Wheat flour export allowed by Federal Government

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

In Islamabad, the federal government of Pakistan has conditionally allowed the export of flour, with a specific condition outlined by the Ministry of Commerce. According to their notification, only flour produced from imported wheat will be permitted for export. This decision comes under the Export Facilitation Scheme 2021, with an amendment to the export policy order 2022.

The notification specified, “Export of wheat flour manufactured from wheat imported solely for export under the Export Facilitation Scheme, 2021,” as stated in a Statutory Regulatory Order (SRO).

FBR Trader Friendly Special Procedure 2024 Notification

Contrary to this decision, sources claim that Pakistan possesses sufficient reserves of wheat. The country has reportedly met its annual wheat production target of 32.1 million tons, surpassing it by 1.8%.

Previously, the Caretaker Federal Government of Pakistan had decided to halt the import of wheat. This decision was taken by the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) due to stable flour prices in the country and an abundance of reserves.

Government sources have disclosed that Pakistan has an ample supply of wheat to meet domestic demands. This decision followed a briefing by the Ministry of National Food Security to the ECC on wheat supply, which received commendation for its efforts.

Overall, despite concerns over wheat reserves, the government’s decision to allow flour export reflects its confidence in meeting the country’s wheat needs while navigating export opportunities.

Import Export Wheat Notification 2024

Wheat flour export allowed by Federal Government notification



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