How to make Wudhu or Ablution for offering prayer in Islam

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

10 steps for making Wudu or Ablution in IslamMuslims before offering a prayer or worship make their whole body in a certain way clean and wash in a manner called ablution.

Steps to make a Ablution ( Wudhu) For Prayer

How to make Wudhu or Ablution for offering prayer in Islam

  1. To Make a Intention for prayer or worship
  2. Do istinja for clean oneself private parts
  3. Wash both hands with saying Bismillah
  4. Rinsing the mouth and ruling the water to reach the throat by three times
  5. Clean oneself nostrils  by sniffing water into it  with three times
  6. Wash your whole face ear by ear and forehead top position to bottom of chin  with both hands by water in three times
  7. Wash the right arm to end of elbow and then the same act with left arm by three times
  8. Wipe the head  or some parts of it with wet hands for just one time
  9. Wipe the ears inner sides with forefingers and their outer sides with the thumbs. This should be done with wet fingers.

10. Wash the two feet up to ankles by three times beginning with right feet.

By doing all this ablution is completed and Muslims can pray or worship very well. When a ablution is completed the person can use it up to much time as he can. The person should do the ablution according the above method if he cannot do all steps and misses something the ablution would be accepted.

Ablution is must before offering a prayer or for worship in Islam or recitation of Holy Quran.

If a person nullified himself by any reason he must make an ablution

How Ablution ( Wudhu) break

  1. Natural discharging of human gas or urine, stools, etc…
  2. Blood flowing by any part of body
  3. Vomiting
  4. Falling asleep
  5. After intoxicating stuff

If any of the above reason occurred than a person must make ablution for prayer or worship. After discharging natural gas a person should apply water because it is discharged by toilet use tissues and then one can purify himself

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