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By Fayyaz Sidhu

 ibadat of Shab e barat 15 shaban wazaif

What is Shab e Barat (E Barat)?

Shab e Barat (E Barat) is the 15th holy night of Islamic month Shaban. It is one the holy nights of Islamic months Calendar. In this night Allah almighty sets and arranges all of the affairs of the following year . In this night muslims pray nawafil- Namaz- Wazaif and do ibadat of Shab e Barat.

Shab e Barat Prayers/ Ibadat of Shab e Barat

 Shab e barat Prayers known as shab e barat nawafil and wazaif shab e barat. There are different shab e barat hadith Mubarak which tells us how to pray shab e Barat Namaz. Here we will discuss about how to pray shab e Barat Islamic months Calendar and its importance to pray in such a holy night.

Islam is a complete way of life and we being an ummat of last prophet of Allah almighty have been rewarded a lot than previous Ummats (Nations). Let see how to pray, shab e barat nawafil and Shab e barat prayers we have to pray as ibadat of Shab e Barat.

shab e barat nawafil (Ibadat)

Pray 6 Rakat Nafl prayers with making 2 Rakat Nafl Intention each (2+2+2) after Maghrib Prayer. After each pray of 2 Rakat Nafl recite sur e yaseen (1time) and Sura e Ikhlas (21 times).

The Intention for each 2 Rakat Nawafil should be:

  • Powerful Dua for Wealth| Prosperity
  • Duas for protection against your enemy
  • Duas for Tawakkul on Allah Almighty and the Mercy of Allah in Regard to Forgiveness and for the happy life of following year.

Shab e Barat ibadat ( Nawafil) 2nd Wazaif ( E Barat)

Pray 12 Rakat Nawafil Prayer Shab e Barat in this method:

  • For Each Nafl Rakat Sur e Fatiha 1 time
  • Sur e Ikhlas 10 times
  • 3rd Kalima , 4th Kalima  10 times
  • Darood Sharif 100 times

Shab e Barat Prayers/ Namaz in Hadith (15 Shaban Nawafil)

Pray 8 Rakat Nawafil Prayer Shab e Barat with saying Salam one time

  • Sur e Fatiha 1 time
  • Sur e Ikhlas 11 times

“Hazrat Fatima (May Allah be pleased with her) is reported to have said that whoever will observe this prayer, on Shab-e-Baraat and will present its reward (sawab) to my soul, I will strongly recommend for his/her forgiveness to Allah Almighty before I enter the heavens.”

Shab e Barat hadith

The Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) used to read this dua abundantly on this holly night of E Barat.

Shab e barat ( E barat) Dua Prayers

shabe barat Namaz/ ibadat of Shab e Barat ( Prayers)

 Pray 100 Rakat  Nawafil Namaz  Shab e Barat  in such a  way :

Sur e Fatiha 1 time

Sur e Ikhlas 10 times

By offering this special prayer in  this night  Allah Almighty forgive us  with uncountable blessings for  He/She  and  answered the saying person pray and made free from fire of hell and  happiness of heaven.

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