How to get FRC NADRA Family Registration Certificate Online

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

How to obtain FRC NADRA Family Registration Certificate Online

Family Registration Certificate (FRC) through NADRA is an essential document for establishing familial ties officially. While primarily used for embassy purposes, it doesn’t suffice for legal requirements. Here’s a guide on how to acquire your FRC online:

Family Registration Certificate FRC NADRA Online Step By Step Process.

Categories for FRC Application:

  1. By Birth: This includes details of parents and siblings.
  2. By Marriage: Lists details of spouse and children.
  3. By Adoption: Details of the guardian are included.

Understanding FRC:

FRC reflects the family composition registered with NADRA. Individuals not registered with NADRA or lacking a 13-digit ID number won’t be included.

Application Process:

  1. Modes of Delivery:
    • Through NRC: Real-time delivery.
    • Through Pak Identity: PDF sent to provided email within 24 hours.
  2. Processing Time:
    • Starts after submission of the attested form.
  3. Requirements for Spouse and Children:
    • 13-digit ID numbers of CRC/CNIC/NICOP/POC of spouse and children.
    • Correctly spelled names as per records.
    • Photographs of family members under 18 and the applicant.
  4. Incomplete Information:
    • Family members not linked due to incomplete data need to update their ID cards.
  5. POC Holders:
    • If a POC holder exists in the family, they should apply for FRC and include other family members.

After Submission:

  1. Once submitted, the FRC arrives in your email within 1-2 working days as a printable PDF.
  2. Corrections are limited to English name spellings only; changes in names are not allowed.

Acquiring your Family Registration Certificate through NADRA online streamlines the process, ensuring accuracy and convenience.

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