Shab-E-Meraj New Sms Messages 2014

Shab-E-Meraj is the most important day in History of Islam. In this night our Prophet PBUH visited the Arsh. Here we are sharing Shab-E-Meraj beautiful Sms Messages 2014 for you to share with your friends.

Shab-E-Meraj SMS

Shab-e-barat Picture Sms 2014

Shab-e-Meraj SMS

‘”JiBreeL E AmeeN Ye KehTy Chaley Aaye….!! 

“ArshiYon TumHrey Bhaag JageY….!! 

“TazeeM Ko Sab Ho JaO KhareY…!! 

“MehBooB Hamara AawaT HaI….!! 
+–ShaB E MiraJ–+’

Shab E Meraj Islamic SMS 

‘Meri toti photi ibadaton ko aisy kr Qabul ay “RABBe-KARIM” 

K sajdy mn jaoun to mjhse juray hr rishty ki Duayn qabul ho jayn… 
Shab-e-Meraj mubarik’


Shab e meraj – Islam SMS 

‘Jo mustavi_e_arsh tha KHUDA bn kr… 
Utar para hy Madina me MUSTAFA bn kr !!’

Shab-e-Meraj Urdu SMS 2014

Maah_E_Rabiul Awwal Sharif Mubarek
Allah Karim Is Mahine K Tufail Ap K0h
Ata Farmaey


shab e meraj sms in urdu

Shab_E_Barat Will Be 0n Tuesday
Maybe My Name Is Written In
The List 0f Th0se Pe0ple Wh0 Shall Die
This Year Nd May Be
I Shall Never Meet U Again
S0 I Humbly Request U All
T0 Please F0rgive Me Nd My Mistakes
Which I Made
I Am Very Very Very S0rry F0r All The Mistakes
Pray F0r ME.

Best shab e meraj Picture messages

/\ ________ ,;*”*;,
| | |¤¤¤¤| *:;,,;:*
| | |.[;]._._|;;;;;;,) (,,,
/\’ * ‘¡’ * ‘ , ‘ ,;*”*;,
| | _.-”-._* ‘ .*:;,,;:*
| | (._._._.)’;;;;;;,) (,,,
*;, SHABE ,;*
*;, MIRAJ ,;*
“*:;,;:*” Mubarak h0.

27 rajab sms urdu

Tonight Is Shab e Miraj.
Remember Me In Your Prayers.
May Allah Provide You With Solace,
Bundles Of Happiness,
Health And Wealth Through Out The Year.



shab e meraj mubarak sms

/\’ * ‘!’ * ‘ , ‘ ,;*”*;,
| | _.-”-._* ‘ .*:;,,;:*
| | (._._._.)’;;;;;;,) (,,,,,SHAB E Meraj MUBBARAK HO.
App Ki Duaon Ka Talib

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