Audio Quran with urdu Translation-Tilawat Quran

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

Holy Quran Pictures free downloadThe Holy book Quran is the one and only book of the world  which has every thing about  all universe and of those which we  don’t know.Quran is the  the complete way of life .  Muslims are  organized by this book. This book followers  known as on this page we are  sharing holy Quran  with urdu translation Tilawat Quran Pak with Tafseer of Quran Majeedtilawat e quran mp3 with urdu translation

You can find audio Quran of all surah with the detail of each verses and of different reciters  around the world  with multiple language Translation and  international language translation on this page.

Tilawat e quran with urdu Translation/ Tafseer Quran in Urdu

Quran pak is  one of the Islamic books knows as at every part of the world in muslim community as well as in non muslim community. Quran tells us history of islam and the history of world. Quran tells us the  Islamic history of each prophet  with  tafheem ul quran and tafseer quran in urdu and in multiple languages around the world.

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