How to Check CNIC With Mobile Number

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

How Can I check my CNIC With Mobile Number Hy viewer, here on this page I’m going to share CNIC information in Pakistan, details and how to check CNIC number details online through mobile number and different other queries which some one usually type on Google search engine to find their  CNIC details, their mobile numbers, their sim card details as well as connection type details and different other theories which are as under:-

  • How to check CNIC number details online
  • Check CNIC number by name online
  • How to check CNIC number with mobile number jazz
  • How to find someone’s CNIC number
  • How to check CNIC details with pictures
  • Online check SIM number through CNIC

The answer to these questions is in your own hands and easy to learn, by reading this page you will learn about the answers to all questions mentioned above.

Open the Messages application from your phone. Type ‘MNP’ and send it to 667. You will receive a response message from 667 in which all the details associated with your SIM such as owner name, CNIC number and MSI and Activation date will be displayed.

Other ways to find your CNIC with a Mobile number

  • If you are using the Ufone network, you can check your CNIC details and Mobile Number by dialling *336#
  • Telenor customers can send a blank message to 7751 if they want to check their CNIC number.

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