How to get Natural Beauty and health without dieting

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

Some tips for your Good health and Fresh Face

Health and Beauty Tips 2013,

In this Starving world where everybody involves in various scenes of life and wants to escape from illness and other disease and try his best to achieve good health for better life.

Here we have some Fresh tips for your health that would be a new door to find life luxuries and your health must be good by adopting these some tips.

Everyone loves to look healthy, fit, and beautiful. They are a part of our life! People want to keep their figure but don’t know how to maintain. Some try gym! Life in a gym is not so good! For some women’s start getting body aches instead of being fit. “Don’t be slim, be fit!”

  1. Do not diet (starve). Diet may help you decrease your body weight and make you look slim for 1 week (sometimes 3-4 days) and then you regain what you have lost in double figure.
  2. Start your day having aloe-vera pulp or coconut water or normal water (you can also add a little honey to water).
  3. Instead of drinking coffee all the time, have 2 cups of green tea every day. You can drink coffee but not frequently! It can damage your body!
  4. If you are exercising then it is a must that you should eat properly! You must eat every three hours! Your body will be happy, as it is getting food properly!
  5. Don’t have all those dangerous tablets, or use massage creams! These massage cream companies just need money! They don’t even care about you!
  6. Having honey is good. It flushes out fat from your body.
  7. Add healthy fats to your food like extra pure olive oil, linseed, walnuts, and sweet almonds.
  8. When you try to be fit, there are always negative people around you! They just don’t want to see you fit! They give you wrong advices or discourage you! Just like if you put one crab in a can, you need to close the tin or else it will escape! But if you ad many crabs in a tin, when one tries to escape the others pull it back.
  9. Just believe nothing is impossible! You can do anything if you try! So just give a try without thinking about what others say!

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