Ramadan Calendar 2022 in Pakistan | Prayer Timings |when is 1st Ramadan

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

Ramadan Timing lahore, Karachi, FaisalabadPakistan is a Muslim country and is known as the fort of Islam. In Islamic Calendar Ramadan is one of the holy month in the 12 months of the Islamic Lunar Calendar in which   Muslims observe Fasting (Roza) as it is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Fasting has a  lot of Importance in Islam and   Muslims keep avoiding doing anything which is condemned in Islam and does not eat, drink or tastes anything from dawn to dusk. Ramadan Fasting timings started from Fajar Prayer ( Ist Prayer of  Day) and ends at Maghrib Prayer (4th Prayer of Day).  There is a total of five prayers in Islam.

Islamic Calendar in Pakistan is different for different provinces of Pakistan. Iftar Time in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and other cities is measured by  Islamic Lunar calendar measures and is related to dawn to dusk. Salat (Namaz) timing and Prayer timing is different for different regions.

Ramadan Timings 2022  is different for different countries all over the world and there is no specific fixed time of fasting (Roza) in all countries.

 Some countries observe fasting for 12 hours and some countries’ fasting time for 18 hours. Fasting Timing is concerned with prayer time and from dawn to dusk.

Ramadan Timing in Pakistan 2022 is also different for different regions of Pakistan. Karachi Ramadan Timing is different from Ramadan timing in Lahore and Ramadan Calendar 2022 for Peshawar is different from Ramadan Calendar 2022 for Faisalabad.

On this page, we are sharing Sehri time and Iftar time for different cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Multan, Quetta, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad, etc.

See the Ramadan Calendar Pakistan Sehr timing and Iftar Timing for all cities of Pakistan on donpk.com.

 So all people must know:

  •  When is 1st Ramadan 2022 in Pakistan?
  • Prayer timing in Pakistan
  • iftar timing in Pakistan
  • Azan timing in Pakistan
  • 1st Ramadan 2022 in Pakistan will be on 2 April 2022.
  • When is Eid Ul Fitr 2022 in Pakistan?
  •  Eid Ul Fitr 2022 in Pakistan will be on Monday, 2 May 2022.
  • Ramadan Calendar 2022 for Pakistan
  • Ramadan Calendar 2022 timing for Pakistan
  • Ramadan Calendar 2022 Timing for Karachi.
  • Ramadan Calendar 2022 Timing for Faisalabad
  • Ramadan Calendar 2022 Timing for Peshawar
  • Ramadan Calendar 2022 Timing for Islamabad
  • Ramadan Calendar 2022 Timing for Multan
  • Ramadan Calendar 2022 Timing for Lahore
  • Ramadan Calendar 2022 Timing for Quetta
  • Ramadan Calendar 2022 Sehri and Iftar Timing in Pakistan.

Show the Sehri Time and Iftar Time Ramazan Calendar 2022  in Pakistan in the following Table…

Today Sehri & Iftari Time In Lahore Pakistan

104:27 AM6:24 PM02 Apr 2022
204:26 AM6:24 PM03 Apr 2022
304:24 AM6:25 PM04 Apr 2022
404:23 AM6:26 PM05 Apr 2022
504:21 AM6:26 PM06 Apr 2022
604:20 AM6:27 PM07 Apr 2022
704:19 AM6:28 PM08 Apr 2022
804:17 AM6:28 PM09 Apr 2022
904:16 AM6:29 PM10 Apr 2022
1004:15 AM6:30 PM11 Apr 2022
1104:13 AM6:30 PM12 Apr 2022
1204:12 AM6:31 PM13 Apr 2022
1304:10 AM6:32 PM14 Apr 2022
1404:09 AM6:32 PM15 Apr 2022
1504:08 AM6:33 PM16 Apr 2022
1604:06 AM6:34 PM17 Apr 2022
1704:05 AM6:34 PM18 Apr 2022
1804:04 AM6:35 PM19 Apr 2022
1904:02 AM6:36 PM20 Apr 2022
2004:01 AM6:36 PM21 Apr 2022
2104:00 AM6:37 PM22 Apr 2022
2203:58 AM6:38 PM23 Apr 2022
2303:57 AM6:38 PM24 Apr 2022
2403:56 AM6:39 PM25 Apr 2022
2503:54 AM6:40 PM26 Apr 2022
2603:53 AM6:40 PM27 Apr 2022
2703:52 AM6:41 PM28 Apr 2022
2803:51 AM6:42 PM29 Apr 2022
2903:49 AM6:42 PM30 Apr 2022
3003:48 AM6:43 PM01 May 2022

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