Govt declared February 5th 2024 a national holiday

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

Govt declared February 5th 2024 a national holiday

The government of Pakistan has declared February 5th a national holiday to show support for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. This day, called Kashmir Solidarity Day, is an annual event to remind everyone about the ongoing struggle for self-determination in the disputed region.

In a public holiday announcement, the Cabinet Division emphasized Pakistan’s strong backing for the Kashmiris’ right to freedom, as stated in the UN Charter. This day holds significant meaning for millions of Pakistanis who share historical, cultural, and family ties with the people of Kashmir.

As part of the observance, a nationwide minute of silence will take place at 10 am to honour the martyrs of Kashmir and reiterate Pakistan’s steadfast support for their cause. The goal is to remind the world about the Kashmiri people’s essential right to self-determination, as outlined in the UN Charter.

Kashmir Solidarity Day, observed every year on February 5th, amplifies the voices of those in Jammu and Kashmir who are striving for justice and freedom. It reflects Pakistan’s commitment to standing with the Kashmiri people in their legitimate quest for rights.

 5th February National Holiday Notification

5th February Kashmir  Solidarity Day in Pakistan


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