 GB data, 3000 On-net mins, 500 Other networks, 3000 SMS30 DaysDial *708#
Shahdadkot Monthly OfferRs. 319 incl. tax2 GB Data, 2000 Jazz mins, 200 Other network mins, 4000 SMS30 DaysDial *873#
Monthly Super DuperRs. 868 incl. tax12 GB DATA, 3000 Jazz Mins, 300 Other Network Mins, 3000 SMS30 DaysDial: *706#
Jazz Super Mahana OfferRs. 521 incl. tax10 GB DATA, 5000 Jazz Mins, 150 Other Network Mins, 5000 SMS30 DaysDial *529#
DG Khan Monthly OfferRs. 350 incl. tax5 GB Data, 2000 Jazz Mins, 200 Other Network Mins, 4000 SMS30 DaysDial *705#

Jazz Postpaid Call Packages

Jazz also caters to postpaid customers with convenient monthly packages.

Package NameMonthly RentSecurity DepositDetailsSubscription
Gold BasicRs. 750 (Incl. Tax)Rs 10003000 Jazz Minutes, 200 Other Network Minutes, 3000 SMS + 10GB InternetDial 777
Gold ValueRs. 1000 (Incl. tax)Rs 150015 GB Data, 4500 Jazz mins, 300 Other network mins, 4500 SMSDial 777
Gold PlusRs. 1500 (Incl. Tax)Rs 16006000 Jazz Minutes, 400 Other Network Minutes, 20GB Internet, 6000 SMSDial 777
Gold UltimateRs. 2400 (Incl. Tax)Rs 250010000 Jazz Minutes, 600 Other Network Minutes, 40GB Internet, 10000 SMSDial 777


Jazz Call Packages – Super Card Family

For those seeking hassle-free options, Jazz introduces the Super Card Family, featuring both weekly and monthly cards.

As one of the leading telecom networks in Pakistan, Jazz excels in providing a variety of   Jazz call packages to cater to different user preferences. Whether you need a monthly bundle or a weekly offer, Jazz has you covered. Stay connected with your loved ones effortlessly through Jazz’s affordable and feature-packed call packages.


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