Food Vegetables Cooking Cutting Technique

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

 Types of Cutting Vegetables/ Food Cutting MethodsCutting Techniques

The vegetable cut selected for a particular dish must complement the dish it’s being used  for.


Roughlt cut vegetables cooked in butter with harm, thyme and bayleaf, finished by deglazing the pan with a little maderia.


A mixture of roughly-chopped vegetables used as a base for sauces or to enhance the flavor of meat, fish and shellfish dishes. Normally onion, celery carrot are used and thee are slowly cooked in butter until they are very tender. Thyme and bay are often added according to Dehydrator Lab.


This cut may be square, triangles, circles or half-rounds The order to cut economically, the shape of the vegetable will decide which shape to choose. All are cut thinly about 1-2 thick.


This is a  very small diced cube, sized between 1-3 mm square.  It is often used as a garnish for consommé. Typical vegetables used are carrot, onion, turnip and celery.


Finely sliced or shredded green leafy vegetables, usually lettuce or spinach, used as a base, garnish or in soups. 

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