Hair Care Tips at Home| How to Get Our Natural shiny Hairs

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

Hair Care Tips at Home| How to Get Our Natural shiny Hairs

Hair Care Tips

There are some problems that cause hair falling. If someone is blond and beautiful natural hair than no one can add cosmetic beauty on him and all cosmetics have no effect.

However we have some hair care tips to prevent dry hair, brittle hair, and dandruffs and split ends.

10 Best hair Care Tips

A balanced Diet and Hair Growth

We can protect our hairs falling by using good balanced food and we should take proper diet for our hair growth. Protein, Calcium and Iron in inclusion of our diet plays a good role in growth of our hairs. If we use these nutrients daily in our diet we can protect our hair fall, and bad hair days.

Protein is in poultry and eggs enhance the growth of our hair, dairy and dairy products are so good for calcium requirement and Omega-3-fatty acid, zinc and Vitamin A strengthen the growing hair. Selenium in Brazil nuts, alpha-linolenic acid in walnuts and zinc in pecan, almonds and cashews, all improves a thick and shiny hair. Water is the greatest hydrant for hair.

Shampoo or Conditioners for healthy Hair

In summer season sweats effects a lot on our hairs skin tissues caused hair fall, we should use proper shampoo or conditioner for our health hair, so that we relax our hairs and the surrounding tissues enhance blood circulation in a well manner and the growth of hairs also. Shampoo should be based on natural products. Dimethicone and Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride are chemicals that will soften and glows your hair.

Regular Combing

Combing regular effects a good results in growing of our hair fall, com should be wide brush that prevents hair fall and damage. Combing in dry hairs can damage your hairs. Use comb with soft bristles regularly otherwise improper use of comb may cause damaging of your hairs.

Hair Dryer

Hair dryers are mostly used to dry hairs, but with the increase of hair while drying hairs can cause hair to dry and brittle. The best way to dry hairs is the natural as it will increase the hair life time and also strengthens your hair as well.

Hair Conditioners:

Hair Conditioners are very necessary for hair growth. Hair conditioner is used for preventing hairs from sun, wind, dirt, rain and pollution also. Hair conditioners are of two types Natural and synthetic. Natural Hair conditioners have more importance than the Synthetic because in synthetic chemicals used.

Hair Trimming:

By using Hair trimming regularly we can get rid of hail fall and hair thinning problem. When we trim our hairs, we protect the formation of split ends, as a result of hairs grow strongly.


Hair Style has plays a role to judge other personality. Some people are looking so good because of hair style, but are not good for your hair and weaken hair follicles. Braided hair can accumulate sweat and dirt, and thereby can increase the cause of infection and tangles.

Sleeping matter for healthy hairs

We must sleep for about 6 to 8 hours in 24 hours that will keep us healthy and our muscles get more strength and blood circulation will be so good. In less sleeping patterns results loss of hair, by good sleeping we can protect of our hairs in best way.

Hair Massage:

Massaging Hair with oil or oil-based conditioners in a week improves our blood circulation in a scalp and improving the growth of our head muscles. If we comb regularly and massaging with fingertips increases the flow of hair as well as growth of hairs

Hair Growing

Hair growing has well furnished as a health and well groomed shiny and soft, and has a thick good volume. Hair growing gains hair follicle clean to tip of the hair with no split ends or white heads.

If we follow all these steps for our good looking and shiny soft hairs, there is no doubt getting our ideal thinking.

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