PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update: Release Date, Time, and Android APK Download

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The latest update of PUBG Mobile 3.0 is set to introduce exciting features and improvements, making the gameplay even more engaging. Here is a brief overview of what is new in this update, especially for players in Pakistan. PUBG Mobile New 3.0 game mode with new tools, mechanics

Firstly, the update brings a unique theme mode named “Shadow Force.” This mode transforms the game into a futuristic setting, altering the appearance of buildings in key locations like Prison and Yasanaya. This change adds a fresh, modern look to familiar places, enhancing the overall gaming atmosphere.

The PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update: Release Date, Time, and Android APK Download Link Confirmed that is updated from time to time by donpk.

Key Additions in PUBG Mobile 3.0:

  1. Shadow Scout: This new ability allows players to create a duplicate of their character, which can confuse enemies and assist in strategic movements across the battlefield. It is like having a secret ally to outwit opponents.
  2. Ninja Hook: A grappling hook feature that lets players climb buildings swiftly and includes a gliding ability for quick aerial movement. This tool adds a dynamic element to the game, enabling stylish and efficient navigation.

These innovative abilities – Shadow Scout and Ninja Hook – are set to make the game more thrilling. Players looking to climb the ranks should explore these features to gain a competitive edge. Remember, mastering these new strategies is key to dominating in PUBG Mobile. Find more Pubg mobile mobile updates in detail here.

PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update:

What is New The PUBG Mobile 3.0 Update brings exciting changes:

  1. Use Items in Vehicles: Now, players can use health items like bandages and energy drinks while driving, not just as passengers.
  2. Sniper Bullet Penetration: Snipers like AWM and Kar98 can now shoot through targets, hitting anyone behind them too.
  3. New Theme Mode – Shadow Force: Experience a futuristic look in places like Prison and Yasanaya, with changed structures for a unique feel.
  4. Snowy Map and Inventory Changes: A snowy addition to Metro Royale, with tough enemies and a big building. Organize outfits easier and check out new weapon skins.
  5. Katana Weapon: This special melee weapon, for a specific mode, has cool animations and can damage enemies at a distance.
  6. Better Animations: Walking, running, and climbing look smoother, making the game more real.
  7. Arctic Base Map in Metro Royale: A snowy military base map with new challenges, a silent air rifle, zip lines, and more.
  8. Royale Pass Ace and New Season: From January 14th to March 16th, get new outfits, a weapon, and a scooter finish. The season brings legendary items like the C6S16 Glasses and M24.
  9. Improved Creative Mode: More customization, templates, objects, and new gameplay devices.
  10. Valentine’s Day Fireworks: Celebrate with special fireworks and carry four campaign items in matches.


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Overall, this update makes PUBG Mobile more immersive and fun, with visual and strategic upgrades for an exciting gaming experience.

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