Live Stock 9211 Free SMS Service for Complaints

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

live stock free sms service for meat checkingPunjab Livestock and Dairy Development Department  has started free sms service for  the verification of Meat   before buying.  Send Free Sms on toll free no 9211  for any complaint regarding  meat.

User have  to be provide meat with  Tags and if  he find meat not OK than he can complain  about  that shop with  Tag No provided to him.

 This  service first started in lahore City of  capital of Punjab  government. later on this service would be extended  to other districts of punjab.

The short code service of ‘9211’ is the first-ever SMS service for the meat consumers which would help them to prevent the purchase of dead animal, forbidden, adulterated, unhygienic, and water-mixed meat.

A comprehensive database has been set up for this ‘9211’ service; it starts working from the beginning of slaughterhouse. A computerised barcode would be pasted on every animal which comes to slaughterhouse of Shahpur Kanjraan.

A veterinary doctor first examines the animal and sends its detail with its barcode to 9211 USSD portal, after its health assurance, the animal would be sent to automatic slaughter machine.

When the animal is again handed over to the butcher after slaughter, barcode would be placed on it and it would be transported to city. During transportation, the food inspection officers could check it by sending its barcode to 9211. On getting a satisfactory answer from 9211 they would allow its entry in the city.

It is the first step  to provide good food .  punjab live stock department  aiming towards better food and  pure  material  providing to citizens.


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