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Here we are sharing Famous Baby Girls names with Meaning with Urdu & English. Download free Bachoon K Qurani Naam (Quranic Name For Girls/Babies) with English to Urdu meaning, Select your children name read Islamic names for boys and Islamic girls names out of this book, Muslim baby names with Urdu meaning, Download Complete book for Islamic names and meanings.

Baby Names for Muslim GirlsIn step with a Muslim, Hadith Muslims have got to decide on a name that includes a just right which means that, a great way to deliver benefits to the children throughout their lifestyles. Famous Muslim, Islamic and quranic baby girls names for boys and girls, information on Islamic names for Muslim girls and their definition and full meaning.

Best Islamic Names for Boys and Girls In Urdu

Aabidahده ٌ ب عWorshipper
Aabirahده ٌ ب عFleeting, Transitory,Ephemeral
AabishبDaughter Of Sad Who Was AQueen Of Iran AN
Aabrooو ب عHonour, Fame, Dignity
Aadabآ ابHope And Need
Aadilaة ل أJust, Honest, Equal, Upright
Aaeedahٌ ادVisiting, Returning, Reward
Aaeeshaدهٌ أعLife, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest Wife Of The Prophet MuhammadPbuh
AafiyaفاعGood Health, Bin Ayyub HadThis Name, He Was A Narrator Of Hadith
Aafreedaف د ةCreated, Produced
Aafreenن ده ف عBrave, Acclaim
AaidaأدVisiting, Returning.
Aaidahٌ أدName Of A Narrator OfHadith
AailaئاعBeautiful, Like Moon.
Aaimaةم ئأLeader, Ruler.
Aainaا ناMirror
Aairaأ ىNoble, Respectful
AakifaقاA Lady Who Worship Allah InSolitude
AakifahكاDevoted, Dedicated
Aalaا ل آBounties
AaleyahلاExalted, Highest SocialStanding
AaliaلآExhalted, Noble
AalimahلاScholar, Authority
Aaliyaدها ل عHigh, Tall, Towering,Excellent
Aaliyahدهٌ ل عTall, Towering
AamaalأعمالHopes, Aspirations, Wishes
AamalآمالPl. Of Amal, Hope
Aamaneeه نامأGood Wish
Aamilahٌل ده ماDoer Of Good Deeds,Righteous
Aaminahٌن ده ماSecured, Safe
Aamiraده ة أمImperial, Abundant,Inhabited
Aamirahده ٌ امA Woman Inhabitig In APlace.
Aaniه نآFatimah Khatoon Female SheWas A Literary Woman And A Poetess In Qastaniniyah.
Aani FatimahKhatoonShe Was A Literary WomanAnd A Poetess In


AaniaنآTowards, Direction, Concern.
AanisahناYoung Lady, Maiden
Aaqilahٌل ده ق عIntelligent
Aaraآ اAdoring
Aarifahٌ ف اعKnowing, Women WhoRecognises Islam
Aarzooآ زوDesire, Wish, Hope
Aasfaاف س آProtector, Guardian.
Aasiaدها س آHope
Aasimahٌمس اProtector, Defendant,Central
Aasiraده ة س أBond.
Aasmaسم اExcellent, Precious
Aasmaaسماء أExcellent, Precious
Aatifaةف ده طعAffection, Sympathy
Aatikahٌق ده طاGenerous
Aatiqahٌق ده طاShoulder Support Old
Aatirahاط حFragrant
Abalل بأWild Rose
Abasahةس ب عDaughter Of Al-Mahdi
Abbaasahٌس ا بLioness, Sister Of HaroonRashid
Abdaا باWorshipper
Abdahٌا باWorshiper (Of Allah).
Abdaorabeedahع ب ب ةWorshipper.
Abeedahده ٌ ب عWorshipper
Abeerده ب عFragrance
Abeeraده ب عThe Mixture Of The Smell OfThe Petals Of Rose And Sundal
Abeerahده ٌ ب عRose, Sandal Saffron MixedTogether In Fragrance
Abeeraorabeerahب ب ةThe Mixture Of The Smell Of The Petals Of Rose AndSundal.
Abiaه بأGreat
Abidaده ة ب عWorshipper
Abidahده ٌ ب عWorshipper
Abidah AbidaWorshipper
Abirده ب عSerious, Beautiful
Abir AbeerFragrance, Perfume
AblaaبأPerfectly Formed
Ablahل بأٌPerfectly Formed
Ablah Abla AblaaPerfectly Formed
Abraا باExample, Lesson
Abrarبا اDevoted To God
Abreshminaانمٌ ز بأMade Of Silk.
Abrooو ب عHonour, Fame, Dignity
AbtahiبأOne Who Lives In Abtah
Adabا ابHope, Need
Adab AadabHope And Need
Adalaة ل أJustice.
Adanا انParadise, Heaven.
Adaraأ ا ةVirgin
Adawiyahة أ دوSummer Plant
Adeebaده أCultured, Polite
Adeebaoradibaا ب ا ب أCultured, Polite
Adeelل ع دEqual
Adeelaة ل أEqual
Adeelahده عJust
Adeemaمة ع دRare.
Adeenaده أPious, Good Luck
Adeevaدهف ض أPleasant, Gentle
Adenن ا دWarm Person
Adibaده اWell, Mannered, Cultured,Polite
Adifaahٌف ده ض أSmart, Talented
Adilaة ل أJustice
Adilahده عEqual, Just, Honest
Adilah Adila AdeelaEqual, Just, Honest
Adilaoradilahأ ل ل ةJust, Honest, Equal, Upright.
Adiraة أ دStrong.
Adivaدهف ض أPleasant, Gentle
Adlaى ل أRespected Witness.
Aeedahٌ أدVisiting, Returning, Reward.
Afafفاف عChaste, Virtuous, Decent,Pure
AfanaفأThe Forgiver, Pardner.
Afeefaع ف ٌ فىChaste
Afeefahع ف ٌ فهPure, Chaste, Virtuous
Afeerahحا فأCovered With Soil Or Dust
AfiaفاعAway From All Problems
Afifaع ف ٌ فىNeat Lady
Afifahع ف ٌ فهChaste, Modest
Afifah or Afeefaف ٌف ده ف عChaste, Modest
AfiyahفاعHealth, Free From Illness AndGrief
AfizahفA Person Who Knows TheRecital Of The Quran
AfkarفاPl. Of Fikr
AfnanفاTree Branches Or Twigs
Afraع ف اDust-Coloured
Afra AfraaWhite
Afraaءا ف عWhite
Afrahحا فأCelebrations, Festivals
Afreenن ده ف عFriendly
Afrinن ده فاPraise, Lucky.
Afrozز فأIlluminated.
Afrozaز فأBurning, Polishing.
Afrozeز فأEnlightening
AfsaفأProphet Mohammeds PBUHWife
AfshanفAdornment Aids
Afsheenص فأحShine Like A Star
AfshinفDecorated With Sparkles
Afzaز فأIncrease, Augmentation.
Afzaaز فأIncreasing
Aghalaىل غأPleasing.
Agharidد ا اPl. Of Ughrudah, Twittering
Aghsanصان أغPl. Of Ghusn, Branch, Twig.
Ahdafأه افPl. Of Hadaf, Aim, Goal
Ahdiaة أ ذدUnique, The One
Ahlamال مأحWitty, Imaginative
Ahlemمل حأDream
AidaأدVisiting, Returning, Reward.
Aidahٌ أدGuest, The One WhosReturning
Aidah AidaVisiting, Returning
Aidahoraidaا هو اادVisiting, Returning, Reward,Present.
Aieshaةٌ ده عLady, Woman
Aigharا أShe Was A Religious,Righteous Woman
Ailaةل ده عNoble
Aimalمال ادHope
Aimenمن أدMost Congratulated
Ain AlsabaTreasure Of The Eye
AinalsabaنTreasure Of The Eye.
Ainiهن ده عSpring, Flower, Source,Choice
AishaادLife, Vivaciousness, LivingProsperous, Youngest Wife

Of The Prophet Muhammad Pbuh

AishahدهاعWife Of The Prophet SAW
Aishah Aisha AyishahLiving, Prosperous
Aishahoraeshaاٌ ٌٌ أLife, Vivaciousness, LivingProsperous, Youngest Wife Of The Prophet Muhammad


Aizaزا ادNoble
Ajeebahٌب ده جأA Narrator Of Hadith
Ajiaأ جSuperb, Wonderful.
Ajradahج ا ٌAl-Ameeh, Was A GreatWorshipper Who Worshipped Long In The

Night Sometimes Right Up To Dawn AN

AjwaاجواName Of A Date In SaudiaArabia Tree Planted By Holy Prohpet PBUH
Akhtarات خاStar, Good Luck.
Akhtariي ات خاWife Of Prophet…
Akiaك ا عSister
AkidaاكCertain, Firm.
AkifaقأDevoted To, Dedicated To.
AkifahكIntent, Busy
Akilaةل ده ق عIntelligent, Smart
Akilahٌل كأIntelligent, Logical, One WhoReasons
AkleemaقأBeautiful One Of TheDaughters Of Adam AS
AklimaقأThe First Step
Akshitiك ش تVictorious Peace
Al Adur Al KarimahA Pious, Righteous AndIntelligent Woman Of Egypt She Respected The Ulama And Built Religious Schools Madrasah And Mosques, She

Died In 762

Alaaىل عSigns
Alaiaدها ل عVirtuous
Alamم لأWorld, Sing. Of Alameen.
Alamaraاأل ما ةAdorning The World
AleemaلأExalted, Highest
AleemahلأKnowing, Knowledgeable
Aleenaان ده ل عSilk Of Heaven
Aleshaاٌ ع لاProtected By God.
Alhanناٌ لاMelody.
Alhenaان ٌ لاA Ring
Aliaدها ل عBeautiful
AliahلاExaulted, Noble, HighestSocial Standing
AlifaلأFriendly, Sociable
Alikaدهك ل عLove
AlimahلأSkilled In Music Or Dance
AlinaلاBeautiful Not Verified
AlishaلاHonest, Truthful, ProtectedBy Allah.
Alishabaباٌس لإاBeautiful Sunshine.
Alishbaةب ٌ ع لاPretty
Aliyaة اا دلHigh, Tall, Towering, Lofty
Aliyahدهٌ ل عExalted, Noble
Aliyah Aliyyah AliaAliaExaulted, Elevated, HighestSocial Standing
AliyahoraleyahلاExaulted, Elevated, HighestSocial Standing
Aliyyaة اا دلHighest Social Standing
Aliyyahٌ ده ده ده ل عVariant Transcription OfALIYAH
AlizaلاThe Daughter Of Ali (Ra).
Alleyahدهٌ ل عLeader
Almaام لاApple
Almasسام لاDiamond
Almasaاس م لاDiamond.
Almiraا ده م لاPrincess
Alraazز لاMystery
Altafفاط لأKindness, Politeness
Alttheaدهةال ح تSincere
Aludraا ع لاVirgin
AlveenaلأLoved One, Cared One,Liked.
AlyaaلاHeaven(S), Sky, Sublimity
AlyanلاTall And Healthy.
Alzahraة ٌز لاThe Illuminated
Alzenaدهز لاA Woman
Alzubraبز لاA Star In The ConstellationLeo
Amaaraأما ةCrown
AmahاماٌSlave, Daughter Of Khalid Bin Saeed, A Woman Companion, Daughter Of Companion, Had This Name She Was Born In Habshah, And Was Married To Az-Zubayr Bin Al-Awwam
AmalأملHope, Aspiration
Amal Amal AamalAmalaHope, Aspiration
AmalaأمالHopes, Aspirations
Amalillahٌل ل ده ل معHope With Allah
AmanامانSecurity, Peace, Safety
Amanaة نامأFaithful, To Believe
Amanatة نامأPl. Of Amanah, Trust,Deposit.
Amaniه ناماWishes, Aspirations
Amanioramanyده من ن مWishes, Aspirations
Amanyه ناماA Wish
AmaraأمEternal Beauty, Urgent News
AmatاماتServant (Female)
Amatasalamمل ص ت مServant Of Peace
Amatullahٌ لوطم/////// Servant Of Allah
Amayaدهة أمNight Rain
Ambarاب ماAmbergris
Ambaraب مأPerfume, Ambergris, Fem.
Ambarinن ده ب مأPerfumed.
Amberده ب امJewel
Ambereenب مأFragarance, Amber, Sky
Ambraا ب ماGemstone
Ambreenب مأSky
Ameenaةن ده مأTrustworthy, Faithful.
Ameenahٌن ده مأTrustworthy
Ameerده أمIn English ,Means Prince, InArabic ,Means Kind
Ameeraده ة أمNoble Lady, Princess
Ameerahده ٌ أمPrincess
Amelدهل امHope
Ameliaدهة ل عمTrustworthy, Beautiful
Amilaةل ده معHopeful.
Amilahٌل مأHopeful
Amimaدهمة أمFull, Complete,
Aminaان ده ماHonest
Aminahٌن ده مأTrustworthy, Faithful
Aminah AminehAmeenaTrustworthy, Faithful, Secure
Aminahoraminehٌن م حن مTrustworthy, Faithful, Secure
Aminehٌن ده مأFaithful
Amiraده ا امPrincess
Amirahده ٌ أمRoyal Lady, Princess
Amirah AmeeraPrincess, Leader
Amiraoramirahأم م ةPrincess, Leader
AmjadامجاMagnificence, Splendor
Ammaraأم اA Lady With Strong Imaan
Ammarahأم ٌAn Inhabitant
Amnaان ماPeace
Amnajaneنجن مA Tranquil Gif Of Peace From
Allah Almighty .
Amraام اPrincess
Amrahام اٌHeadgear
Amreenن أم دSky
Amroziaام وزWoman Of Today
Amsahسح أمFriendly
Amtullahٌل ل ت مأ/////// Servant Of Allah
Anaanنا نأClouds.
Anabiaبان عParadise Door.
Anadilل ن عPl. Of Andalib, Nightingale.
Anahٌا ناPatience, Perseverence
Analلا ناFive
Anamما ناPresent
Ananنا ناClouds
Anan AnaanClouds
Anatت نأPerseverance, Patience.
Anaumما نأThe Blessing Of Allah
AnbarناPerfume, Ambergris
Anbarinن ده ب ن عOf Ambergris
Andalahٌ لاض نSong Of The Nightingale.
Andalibل ن عNightingale
Andleebل ن عNightingale (A Bird)
AneesaنأClose, Intimate, Friendly
Aneezahدهزٌ ن عShe-Goat
Angbinن ده ب ج ناHoney
Angezaزج نأReason, Logic.
Anidaده ة ن عObstinate
AnikaنأVery Unique
AnilaنأInexperienced, Raw.
AniqaناNeat, Elegant, Smart.
AnisahنأClose, Intimate, Friendly
Anisah AneesaClose, Intimate, Good Friend
Anisahoraneesaن ٌص ناClose, Intimate, Good Friend
Anizahدهزٌ ن عShe Goat.
Anjumموج ناStars
Anjumanنمج ناAssembly.
Anmarام ناLeopard
Anmolلوم ناPrecious
Annamما نأGods Blessing
AnniyahنأConcern, Loving
Anooshٌو نأDelighted.
Anooshaٌو نأDelighted, Happy
AnqaنأA Woman With A Long Neck
AnsamناPl. Of Nasam, Breath
Ansaraاص نأHelper
Anumمو ناBlessing Of God, Gods Gift
Anwaarاو نأRays Of Light
Anwarاو ناRays Of Light, Pl. Of Noor.
Anwar AnwaarRays Of Light, Blossoms
Anwaraاو نأRay Of Light
Anwarahٌ او نأGreatly Lighted
AnyaناA Woman With Large Eyes.
Apanaا نا بأAlmond.
Aqdasس قأPure, Sacred.
Aqeelaةل ده ق عThe Best, The Very Best.
Aqeelahٌل ده ق عWise, Sensible
Aqibaةب ق عResult, Consequence.
Aqilaةل ده ق عWise, Sensible, Intelligent
Aqilahٌل ده ق عWife, Spouse
AqlimahقIntelligent,Wise,Daughter OfProphet Adam,Sister Of


AqsaقأName Of A Mosque
Araamأ امRelief, Comfort
Aramا امSigns, Flags
Areebaده أWise
Areebahحا ب أWitty, Smart
Areefaده عLearned, Expert, Authority
Areejد أ جThe Fragrance Of A FlowerFrom An Orange Tree
Areenaده أVoice Of Bird.
Areshaاٌس عUnder An Umbrella
Arfaة ف عGreatness
Arianaة نا ده أLand Of Arians
Aribahحا ب أWise
Arifaده عLearned, Expert, Authority
Arifahٌ ف عKnowledgeable
Arijد ا جSweet Smell
Arij AreejFragrance, Sweet Smell
Arishaده عHighness
Arissaد عBright
Arjumandن موج اNoble, Honourable
Armanا مانWish, Longing
Arminدهن ا مDweller Of The Garden OfEden
Aroobع وبLoving To Her Husband
Aroosaةس و عBride
Arooshٌس و عAngle Of Heaven.
Aroubع وبWoman Loving To HerHusband
Aroushٌس و عAngel Of Paradise
Arshiع ٌOne Who Lives In The Sky.
Arshiaاٌس عOne Who Lives Is The Sky.
Arshiyaع ٌFairy, Abode Of Allah, LivesIn Skies
Arubع بLoving To Husband
Arub AroobLoving To Her Husband
Arubaا بو اLoves Her Husbandarus
Aruboraroobب و ب أLoving To Her Husband
Arwaأ وىMountain Gazelle
Arwahأ واحBreath Of Air
Aryaا ا دNoble
Aryishaده عUnder Tree/Umberalla
Arzoأ زHope
Arzooآ زوWish
Arzuأ زWish, Hope, Love
Asahصح أPlant Known For ItsGreenness
Asalahٌ لاص أNobility Of Descent
AsarثأPl. Of Asar, Sign, Mark
Asbahحب ص أPure As Water
Aseelدهل س أSmooth, Pure.
Aseelaةل ده ص أOf Noble Origin, Highborn
Aseelahٌل ده ص أOne Belonging To A GreatHeritage And Family
Asfaqقف ص أFavours
Asghiaغ ص أPious People, ModestPeople.
Ashadieeyahٌ شا دPrincess, Cute, Perfect
AshalinaلاحسSweet, Always Living, Shy,Loving
Asheeyanaدهن ٌ أHouse, Nest
Ashikaةق ده ٌ عLove
Ashiqaةق ده ٌ عVery Friendly
Ashnaان ٌ عBeautiful.
Ashrafش اف اNobler, More Honourable
Ashwaqشواق اLove, Affections
Asifaةف س أOrganiser
Asilدهل س اSmooth
Asilahٌل ئ س أNoble Origin, Pure
Asimahٌمس أProtector
Asimah AsimaProtector
Asimahorasimaامص ٌمس أProtector
Asiraده ا س اHonoured, Chosen,Preferred
Asiyaدها س أThe Muslim Wife Of Pharaoh
Asiya AsiyahOne Who Tends To The Weak, One Who Heals,Comforts, Consoles
Asiyahدهح صأOne Who Tends To TheWeak And Heals Them
Asjadسج أGold, Jewel.
Asliل س اPure, Original.
Asmaسما اLoftier, More Eminent
Asma Asma AsmaaExcellent, Lofty, Eminent,Precious
Asmaaسماء أHigher, More Exalted
Asmaraسم ة أBeautiful Butterfly
Asmatصمت أPure, Clean
Asnaان س اThe One To BeAcknowledged Or Praised
Asraس ىأTravel By Night
Asrarأ ا سSecrets
Asriyahة س د أModernist
Assiaدها س أProtect
Ateefaةف ده طعAffection, Sympathy
Ateeqaةق ده ت عAncient, Noble, Fem. Of Atiq.
Ateeqahٌق ده طأOld Ancient
Athilahٌ لذأDeep-Rooted, FirmlyEstablished
Athirاث دهFavored, Preferred
Athmahع ظمهA Narrator Of Hadith
Atifaةف ده طعAffectionate, Sympathetic
AtifahتأAffectionate,Compassionate, Sympathetic
Atifah AtifaAffectionate,Compassionate, Sympathetic
AtifaoratifahتAffection, Sympathy.
Atifatةف ده طعKindness, Sympathy.
AtikaتاClear, Pure, Limpid (OfWine).
Atikahٌق ده طأVirgin, Pure, Clear
Atikah AtikaVirgin, Pure, Clear
Atiqaةق ده ت عEmancipated, A BeautifulLady.
Atiraده أطFragrant
Atirahأط حFragrant.
Atiyaدهة عطGift
AtiyahتأGift, Present
Atiyah AtiyaGift, Present
AtiyahoratiyaتأGift, Present
AtufأطوفAffectionate, Kind Hearted
Atyafدهاف أطFantasies
Ayaatات أدMany Signs & Proofs, VersesIn The Quran
Ayahاٌ ادA Verse From Quran Or ASign From God
Ayah AyehQuranic Verse, ClearEvidence, Sign Of God
Ayanان ادLuck
Ayanaن أدLucky, Good Day, Day OfJudgement
Ayatات آدQuranic Verses, ClearEvidences, Signs Of God
Aydaا ادReturning, Visitor In Arabic.
AyehادSign, Distinct
Ayeshaةٌ ده عWell Of
AyishahدهاعLiving, Prosperous, YoungestWife Of The Prophet
Aymenمن أدSacred, Brave, Old Name OfArabia
Aynunnaharٌان ن ده عSource Of The Springbabara
Ayraا ادRespectable
AyshaادAlive And Well
AyshahدهاعWife Of The Holy ProphetSAW
Az ZahraExcellent And Smart
AzaaعزاءA Must Have, Right, Courage
Azadehزا ٌPrincess
AzahأزاحLoved One, Good, Successful.
Azeemaمة ع دزDetermination, Firm Will.
Azeemahمه ع دزGreat
Azeenن أ دزBeauty, Patience
Azeezaزة ع دزEsteemed, Precious,Cherished
AzhaarأزهاPl. Of Zahrah, Flower
AzharازهاFlowers, Blossoms
Azhar AzhaarFlowers, Blossoms
AzimaأزمةGreat, Powerful, Dignified
AzimanأزمانSky, Heaven
Azinن ا دزAccessories (UsuallyJewlery).
Azizز ا دزFriendship
Azizaزة ع دزNoble, Precious, Cherished
Azizahزٌ ع دزEsteemed, Precious,Cherished
Azizah Aziza AzeezaPrecious, Cherished,Beloved, Dear
Azizahorazizaزه ززا ع دزEsteemed, Precious,
Azraاز اMaiden, Pious, Woman
Azraaعذ اءUnpierced Pearl
Azrahأز ٌBeautiful Pearl In Jannah(Heaven)
AzwaعزوةPl. Of Zau, Light
AzzaعزةYoung Female Gazelle
AzzahأذاٌYoung, Gazelle
Azzah AzzaYoung, Gazelle
Baasimaةمس ا بSmiling
Badaiب يPl. Of Badia, Wonder,Marvel.
Badeeahٌ ا د بAstonishing, Amazing,Marvel, Wonder
Badiaا ا د بUnprecedented, Admirable,Unique
Badiahٌ ا د بUnprecedented, Amazing,Admirable, Unique
Badiah BadiaUnprecedented, Amazing,Admirable, Unique
BadiaorbadiahبUnprecedented, Amazing,Admirable, Unique
Badihaهة د بInsight, Perceptive Faculty.
Badiyahٌ ا د بDesert
Badrا بFull Moon
Badraا ة بFull Moon
Badriyaب د ةResembling Full Moon
Badriyahب د ٌResembling The Full Moon
Badriyah BadriyyahBadriyaResembling The Full Moon
Badriyyahب د ٌResembling The Full Moon
Badyahٌ ا د بClear, KnowledgeablePerson.
Bahaاها بValue, Worth
Bahaarب اSpring
BaharبSpring, Prime Of Life, BloomOf Youth
Baharbanoب ح بBlooming Princess
Baheejaدهجة ٌ بHappy
Baheeraده ة ح بDazzling, Brilliant.
Bahiaدها اٌ بNice
Bahigaدهجة ٌ بVariant Transcription OfBAHIJA
Bahijaدهجة ٌ بGlad, Happy, Joyful
Bahijahدهجة ٌ بMagnificent, Splendid
Bahiraده ة ح بDazzling, Brilliant
Bahirahده ٌ ح بDazzling, Brilliant, NobleLady
Bahirah BahiraBaheeraDazzling, Brilliant, NobleLady
Bahiyaدهة ٌ بBeautiful, Radiant
Bahiyaaدهاء اح بBeautiful, Radiant
Bahiyahدهٌ ٌ بBeautiful, Radiant
Bahiyah BahiyaBahiyaaBeautiful, Radiant
Bahiyyaدهة ٌ بBeautiful In Arabic.
Bahiyyahدهٌ ٌ بRadiant, Beautiful
Bahraaه اء بBeautiful, Shining
Bahriyah Al AabidahShe Was A DevotedWorshipper And Ascetic Of Basrah She Used To Say, “If The Heart Gives Up The Passions Evil Desires, It Will Then Demosticate

Knowledge” AN

BaizaبWhite, Bright, Brilliant
Bajilaةل ده ج بHonoured, Dignified
Bakhitaب خ ٌ تةLucky, Fortunate
Bakhtاخت بLot, Fate, Portion
Bakhtawarخطو بFortunate, Lucky
Bakhtawaraخطو ة بLucky
Bakuraو ااك بComing Early.
Balbalaلا بName Of Bird, Bulbul
BalqeesبShe Was The Daughter Of Ahmad Bin Mishqar, And A Distinguished Woman Of HerTimes
Balqisلا بName Of The Queen OfSheba
Balsamلا بBalsam, Balm
BanafsajبViolent Flower.
BanafshaبDaughter Of Abdullah Al-Rumiyah
BanafshehبA Flower (Violet)
BananبDelicate, Finger Tips
Banoو نا بLady, Miss, Princess
Banuو نا بPrincess, Lady, Miss.
BanujahبThe Daughter Of Al-Mahdi
Baraaاء بExcelling
Baraaaاء بExcelling
Baraahاٌ بInnocence
Baraimم اد بPl. Of Burum, Blossom, Bud.
Barakaاا اك بWhite One
Barakahب ٌكBlessing.
Barakah BarakaBlessing White One
Baratا ات بInnocence, Guiltlessness.
Bareeaب د ةInnocent, Blameless
Bareerahده بةPious, The Freed Slave OfSayyidina Ayshah RA A Well- Known Women Companion,

She Lived Upto The Times Of

Khalifah Yazid Bin MuawiyahRA
Bariaب د ةExcelling, Originator
Bariahب د ٌExcelling
Bariah BaraaaExcelling
Barikaده بBloom, Be Successful
Barirahاٌ ا د بFaithful And Devoted
Barjaaجاء بOf Beautiful Eyes
Barkatات ك بBlessing, Sing. Of Barakat.
Barkhaاٌك ا بRain
Barrahب ٌShe Was The Wunt Of TheProphet SAW, Daughter Of Abdul Muttalib And Mother Of Abi Salamah RA Also The Name Of The Daughter Of Abi Tijarah Al-Abdariyah Who Narrated From The Prophet SAW AN
Barraqaة ق ا بBright, Brilliant, Shining
Barsalaة لاس بEyelashes.
Barzahا زاٌ بShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
BasaariaبBeautiful, Prior
Basbasساب س ا بShe Was A Slave Girl Of IbnNafees
Basemahٌمس ا بSmiling
Bashaشا ا بBashaaer-Good Tidings
BashairبGood News, Good Omens
BasharatبGood News, Glad Tidings.
BasheeraبBringer Of Good Tidings, Joy
BashiraبBringer Of Good News, Fem.
BashirahبBringer Of Good Tidings, Joy
Bashirah BasheeraBringer Of Good Tidings, Joy
Basilaىل ده س ا بBrave, Fearless, Intrepid.
BasimaبSmiling, Fem. Of Basim.
Basimahٌمس ا بSmiling
Basimah BaseemaSmiling
BasinahبKitty, Kitten
Basmaسما ا بSmile.
Basmahٌمس ا بA Smile
Basmah BasmaA Smile
BasoosبShe Was The Daughter OfMunziq At-Tamimah AN
BassamaبSmiling, Fem. Of Bassam.
Batinaتا بHidden, Inner.
Batinahٌن ط بHidden, Inner
BatoolبA True Devotee Woman OfAllah
Batrisyiaده تا بIntelligent
Batulطو ل بVirgin, Pure And Chaste.
Batul BatoolAscetic Virgin
Bayanان اد بClearness, Eloquence
BaydahبWorshipper, Servant Of Allah
BaysanبTo Walk With Pride
Bazalaة لازا بGenerous Woman.
Bazeghaاز ة بBright
Bazlaازل بReward, Generous.
Bazriqaة قز بExalted, Great.
BeenaبSeeing, Clear Sighted
BeenishبIntelligent, Genius
BegumبمHonorific Title, Queen
Behnazزن ٌ بBest Coquetry.
BenazeerبMatchless, Unique
BenazirبMatchless, Unique.
Berkaب ةكIncrease, Breeding
Bhajatاجة بSplendour, Magnificence
BibiبLady Of Rank
BilqeesبA Queen Of Saba
BilqisلQueen Of Sheeba
Bilqis BilqeesQueen Of Sheeba
BinishبClever, Intelligent
BirrahبGood Deed
Bisharagladetdidingب جن
BisharahبA Narrator Of Hadith
Budurب وFull Moons
Buhaysahب ح ٌ ثةA Narrator Of Hadith
Buhaysah BuhaisahWalking With Pride
Buhayyahدهٌ ٌ بThe Name Of A FreedWomen Slave
Buhjahجة بJoy, Delight
Buhthahهذٌ بHappy, Delighted WhenSeeing Others
Bulbulلو بNightingale.
BunanahبYazid Al-AbshamiyahsDaughter
BuqayrahبA Narrator Of Hadith
Burdahضه بShe Was Al-Suraymiyah, And A Very Dutiful Worshipper She Wept Often So She Finally Lost Her Eye Sight When Every Thing Was QuietAnd Motionless, She Used To
Call Out In A MelancholyVoice, O! Habib O Loved One! AN
Burumو وم بBud, Blossom, Sing. OfBaraim.
BusainaبDiminutive Of Basna
BusayrahبShe Was A FemaleCompanion
BushraبGood Omen, Good News
Busrس و بUnripened Dates
BusrahبShe Was A Companion WhoLived Until The Era Of Muawiyah
Bustanسطن و بGarden, Orchard.
ButhaynaبOf Beautiful And TenderBody
ButhaynahبOf Beautiful And TenderBody
ButhaynahButhainah ButhaynaOf Beautiful And TenderBody
Buthaynahorbuthain ahاٌ ثو ب وٌانن دهاOf Beautiful And Tender Body
CaitlynتاسPure Beauty
Calaا ل كCastle
Cantarس ن تSmall Bridge
Cantaraس ن تSmall Bridge
Carnaا ن ع سHorn
Chadiaا شا دGracious
ChafiaفاٌLook After
ChafikaدهTo Tend
Chahraا ٌاٌNotoriety
Chahrazadا زٌٌSensitive
ChakiraشاكOf Chakour Grateful
Chakoriٌ ي كA Bird Name, Charming
ChamanشامانGarden, From UrduLanguage
Champaاب ماٌA Flower.
Chanaا ناٌGracious, Merciful
Chanchalشل ن ٌActive.
Chandaى ن ٌMoon Light
Chandniه ن ن ٌThe Moons Light
Chandraا ناٌBeautiful Like Moon.
Chessyك سAt Peace
Cyraده ا سMoon
Daajiyahدهة اجLiving Well Off
DafeenahفHidden Treasure
DafiyaفاNarrator Of Hadith
DafiyahفاNarrator Of Hadith
DahmaاهماShe Was A Scholar Of Religion And Had Learnt From Her Brother Al-ImamAl-Mahdi
DaibaدهAssiduous, Persistent
DaiebaدهHard Worker
Daiyaدهة اعCaller For Islam
Dalaalل الPampering, Coddling
Dalalل الTreated Or Touched In AKind And Loving Way
DaleelaلGuide, Proof
DaliaلاDahlia, Flower.
DaliyahلاGrape Vine
Dameethaاٌت ده مSimple And One Of GoodManners
Danahٌ ناBig Pearl
Daneenدهن ن ضPrincess
DanishناWisdom, Learning.
DaniyaنKind Hearted
DaniyahنCloser, Nearer
Daraا اHalo (Of The Moon).
Darakhshaanشا خShinning
Darakhshanشا خShining.
Dariaد ا اLearned, Knowing
Dariyaةضا دLearned
Dariyahد ا ٌAware, Knowledgeable
Darkhshandaا ن ٌ خSplendid, Glittering.
DarraةPearl, Brilliant, Teat
Darrahٌ اName Of A Sahabiyah,Daughter Of Abu Lahab.
Daryaد ا اSea.
DasaاسA Slave
Dastiaarس تHelper, Assistant.
Daulahة لوWealth, Empire, State,Power.
DawhaاوهاLofty Tree With ManyBranches
Dawlat KhatoonShe Was From A RulingFamily
DawlatkhatoonلوShe Was From A RulingFamily.
DawudاووA Prophets Name
Dayannaا نا دهDivine,God Like
Dayfahٌف ده ضGuest
DeebaaدهCloth Of Silk
Deemaمة دRainy Cloud
Delishaل ٌHappy & Make Others Happy
Demaما دThe Rainy Cloud
Demaordimahما مةThe Rainy Cloud.
DhaakirahةذاكOne Who ConstantlyRemembers And Glorifies Allah
DhakirahٌذكOne Who Remembers GodFrequently
DhakiyahذكBright, Intelligent
DhakiyyahذكA Lady With A Sharp Mind And Keen Perception,Intelligent
Dhuhaض ىForenoon
DhukaذوقName Of The Sun
DilafrozeدهCaptivating, Attractive.
Dilaraال ا دBeloved
Dildarل اHaving A Big Heart.
Dilkashٌك لذAttractive, Captivating.
DilshadلHappy, Glad, Cheerful.
DilshadkhatoonلShe Lived Between -.
Dimaما دAn Incessant Gentle Rain Unaccompanied By Wind,Thunder, Or Lightning.
Dimahمه دCloud Which Carries Rainwater
Diqrahة ق ده ضA Narrator Of Hadith
Dirranد اFadila, Very Gentle AndGenerous Person
DiwaعوةCandle / Light
Diyaد اLight
Diyaaدهاء ضLight
Djamilaال دهم جVariant Transcription OfJAMILA
DoaaواءPray, A Voice Of Heart, Request To All-Mighty Allah, A Source Of Connection WithGod And Human
DoaorduaاوPray, A Voice Of Heart, Request To All-Mighty Allah, A Source Of Connection WithGod And Human.
Dohaض ىForenoon.
Douhaة وMorning
DouniaنTerrestrial Life
Dubaahحا بذ(Zuba
Duhaة وMorning In Arabic. Male AndFemale
Duha DhuhaForenoon
Dujanahٌ ناجRain
DuniaنوThe World
DuniaordunyaنوThe World.
DuniyaنWorld, Earth
DunyanaنOur World
Durarا وPearls
Durdanahن ةPearl
Durraة وPearl
Durrahٌ وPearl
Durriyaد و ةGlittering, Sparkling
Durriyahد و ٌShining, Bright
Durriyyahد و ٌBrilliant,Glittering
Durruyaد و ةGlittering, Sparkling,Twinkling, Brilliant
Ehteramما ت حإRespect.
EiliyahلإThe Beautiful One To GrowIn Peace And Love With God
Eimaanمان إدFaith
Eimanمان إدFaith
Eiraا إدSnow.
Ejazزاج دهMiracle. Astonishment.
Elhamمٌ لاInspiration, Revelation.
Elijahٌجع لاBeautiful, Sweet, Smart
Elishaاٌ ع لاNice, Excellent, To Tie/BindFirmly
Elizaةزع لاUnique, Precious
Elmaامل عApple
Emaanمان إدFaith
Emanمان إدFaith
Emilyهل ده م دهإFlower
EmmaإماEntire, All
Emnaةن ماBelieving
Ereshvaةف ٌ اRighteous
Erinaده دهBeautiful Lady
Erminaان ده مFriendly
Erumمو دهHeaven
Eshaalلاٌس إParadise Flower.
Eshalلاٌس إThe Name Of Flower In TheHeaven
Esitaدهت صعDesired
EzzahعزاٌA Person Who Gives TheHonour, Respect
Faadilahٌل ض ا ف(Faazilah), Accomplished,Virtuous, A Female Scholer.
Faaizaزة اد فVictorious, Triumphant
Faaizahزٌ اد فSuccessful, Prosperous,Victorious
Faakhiraاخ ة فProud, Excellent, Precious
Faakihahٌٌكا فFuirts.
Faakirahٌاك فElegant, Splendid, Proud
Faariahا ٌ فName Of Sahabiyyah.
Faarihaا عها فHappy, Glad, Delighted
Faarihahا ةه فA Swift She-Camel.
Faatihahٌح تا فBegning, Introduction,Perface, Opner, Conqueror.
Faatinف ات نCaptivating
Faatinaتا فCaptivating
Faazilaظل فVirtuous, Honest, Excellent
FadheelaفVirtuous, Outstanding
Fadiaا ا د فRedeemer, Ransomer, Fem.
FadilaفGood Looking, Attractive
FadilahفDistinguished, Learned
Fadilah FadheelaVirtuous, Outstanding, Superior, Cultured AndRefined
Fadilahorfadeelahده ا ف وٌا ل ده ا فVirtuous, Outstanding, Superior, Cultured AndRefined
Fadiyaدهة ض ا فSavior,Sincere,Sacrificing
Fadiyahدهٌ ض ا فRedeemer, Self Sacrificing
Fadwaو ى فName Derived From SelfSacrifice
Fadwahوٌ فName Derived From Self-Sacrifice
Fadyaaا ا د فSacrificing
Faeezahزٌ اد فLeader
Fahdahه ٌ فLeopardess
Fahdah FahadaLeopardess
Faheemaدهمة ٌ فIntelligent, Learned
Faheemahدهمه ٌ فIntelligent
Fahemahاهمه فIntelligent, Learned,
Fahhaamatهمت فVery
Fahhamaهما فVery Intelligent, Learned
Fahimaدهمة ٌ فIntelligent
Fahimahدهمه ٌ فIntelligent
Fahmاهم فIntellect, Intelligence
Fahmaraهم ا فAdorned With Intellect
Fahmeedaف مIntelligent
FahmeedahفIntelligent, Wise
Fahmidaف مIntelligent And Wise
Faidaة ئا فBenefit, Advantage, Gain
Faiqaئا فSuperior, Outstanding
Faiqahئا فSurpassing, Excellent
FairoozaفA Precious Gem
FairuzفVariant Transcription OfFAYRUZ
FairuzahفA Precious Gem
Faizahزٌ اد فSuccessful
Faizah FaizaVictorious, Winner
Fajrاج فDawn, Morning Prayer
FakeeahaفCheerful, Amusing, Happy,Humorous
Fakharف خHonour, Pride, Glory.
Fakhiraاخ ة فExcellent, Glorious
Fakhirahاخ ٌ فSplendid, Elegant
Fakhitahٌت خا فA Dove, A Ringed Turtledove,The Name Of A Sahabiyyah.
Fakhrاخ فGlory, Pride, Honour.
Fakhraاخ ا فGood, New
Fakhriاخ ي فGlory.
Fakhriyaة خ د فProud, Honorary, Glory
Fakhriyahٌ خ د فHonorary
Fakhriyyaة خ د فFeminine Form Of FAKHRI
Fakhtaات خا فDove
Fakhtahٌات خا فA Dove
Fakihaةٌكا فFruit
Fakihahٌٌكا فFruit
FalahatفWelfare, Benefit.
Falakaraة ك لا فOne Who Decorates The Sky
FalakiفCelestial, Heavenly
Falaknazلا فSky
Falaqق اا ل فBreak Of Dawn
FalihaفFortunate, Lucky, Successful
Falihahٌح لا فSuccessful
Falinaن ده ع لا فCat Like, Latin Origin
Falishaٌ ده ع لا فHappiness
FananفTree Branch Or Twig
Faniaنا فFree.
Fanilaنا فAble, Worthy.
FaqihaفJurist, Expert
FaqirahفName Of A Beautiful WomanWife Of Murrah Al-Asadi
Faraا ا فSunset
Faraalل ا د فName Of Lion, Height.
Farafisaفا فName Of A Companion, BinUmayr Al-Hanafi
Farahف حJoy, Cheerfulness
Farahatات فJoys, Delights.
Farazaف زSuccess, Height
Fareaف يTall, Towering, Lofty, Slim
Fareedaف د ةUnique
Fareedahف د ٌUnique Precious Gem
Fareedahorfaridahده ا فUnique Precious Gem.
FareeftaفDevotee, Lover.
Fareehaف د ةJoyful, Happy
Fareessا س فLife
Farhaف ةHappiness
Farhadف اهWise
Farhahف هLively
Farhalف ل اHappy.
Farhanaة ناح فHappiness
Farhanahٌ ناح فHappy
Farhannahٌ ناح فGlad,Joyful
Farhatات فCheer, Pleasure
Farheenدهن ح فJubilant
Farhiف ٌ اGlad, Happy.
Farhinaان ح فHappiness
Fariaا ا د فBeautiful, Kind And Loving
Fariahف د حFariah Or Furayah Was The Name Of A Companion, Daughter Of Maalik Bin Sanan Al-Ansari And Sister Of Abu Saeed Al-Khudri SheWas Called By Either Name
Faridف د اUnique Baby Girl Name(Necessary)
Faridaف د ةUnique, Matchless
Faridahف د ٌUnique, Matchless, PreciousGem
Faridah FareedaUnique, Matchless, PreciousPearl Or Gem
Faridahorfareedaده ا ف وٌا ده ا فUnique, Matchless, PreciousPearl Or Gem
Farihaف د ةJoyous
Farihahف د هBrisk, Swift
Farihah FareehaHappy, Joyful, Cheerful, Glad
Farishtaشت فAngel.
Farizaزا د فLight
Farizahزٌ فArch
Farkhandaف خ ن ةBlessed
Farkhandahف خ ن ةHappy, Lucky
Farnazزا ن ا فSplendid Coquetry
Farqadا ق ا فName Of A Star
Farrahف حVariant Transcription OfFARAH
Farrukhو خ فHappy, Fortunate.
Farwaوة فFur
Farwahواٌ فSome Companions Had This Name, For Instance Ibn- Musayk And Ibn-Nawfal, AndIbn-Amr.
Faryalا فName.
Faryatف د تDelightful Sun-Shine
Farzanزا ن فWise
Farzanaزا ن فIntelligent
Farzeenف زLearned.
FaseelahفSome Distance
FasihaفEloquent, Fluent
Fasiyaف ا سA Gentle Woman.
Fateenahتا فIntelligent.
Fatemaتا فFaatima
Fatenف ات نTempting
FathimaفDaughter Of The ProphetPBUH
FathiyaفJoy, Happiness, NewBegining
Fathiyahٌع ده ظ فBeginning
FathiyyaفFeminine Form Of FATHI
FatihaفOpening, Introduction, Dawn
Fatimتا فA Woman Worthy Of The Ut-Most Praise
Fatimaتا فDaughter Of The ProphetMohammad Peace Be Upon Him
Fatimahاطمه فA Daughter Of The ProphetSAW
Fatinف ات نCaptivating, Alluring,Enchanting
Fatin Or FatinahFascinating, Captivating,Alluring, Enchanting
Fatinahتا فCaptivating, Alluring,Intelligent
Fatinorfatinahتا فCaptivating, Alluring,Enchanting
Fatmaاطمة فContracted Form OfFATIMAH
FattanaفExtremely Beautiful
FauqiyahفHigh Grade
Fauziaة و دز فSuccesful, Victorious
Fawhaوهة فBreath Of Fragrance.
Fawzاوز فVictory Or Success
Fawzaو ز ى فVictory, Triumph, Success
Fawzahو زٌ فSuccess
Fawzah FawzaSuccess
Fawziaة و دز فSucessful, Winner
Fawziyaة و دز فSuccessful, Victorious
Fawziyahٌ و دز فSuccessful
Fawziyyaة و دز فFeminine Form Of FAWZI
Fawziyyahٌ و دز فSuccessful, Victorious
Fawziyyah FawziyaFaziaSuccessful, Victorious
Fawzyو ز ي فTriumphant, Victorious,Successful.
FayonaفBeautiful, Pretty.
Fayruzو ز اد فTurquoise
Fayyazaزة اد فA Lady Who Confers Great
Fayzaزا اد فVariant Transcription OfFAIZA
Fazaازا فOpen And Extensive Area(Plane), Bloom, Spring
Fazeelaظل فHigh Degree Of Excellence
Fazeelahف(Fadeelah), Superiority,Attribute, Value
Fazeenن دز فIncreasing.
Fazilaظل فScholar
Fazziletتل ظ فBlessings Of Allah
FeerozahفA Precious Stone DaughterOf Al-Mazfar, She Was A Scholar, Narrator Of Hadith

And A Very Righteous Woman

Feheemaدهمة ٌ فIntelligent, Judicious
FellahفArabian Jasmine
FellahorfollaفArabian Jasmine
Femidaضىم فWise
Fidaaاء فSacrifice
FikriyyaفFeminine Form Of FIKRI
FilzaفRose From Heaven
Firasahصه فPerspicacity, Acumen,Insightfulness
Firdausف س وJannat, Highest Garden InParadise
Firdausiف و سHeavenly.
Firdawsف س وHighest Garden In Paradise
Firdaws FirdoosHighest Garden In Paradise
FirdawsorfirdausسHighest Garden In Paradise.
FirdevsفGarden In Gana HighestLevel In Gana
Firdoosف س وParadise
Firdousف س وGarden
Firdowsaف س وHighest Garden Of Paradise
FiryalفOld Arabic Name
FizzaفVariant Transcription OfFIDDA
Fizzahف(Fiddah), Silver, Name Of AMaid Servant Of Haz Rat

Faatimh (RAH)

FloraفFlower A Nature Name
Foramو ام فFragrance
Forouzanزا ن فShining.
Fouziaة و دز فVictory, Triumphant
Fouziahٌ و دز فVitorious, Successful, OneWho Has Attained Salvation.
Foziaة و دز فSuccessful And Victorious
Foziahٌ و دز فSuccessful
Fuadaض ى و فHeart, Fem. Of Fuad.
Fudaylل و د فLearned, Scholar
FunoonفVariety, Art.
Furaiahٌ و د فName Of A Sahabiyah, Her
Second Name Was Faari
Furatو ت فSweet Water
Furayahٌ و د فHandsome, Well-Built
Furoozanزا ن فLuminous, Radiant.
FusailaفName Of A Female NarratorOf Hadith, Daughter Of

Wathilah Ibn Asqa

FusaylahفSome Distance
FuseelahفName Of A Narrator OfHadith
Futunنو تو فFascinations
Fuzailزا ل فA Form Of Faazil
Gabinaةن ب جHoney.
Gabriellaل ده ب جAn Angel
Galaiه لاغHail.
Galilaةل ده ل جVariant Transcription OfJALILA
Gamilaةل ده مجVariant Transcription OfJAMILA
GathbiyyaبذاجVariant Transcription OfJATHIBIYYA
GauharجوهVariant Transcription OfJAWAHIR
GawahirجواهVariant Transcription OfJAWAHIR
Gazalaة لازغIntelligent, Charming
GazbiyyaبذاجVariant Transcription OfJATHIBIYYA
Ghaadaة اBeautiful
Ghadaا اDelicate Young Girl
Ghadahٌ اBeautiful
Ghadah GhaadaBeautiful
GhadeerدBrook, Rivulet, Small Stream.
Ghadiaا ا دMorning, Cloud.
Ghadirد اStream
Ghafiraده ة ف غOne Who Hides Others Sins.
Ghaidaده ا غYoung And Delicate, Soft.
GhaliaلاغPrecious, Priceless
GhalibaلاغConqueror, Victor, Winner
GhaliyaلاغPrecious, Valuable In Arabic.
GhaliyahلاغFragrant, Beloved, Valuable
Ghaliyah GhaaliyaDear, Beloved, Fragrant,Expensive
Ghaneemahدهمه ن غSpoils, Booty
Ghaniaدهة ن غBeautiful
Ghaniyaدهة ن غRich, Wealthy, Prosperous
Ghaniyahدهٌ ن غPretty Girl, BeautifulWoman, Beauty
Gharamا امLove
Ghareebahده غStrange, Foreign
Gharraة اNoble Lady
Ghashiaدهة ٌ اGuidance.
Ghasnaان ص غBud, Blossom.
GhatiyaطDynamic, Moving.
Ghaydaده ا غYoung And Delicate
Ghayda GhaydaaYoung And Delicate
Ghaydaaده اء غYoung And Delicate
GhazaalزالGazelle, Deer
Ghazaalaة لازغA Young Deer (Fawn, Gazelle), Beloved, DelicateYoung Person
GhazalازالFlirt, Words Of Love
Ghazalaة لازغGazelle, A Young Deer
Ghazalahٌ لازغ/////// Gazelle
Ghaziaا ا دزConqueror, Striver (In The
Defence Of True Faith)
Ghaziyaة ا دزFemale Warrior.
Ghaziyahٌ ا دز/////// Warrior
Ghibtahغ ٌ ب تهShe Was The Daughter OfAmer Al-Mujashaiyah, She Was A Narrator Of Hadith.
Ghinaان ده غSinging, Song.
Ghitbahغ ٌ ت بةShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Ghizlanن زالFrom Gazzalle
Ghotaiه توغBud.
Ghufayrahده ة ف غThis Was The Name Of AVery Pious Woman Who Kept Vigil In The Night
Ghufranنا ف غForgiveness, Pardon
Ghufranaا نا ف غForgiveness, Remission OfSins
Ghumaysaدهس ومHer Kuniyah Was UmmSulaym
GhunchaنوغBunch Of Flowers.
Ghunwahٌون غIndispensible.
Ghunwah OrGhunyahIndispensible
Ghunwahorghunyahنوغ وٌاو نوغIndispensible
Ghusnو سنBranch, Twig, Sing.
Ghusoonصون غBranches Of A Tree
Ghusounصون غBranches
Ghusunصون غPl. Of Ghusn, Branch, Twig.
Ghusun GhusoonBranches Of A Tree
Ghuzayyahة جهو دزShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Goharج وهاPrecious Stone.
Graceج سGraceful
Granaة نا جDear,
Guadalupeبو لا وجRiver Name
GuhikaجهكVoice Of A Bird
Gul E RanaSweet-Smelling Rose
GulabبجوالRose, Rosewater.
Gulalaة لا ل جGorgeous
Gulalaiه لا ل جBeautiful.
Gulaliه لا ل جGorgeous
Gulchinنٌس ل جName Of Flower.
Guldinن ده لوجOut Of Flowers.
GuleenلوجOne With Beautiful Smile.
Gulikaدهك ل غA Pearl
Gulistanدهن ت س ل جRose Garden, Garden.
Gulnarان ل جA Plant Whose Flowers
Gulnazزان ل ع جCute Like A Flower
Gulrezزل جRose-Sprinkler
Gulsanaان س ل جUnbelievable Flower.
Gulshanاٌس ل جRose-Garden.
Gulzaarظل غRose-Garden.
Gulzarظل غRose Garden
Guzeedaا جو دزThe Chosen One
Guzeenaن جو دزSelecting, Adopting
Haadiyaة ها دGuide To Righteousness
Haadiyahٌ ها دA Director, A Leader, AGuide.
Haafizahٌظ فاحHaving A Good Memory, OneWho Knows The Whole Quran By Heart.
HaajarهاجHard As A Rock
Haajirahهاج ةThe Wife Of Hazrat Ibrahim,Peace Be Upon Him.
Haalaة لاٌAureole
Haalahٌ لاحA Crescent Shaped Ear-Ring,Name Of The Sister Of Hazrat Khadija Tul Kubraa (RA).
Haalimahٌم لاحDreaming
Haamidahهام ٌOne Who Praises.
Haaniه ناٌPleasant, Name Of A SahabiWho Participated In The

Battle Of Badr.

Haarithahٌ ث احName Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle OfBadr.
Hababahٌ باب حA Daughter Of Ajlan She WasA Narrator Of Hadith
Habeebaح ب ٌ بةOne Who Is Loved
Habeekahةق ده ب حWave, Wave Of The Sea, CurlOf The Hair
Habibaح ب ٌ بةBeloved, Sweetheart, Darling
HabibahبBeloved, Sweetheart, Darling
Habibah HabeebaBeloved, Sweetheart, Darling
HabibahorhabibaباٌBeloved, Sweetheart, Darling
Hablahٌل ب ٌA Woman Who Earns A Lot.
Haboosسوب حName Of A Kind AndBenevolent Noble Lady Who Lived In Lebanon
Hadayaا ه ادPl. Of Hadiya, Gift, Present.
Hadbaaءا ب ٌWith Long Eye Lashes
Hadeelل ه دTo Coo Like A Dove
Hadeeqaده حGorgeus
Hadeeqahده حGarden
Hadhiqahة قذاحIntelligent
Hadiaا ها دGuide To Righteousness
Hadiahٌ ه دGuide To Righteousness
Hadilل ها دIs The Voice Of A Dove
Hadiqaده حWalled Garden, Secure
Hadiqahده حGarden.
Hadiyaة ه دGuide To Righteousness
Hadiyahٌ ه دGuide To Righteousness
Hadiyah HaadiyaGuide To Righteousness,Calm
Hadiyyaة ه دGift In Arabic.
Hadiyyahٌ ه دGift
Hadiyyahorhedeyahده اٌGift
Hadjaraده ج ٌVariant Transcription OfHAJAR
Hadyaا ها دGift, Present, Sing.
HaedaهذاA Woman Who Repents ALot.
HaemahهامهCrazy In Love.
Hafaة فاحGentle Rain
HafeezaحGuardian, Protector, Fem.
HaffafaحGlittering, Shining, Thin
HafizaحHonorific Title Of A Woman
HafizahحHeedful, Mindful
HafsaحCub, Wife Of Muhammad(Pbuh)
HafsahحA Wife Of The Prophet SAW
Hafsah HafsaWife Of The Prophet
HafthahحPreserved, Protected
Hafzaاز فاحVariant Transcription OfHAFSA
Hagerده هاجTravel
Hagirده هاجVariant Transcription OfHAJAR
Haifaاف ده ٌSlender, Of Beautiful Body
Haifa HayfaSlender, Of Beautiful Body
HaifaorhayfaحSlender, Of Beautiful Body
Haimiده م ٌGolden
Haiqaاق حTrue, Truly, Obedient Of God
HajarجName Of The Wife Of TheProphet Ibrahim
Hajiraهج ةWife Of Prophet Ibrahim
HajjahاجهShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Hajnaان جاٌDaughter Of Nusayb, SheWas A Poetess
Hajraهاج اWife Of Hazrat Ibrahim .
Hajrahهج ةThe Wife Of Prophet IbrahimAS
HajunهاجونProphet Ibraheems 4th AndFinal Wife
Hakeemaدهمة ك حWise, Sage, Judicious
Hakeemahدهمه ك حA Sage, Philosopher, APhysician, A Doctor.
Hakimaدهمة ك حRuler, Queen.
Hakimahدهمه ك حWise, Judicious
Halaة لاٌSweetness
Halahٌ لاٌAureole
Halah HaalaAureole
Haleefaةف ده ل حFriend, Companion
Haleemaدهمة ل حClement, Patient, Tolerant
Haleemahدهمه ل حGentle, Forgiving
HaliaلاحAware, Knowing.
Halimaدهمة ل حFoster Mother Of ProphetMuhammad SAW
Halimahدهمه ل حGentle, Patient, Mild-Tempered
Halimah HaleemaGentle, Patient, MildTempered
HalimahorhaleemaلاٌGentle, Patient, Mild-Tempered.
HamamaمامةDove, Pigeon.
HamamahمامهThis Was The Name Of A Slave Who Suffered Much Punishment For The Sake Of Allah But Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA Bought Her AndEmancipated Her
HamasماسLow And Soft Sound,Heartbeat.
Hamdaا مPraised, Laudation Of Allah
Hamdanم انMuch Praise.
Hamdiyahٌ م دOne Who Praises A Lot
Hameedaده ة مPraiseworthy
Hameedahده ٌ مPraise Worthy.
Hamidaده ة مPraiser (Of Allah), Fem.
Hamidahده ٌ مPraising Allah, Appreciative
Hamidah HameedaPraiseworthy
Hamimaدهمة مClose Friend.
Hammadaما ةPraising (God).
HamnaانمٌPurple Or Black Grape (AFruit – Berry)
Hamnahةن محShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Hamraا مRed
Hamraaم اءRedcolored Female.
Hanaا ناٌHappiness, Bliss, Felicity.
Hana HanaHappiness, Bliss
Hanaaان ٌVariant Transcription OfHANA
Hananان ٌMercy
Hananeنان حAffectionateness
Haneefدهف ن حUpright, True, True Believer
Haneefaةف ده ن حTrue Believer
Hanfaىف ن حName Of The Wife OfSayyidina Ismail AS
Hanfaaءاف ن حThe Wife Of Hazrat Ismail (Ishmael), (Peace Be UponHim).
Haniه ناٌPleasant.
HaniaناٌHappy, Delighted.
Haniahدهٌ ن ٌOf Happiness, Bliss
Hanifaةف ده ن حPure Muslim
Hanifahةف ده ن حUpright. Name Of Al-Numan Ibn Thabit, The Great JuristOf Al-Kufah, The Hanafi
School Takes Its Name FromHim.
Hanifah HanifaHaneefaTrue Believer
HaninناٌLonging, Yearning
Haniyaدهة ن ٌPleased
Haniyahدهٌ ن ٌPleasant
Haniyyaدهة ن ٌPleasant In Arabic.
Haniyyahدهٌ ن ٌPleased, Happy
Haniyyah HaniyaPleased, Happy
Hannaان ٌCompassion, Sympathy, Pity.
Hannahٌن حAffection
Hanoonنون حCompassionate, Merciful
Hanoonaة نون حCompassionate, Fem. OfHanun.
Hantamaةمت ن حPitcher, Vessel (For StorageOf Water)
Hanyahدهٌ ن ٌHappy
Haolaة لاحName Of A Sahabiah, SheWas Also A Jurist And Scholar Of Islamic Law.
Hareemد مWalls Of House Of Kabba
HarisaدCultivator, Lioness, Fem.
HarisahدFarmer, Ibn-Wahb Was ACompanion Who Had This Name.
Harmalahةل م حA Plant, Name Of A FamousSahahi(RA).
Haroonaها ونProtector, Messenger.
Hasanaان س حGood Deed, Kind Act, Favour
Haseenaدهن س حBeautiful
Haseenahٌان ده س حPretty Girl.
Hashmatشمت حModesty, Bashfulness
Hasibaةب ده س حHighborn, Respected, Noble
Hasibahٌب ده س حRespected, Noble
Hasifaةف ده ص حJudicious, Wise, Prudent
Hasifahةف ده ص حWise
Hasinaةن ده س حPretty, Beautiful.
Hasinahٌان ده س حPretty, Beautiful
Hasnaان س حPretty
Hasnaaءان س حPretty Woman.
Hasnahٌن س حBeautiful
Hasnah Hasna HasnaBeautiful
Hasnahorhasnaان ساٌ وٌان ساٌPretty, Beautiful.
Hasnatتان س حVirtues.
Hassanaةن س حMost Beautiful Woman
Hatimaامت حGenerous.
HawaهوىArabic Form Of EVE
Hawa HawwaEve
Hawadahٌ وPleasant
Hawaorhawwaوا هواEve
HawazinهوازنName Of An Arabic Tribe
Hawiyaة ه دوDominant.
Hawraة وHaving Eyes With A MarkedContrast Of Black And White
HawwaaواءOne Who Rejects Falsehood And Follows The Truth, The Wife Of Hazrat Aadam(Peace Be Upon Him).
Hayaا هادShyness, Bashfulness
Hayaamدهام ٌDeliriously In Love
Hayahدهٌ ٌLife
Hayah HayatLife
Hayahorhayatدهاة دهه ٌ ٌLife.
Hayamاٌما دهDeliriously In Love
Hayam HayaamDeliriously In Love
Hayatات هادLife
HayedهادMovement, Motion
Hayetدهت حLife
Hayfaاف ده ٌSlender, Of Beautiful Body
Hayrahاد ٌShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
HayudهادA Mountain
HazeenaدهزحAutumn, Treasure, Forever.
Hazeerahده ة ظWise.
Hazimaمة ه دزFirm, Energetic, Judicious
Hazimahمة ه دزA Women Companion Of TheProphet SAW
Haziqaا قذاحClever, Shrewd.
Haziqahة قذاحClever, Intelligent, Beautiful
Haziraده ة ظIntelligent. Wise
Hazirahده ة ظClean
Hazzafaة فذحThe Name Of HazratHaleema
Hebaاب ده ٌGift
Hebaorhibaاب ٌ ب حGift, Present
Hedayaا ه ادGive
Heelaةل ده حHope
Heenaان ٌMehendi
Heerده ده ٌPowerful, Power.
Helaiٌ لSwan.
Helenaان ده ل ده ٌSpiritual Light
Helimaدهمة ل حVery Soft, Gentle
Henaان ده ٌSomeone Who Is Polite
Hennaان ٌBlessed
Hessadestinyده اس س ده ٌ
Heyamدهام ٌOne Of The Many Levels OrDegrees Of Love
Hibaاب ده ٌGift
Hibahٌب ده ٌGift, Present
Hibat AllahGift Of God
Hibatallahه ٌ ب ت ل لهGift Of God
Hibatullahه ٌ ب ت ل لهGift Of Allah
Hibbaةب ده ٌGift From Allah
Hibbahٌب ده ٌGift Of God
Hidayahٌ ه دGuidance
Hidiyahٌ ه دAs One
HifzaحProtective Angel
Hijabدهجاب ٌDaughter Of A Scholar FromBaghdad
Hijrahج ةٌMigration Of The Prophet,From Makkah To Madinah
Hikmahٌمك حWisdom
Hikmahorhikmatتامك ده ٌ وٌامك ده ٌWisdom
Hikmatك مت حWisdom.
Hilaا ل ده ٌHope.
Hilalلا ل ده ٌCrescent, New Moon.
HimajaهمجGoddess Parvati
Hinaان ده ٌThe Indian Privet, A Shrub
Hinaaاٌ نThe Indian Privet, A Shrub, The Leaves Of Which Are Used For Dyeing The Hands,Feet And Hair.
Hindن ده ٌOld Arabic Name
Hindahة ن ٌWife Of Abu Sufyan
Hiraده ا ٌDarkness
Hirahده ٌ حMount Hirah, Named AfterThe Mountain Where The Holy Quran Was Delivered
To Prophet MuhammedPBUH
Hiralده الٌWealthy
Hitaishiهٌ ات ده ٌWell Wisher
Hiyamدهام ٌLove
Hoodaهو اVariant Transcription OfHUDA
HoorهووA Virgin Maiden Of ParadiseFor Its Dwellers
Hooriaد و ةAngel Of Heaven
Hooriaorhooriyaا ه د ه دAngel Of Heaven.
Hooriyaد و ةAngel
Hoorulainن لو ٌThe Most Beautiful HUR
Horiaد ةAngel
HoudaهوVariant Transcription OfHUDA
Hoyamام ه دوPassionate Love.
Hubabبا بوٌAim, Goal
Hubayshahةٌ ده ب حShe Was A Poetess
Hubbaةب ٌDaughter Of Maalik Bin AmrAl-Adwaniyah
Huboorوب حHappiness.
Hudaهو اRight Guidance
Huda HoodaRight Guidance
HudunضنحTo Become Quiet
HujaimahجمهName Of A Sahabiah KnownAs Umm Darda
Hujaymahدهمة جAttack
Hujayrahده ة جShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Hujayyahدهٌ جThe Father Of Ajlah BinAbdullah Was So Called.
HujjatجةArgument, Reasoning, Proof.
Hukaymahدهمه ك حShe Was The Daughter OfUmaymah Daughter Of Ruqayqah RA A Companion
Hulwahٌول حSweet, Beautiful
HulyahلوٌJewelry, Ornament, Finery
HumaهوماBird Who Brings Joy
Humaidaده ة مPraised, Fem. Of Humaid.
Humailaةل محGolden Necklace
Humairaده ا مFrom The Arabic Name Meaning Reddish! Title Name Of Aisha RA One Who Strives To Achieve HerUtmost Best!
Humairaaده اء مRed Colored Girl, Name OfUmmulmoominin Hazrat

Aaishah (RA).

Humairahده ة مOf Reddish Complexion
Humairah HumayrahOf Reddish Complexion
HumamهومامBrave And Noble,Magnanimous, Courageous, Generous.
Humamuddinمم نBrave (Person) Of TheReligion (Islam), Generous.
Humaydahده ه مShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Humayrahده ة مRed
Humeraا مThe Imaginary Bird WhoSoars The Highest
Humraا مBeautiful, Rose
Hunaidahده ة نٌDiminutive Of Hind
Hunaidah HunaydahDiminutive Of Hind
Hunaydahده ة نٌShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
HuraةFree Woman
Huriyaة و دHooriya-Houri, Nymph
Huriyahد و ٌAngel
Huriyah HuriyyahHooriyaA Houri, Virgin Of Paradise
Huriyyahد و ٌAngel
HurmatمتRespect, Dignity
Hurriyaد و ةFreedom, Liberty.
Huryaد و ةA Houri, Virgin Of Paradise
Husaamaسام حSword
Husainaدهن س حDiminutive Of Husn, Beauty.
Husayح سGazelle / Deer.
Hushaimaدهما ٌٌDiminutive Of Hishma,Modesty.
Husnaن ى سحMost Beautiful
Husnaaءان س حMost Pious, Most Beautiful,Most Precious.
Husniن س حPossessing Beauty.
Husniyaدهة ن س حBeautiful
Husniyahدهٌ ن س حBeautiful
Husniyaorhusniyahده ن س وٌ اٌ وا دهBeautiful
Hutafفا توٌCheering
Hutunنوت ٌClouds With Rain
Huwaidahٌ وGentle
Huwaydahة ه دوGentle.
HuzuzظوظPl. Of Hazz, Fortune
Hzimم ه دزStrength, Care.
Ibadahٌ ب عWorship
Ibadatت ااب عWorship.
Ibrahٌ ب عWisdom, Advice
Ibrisamد بSilk.
Ibrisamiد بSilken.
Ibrizز ده بإPure Gold.
Ibtihaj IbtihaajJoy, Delight
IbtihalبإSupplication, Prayer
IbtihlباSupplication. Prayer
IbtissemبإTo Smile
Idrakإ اكIntellect, Perception
Iffahٌف عPurity, Modesty
Iffah,ٌف عChaste
Iffah IffatChaste
Iffatتف عChastity
Ifraع ف اGiving Happiness
Ifrahحا فاTo Make Happy.
IftikarفاThought, Contemplation
IftikharفاPride, Glory
IftinanفEnchantment, Captivation
Ihaaاء إدInspiration
Ihabباٌ دهGiving, Granting
Ihsanسان إحCharity In Arabic.
Ihtishamشام ت احChastity, Modesty, Decency
Ijazزاج دهInimitability Of The Quran
Ijlalال لإجRespect, Honor
Ijliyahدهٌ ل جThe Daughter Of Al-AsturlabiAl-Ijli.
Ikhlasال ص إخSincerity
Ikleelدهل ل إ كCrown, Garland
Iklilدهل ل إ كCrown, Garland, Wreath.
IkraamامإكHonor, Hospitality,Generosity
IkramامإكHonour, Hospitality,Generosity
Ikram IkraamHonor, Hospitality,Generosity
Ilhaamماٌ لإIntuition
Ilhamماٌ لإIntuition, Inspiration
Ilham IlhaamIntuition
Ilhanناح لاRespectfull, Nice, Precious
Ilhemمٌ لإInspiration
IlqisلاQueen Of Sheeba
IltimasلإRequest, Appeal, Entreaty.
IlyasلإName Of A Prophet Of Allah.
Imaanمان إدFaith
Imamمام دهA Leader Of Faith
Imanنام دهFaith, Belief
Imaneمان إدBelief
Imaniه نام دهFaith, Belief
Imranaا ن معPopulation, Socialism.
ImthithalمذظلPolite Obedience
Imthithalorimtithalده ث م ده الم ده وPolite Obedience
Imtihalلاٌت مPolite, Obedience
Imtinanنان ت مإGratitude, Gratefulness
Imtisalلاث ت مإObedience, Conforming To
Imtithalلاث ت مإPolite Obedience
Imtiyazدهاز ت إمDistinction, Mark Of Honour
Inaamما ناAct Of Kindness,Benefaction, Bestowal
InamدهKindness, Benefaction,Bestowal
Inam InaamKindness, Benefaction,Bestowal
Inanنان عA Slave Girl Belonging ToHaroon Al-Rashid Fih
Inayaة دهان عConcern
Inayahة دهان عConcern
Inayah,ة دهان عCare, Concern
Inayah InayatCare, Concern
Inayatة دهان عConcern, Solicitude.
Indelaل ن عLike Nightingale.
Injilaا ل ده ج نإShine.
Insafفاص نإJustice, Equity
InshaدهCreation, Origination
InshirahنإJoy, Delight, Happiness
InsiyaنإSomeone Who Remembers
Intisar IntisaarTriumph
IntisaratنإPl. Of Intisar, Victory
Intisarvictoryف اس ده ت ن
Iqamatةما قإCalm, Peace, Staying.
IqraدهTo Recite
Iradatإ ا ةWish, Desire, Intention.
Irajا ج إدFlower
Iramما دهGarden In Heaven
Iremم ده دهA Garden In Heaven
Irfanaف عBeliever.
Irtizaت إContentment, Approval.
Isaadسا اBlessing, Favouring
Isadا سTo Bring Happiness, ToProvide Help
IsafدهRelief, Help
Ishaشا عNight Prayer
Ishamlشمل اFlower
Ishfaqقاف ٌ إCompassion, Affection
Ishraqش اقإRadiance
Ishratش ات عPleasure, Enjoyment,Delight.
Ishyaإ ٌSpring
IsirدهInspiritional, Strong
Islahال ح ص إMaking Right, Making Good
Islamال م س إSubmission To Allahs Will
Ismaسم إSafeguarding
Ismahسمح إPurity, Modesty, Infallibility
Ismah,سمح إPurity, Modesty, Infallibility
Ismah IsmatPurity, Modesty, Infallibility
Ismahorismatةامس ٌامسPurity, Modesty, Infallibility
Ismatصمت عPious
Isoodسو اA Woman Of Delicate Body.
IsraدهNocturnal Journey
Israaس اء إVariant Transcription Of ISRA
Isratس ة اPure And Gentle
Issamصام عSafeguard
Istabraqق ب ت س إBrocade
Istilahال ح صطاAgreement
Itabبات عCensure
ItidalتاStraightness, Tautness
ItimadتاReliance, Dependencen
Itratعط ةLineage
Izahetإزا ةCompleting The Work
IzazعززHonour, Esteem, Regard
Izdihaarإز هاFlourishing, Blossoming
Izdiharإز هاFlourishing, Blooming
Izdihar IzdihaarFlourishing, Blossoming
Izmaع ظمةHigher Poistion, EsteemedPreviledge & Honour
Izz An NisaShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
IzzaإذاHonour, Fame, Power.
IzzahعزاٌMight, Power
IzzatعززتHonor, Esteem, Integrity.
Izzatiه تزعNoble
Jabalaةل ب جPowerful Lady.
Jabalahٌل ب جDaughter Of Musafh
Jabarahٌ اب جA Bracelet.
Jabeenدهن ب جForehead
Jabiraده ة ب جAgree
Jabirahده ة ب جComforter, Consoler
Jabrayahة ده ب جLove, Respect
Jadaجا اGift, Present
Jadaorjadwaج ا ج واGift, Present
Jadidaة ج دNew, Fresh.
Jadwaج وىGift, Present
Jahan AaraAdornment Of The World
Jahan KhatoonShe Was A Persian Poet
Jahanaaraا ن ٌجAdornment Of The World.
Jahanaraا ن ٌجTo Flower, To Live
Jahankhatoonتخن ٌجShe Was A Persian Poet.
Jahdamahجه مةShe Was A Companion OfThe Prophet SAW
Jahidaجاه اHelps The Vulnarable
Jahmyyllahٌل ل ده مٌجBeautiful One
JalaالجاBringing To Light, Shining
Jala JalaClarity, Elucidation
Jaleelaةل ده ل جGlorious, Magnificent
Jaleelahٌل ده ل جDignified.
Jaleesدهس ل جTable Companion. Associate.
Jaleesahٌس ده ل جCompanion
Jalilaةل ده ل جGreat, Exalted, Magnificent
Jalilahٌل ده ل جSplendid, Lofty
JalsaanلاجGarden, Gulshan
Jalwaاو لاجSight, Show.
JamalجمالCute – Lovely (Boy Or Girl)
Jamalaال جماBeautiful, Pretty, Moon-Faced.
Jameelaةل ده مجBeautiful, Graceful, Lovely
Jameelahٌل ده مجBeautiful
Jameelahorjamilaل ده ماج وٌا ل ده ده ماج اBeautiful, Graceful, Lovely
Jameerahده ة جمBeautiful One
Jamiaع ده مجGatherer, Collector, Author
Jamilaةل ده مجBeautiful, Graceful, Lovely
Jamilahٌل ده مجBeautiful, Graceful
Jamillahٌل ده مجFeminine Form Of JAMIL
Jammanaة نامجPearl
Janaا ناجHarvest
Janaanنان جHeart, Soul
Jananنا ناجHeart, Soul
Jannaةن جGarden, Paradise.
Jannahحان جGarden, Paradise
Jannatتان جHeaven, Paradise.
Jariyaة جا دThis Was The Name Of Ibn Jamil, He Was On Eof TheAshab-As-Suffa
Jariyahد ج حSlave Girl.
Jaseenaن ج دزNice Heart
Jasiaدهة ص جGod Is Gracious.
Jasminدهن سم جاFlower
Jasminaان ده مس اجFlower
Jasmineدهن سم جاA Flower.
Jasminorjasminaان ده مس اج ون ده مس اجFlower.
Jasrahجز ٌShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Jassiaدهة ص جOne Who Sits
JathbiyyaبذاجVariant Transcription OfJATHIBIYYA
JathibiyyaبذاجCharm, Attractiveness InArabic.
Javariaة ده ف ع جLittle,Small Girl
Javeriaة ده ف ع جName Of ProphetMuhammads Wife
JawaجاواPassion, Love
Jawdaجو ةExcellence, High, Quality
Jawedanجو انImmortal, Lasting.
Jawharaجوه ةJewel, Gem, Essence.
Jawharahجوه ٌJewel
JawlجاولTo Move Freely
Jawnaا نواجThe Sun
JazaجزىReward, Compensation
JazibiyyaبذاجAttraction, Charm, Appeal.
Jehaanدههان جCreative Mind
Jehanدههان جBeautiful Flower
Jennaةن جHeaven, Paradise
Jennahحان جParadise
Jesseniaن ج دزFlower
Jewanaا ناوجGod Gift.
Jianدهان جLife
Jiblaج ٌ ب الNature, Natural Disposition.
Jihanدههان جA River In Iran
Jilanنا ل ده جCourtier
Jinaان ده جPrincess, Lucky, Patrician
Jinanنان ده جGardens, Paradise
Joharaجوه ةJewel
Johiجو ٌ(Urdu) Jasmine.
Joodiجوو يKind, Working.
Joyaا ج دوSearcher.
Judaalaالج اDistinct.
Judamahج امهShe Was The Daughter OfWahb
Judeجو يGenerosity
Judiجو يName Of A MountainMentioned In The Quran
Juhainahٌن ده ٌجName Of An Arab Tribe
JuhainahorjuhaynahدهاٌوجName Of An Arab Tribe
Juhanahٌن ده ٌجYoung Girl
Juhaynahٌن ده ٌجName Of An Arab Tribe
Juhiجو ٌFragrant Flower.
Jumaanaا ناموجSilver Pearl
JumaimahجممةName Of A Sahabiyynh (RA).
Jumainaموجا ناDiminutive Of Jumana
Jumainahٌ ناموجName Of A Sahabiyyah (RA).
Jumanaا ناموجPearl.
Jumanahٌا ناموجSilver Pearl
Jumanah JumaanaSilver Pearl
Jumaymahدهمة جمName Of A WomenCompanion
Jumaynahةن ده مجGem, Name Of A WomenCompanion
Junahٌا نوجThe Sun
Junaynaةن ده ن جLittle Garden.
Juniه نوجLovable.
Junnaةن جShelter.
Junnutطون جHeaven
Juriجو يThe Rose Of Damascus (Syria )
Juwairiyahٌ د ج دوLittle Girl
JuwairiyahJuwayriyahWife Of The Prophet
Juwariahٌ جو دA Small Girl
Juwariyahٌ جو دShe Was The Wife Of TheProphet SAW
Juzlaة لزجTo Get Joyousness/Gladness.
Jwairiyaة د ج دوSmall Servant,YoungRose,One Of The Wives Of Prophet

Muhammad,Youthful Girl

Kaadihaدهها ض ا قToiling, Making Efforts
Kaamlaةل ما كPerfect
KabeerahكImmense, Great, Senior,Name Of A Sahabiyah.
KabeeshaكThis Was The Name Of A Poetess, Daughter Of Al-Waqa (AN).
KabirahكElder, Big
KabshahكShe Was A Companion
Kadiraا ة قStrong
Kadshahةٌ ا قShe Was A Companion
Kaheelaةل ده ح كLabour, Triumph, Trial.
Kaheeshaةٌ ح قThis Was The Name Of APoetess, Daughter Of Al- Waqa
Kaiaا اد كStability
Kaifف اد كA State Of Joy.
KaifiyaكEcstatic, Mirghful,
Kainaئا كLeader Woman.
Kainaatئا كUniverse
Kakuliلوق كCrest
Kaleemaةمل كSpeaker
Kaleemahةمل كSpeaker
KalilaقSweetheart, Beloved
Kalsamلا كName Of Al-Qarshiyah
Kalsoomموث ل كName Of ProphetMuhammad PBUH
Kalthamك ل ثمName Of Al-Qarshiyah WhoTransmitted Hadith From Sayyidah Ayshah
Kamaliyahلام كPerfection
Kameelaا ل ده ما كMost Perfect
Kamilaا ل ده ما كPerfect, Complete, Genuine
Kamilahٌل ما كPerfect, Complete
Kamnaان ما كHankering, Avidity.
Kaneezدهز ن كSlave
Kaneezahٌزن كFirm (Of Flish), Sturdy
Kanizنا كMaid Servant, FemaleServant
Kanizahنا كYoung
Kanvalنا كFlower
Kanwalالو نا كWater Lily
Kanzز نا كTreasure
Kanzaاز نا كHidden Treasure
Kanzahٌاز نا كTreasure
KarawanوانكVariety Of Plover Birds
Kardawaiyahة ضا دو قA Ious Woman
Kardawiyahة ضا دو قA Pious Woman, Daughter Of
Amr Al-Basriyah Was SoNamed
Kareemaما د كGenerous, Noble
Karidaك د ىUntouched
Karimaمة د كKind, Generous, Benevolent
Karimahمه د كGenerous, Noble
Karimah KareemaGenerous, Noble
Karimanمان ا د كGenerous Lady.
Karmaا ماكVine, Grapevine, Kind
Kashfiaك ش ف ٌةTo Make It Evident, ToImpart.
Kashfiyaك ش ف ٌةEnlightenment.
Kashifaةف ٌ ا كRevealer
Kashifahٌف ٌ ا كRevealer Of Secrets
KashiraقJubiliant, Jovial.
Kashishدهٌ ٌ ا كAttraction
Kashmalaا ل شم كNecklace Of Flowers, Garland
Kashudش ؤ كBloom, Success, Benefit.
Kasoolسو ل كA Girl Brought Up By TenderCare, Sluggish Girl.
Kasraس ا ا كA Character In Shahnameh
Kasturiت س ا كMusk, A Song Bird.
Kaukabب و ك كStar
Kaureenن ا د كBeautiful Girl, Pretty Girl.
KausarقRiver In Janna Paradise
Kausarorkawtharا ثوا ك و اس وا كRiver In Janna (Paradise).
KauserقA Fountain In Heaven
Kawakibب و ك كSatellites
Kawkabب و ك كSatellite
Kawtarك توProsperity
Kawtharك ثوRiver In Paradise
KaysahكShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Kazimaاظمة كOne Who Controls Or Suppresses Her Anger, Fem.Of Kazim.
KebiraكVery Strong
Kehkashanشا ق ح كGalaxy
Kenzaةزن كTreasure
Khabiraده ة ب خAware, Knowing.
Khadeejaجة خ دProphets First Wife
Khadidjaجا خ دFirst Wife Of The Prophet
Khadigaجة خ دVariant Transcription OfKHADIJA
Khadijaجة خ دThe First Wife Of TheProphet PBUH.
Khadijahجه خ دFirst Wife Of The ProphetSAW
Khadijah KhadeejaFirst Wife Of The Prophet
Khadraض ةخGreen, Verdant.
Khailaةل ده ح كTo Compete With Pride.
Khairده خGood, Blessing, Boon
Khairaده ا خThe Best, Prime, Top
Khairahده ٌ خGood, Best, Well, Safe, Adv.Very Well,Goodness, Welfare, Happiness, Health.
Khairatده ات خPl. Of Khaira, Blessing
Khairiyaة ده د خCharity, Benevolence
Khakshanشا ك خThe Milky Way, Galaxy
Khaleesahٌص لاخName Of A Sahabiyyah(RA).
Khalidaة لاخPermanent, Immortal
Khalidahٌ لاخAbiding, Forever
Khalidah KhalidaImmortal, Everlasting
Khalilaا ل ده ل خSweetheart, Beloved
Khalilahٌل ده ل خGood Friend
Khalisaةص لاخPure, True, Clear, Real
Khalisahٌص لاخSincere, Pure
Khalwatتول خSolitude.
Khanamما ناخPrincess, Noble Woman.
Khaniه ناخHidden.
Khansaىث ن خOld Arabic Name
Khansaaساء نخWhite Gazelle
Khaperaiي ب خFairy.
Kharijahخا جهExternal.
Kharqaا ق اخStrong, Wind
Khasharخ شDecorated, Ornamented.
Khashiaدهة ٌ خPious, Devout, Fem. OfKhashi.
Khashifaدهف ٌ خDisclosing, Divulging.
Khasibaةب ده ص خFruitful, Fertile, Prolific
Khateraخاط ةMemory
Khatibaةب ده طخOrator, Speaker, Fiance.
Khatijahدهجة خطVariant Transcription OfKHADIJA ( )
Khatiraخاط ةWish, Desire.
Khatoonنو تاخLady
Khaulaة لوخA Buck, Deer
Khawaraخو ةThe Sunlight, East.
Khawlaة لوخGazelle
Khawlahٌ لوخDeer
Khayalدهال خImagination, Vision, Idea,Care
Khayrahده ٌ خGood
Khayriyahٌ ده د خCharitable, Good
KhayriyahKhayriyyah KhairiyaCharitable, Beneficent, Good
Khayriyyaة ده د خFeminine Form Of KHAYRI
Khayriyyahٌ ده د خCharitable
Khazanaة نازخTreasure
Khazanahة نازخTreasure
KhazeenaدهزخArsenal, Treasure House.
Khidrahض ٌخGreen
Khiradده ا خIntellect, Samajh, Aqal,Danish
Khitamمات ده خConclusion
Khitfaخ ٌ ت فاErroneus, Forgetful.
Khizraدهز ا خGreen
Khojasstehٌت س جخRoyal.
Kholahٌ لوخName Of A Sahabiyyah(RA).
Khooshbakhtةخب ٌ خOf Good Fortune.
Khudamahخ مةService
Khudraض ةخGreenery, Greenness,Verdancy.
Khudrahض ٌخGreenery
Khulaidahده ة ل خPermanent
KhulatتخوالLove, Friend.
Khulaybahةب ده ل خThis Was The Name Of AnArab Poetess
KhuldلوخParadise, Heaven, Eternal.
Khuloodول خImmortality
Khuloudو خلImmortality
Khuludول خImmorality
Khulud KhuloodImmortality, Eternity, Infinity
Khurmiم خHappiness, Leisure.
Khurseedخ سSun
Khursheedده ٌ خوSun.
Khusbakhtةخب ص خLucky
Khushbakhtةخب ٌ خLucky.
Khushbuشب خFragrance, Scent.
Khushnoodشن خHappy, Pleased.
Khushnudaا ن ٌ خDelighted, Agreed, Happy
Khuwailahٌ لوخA Little Or Young FemaleGazelle, Name Of A Women.
Khuzamahخ زامةLavender
KiahكA New Beginning
Kinanaة نان كParadise
KiranكRay, Beam.
KiswaقCover Of Kaba
Kochaiٌ و كNomad.
Kohinoorون ٌكThe Mountain Of Light
Kokabا ب و ك كStar, Celestial Body.
Kontaraنو كDove
Korinaده و قExalted, Sublime, Nice.
Koutherك ثوRiver In Jennah (Paradise)
Kowaisahدهو كHandsome, Pretty
KuaybahكA Distinguished Woman OfHer Times Was So Named. She Was The Daughter Of Saad Al-Aslamiyah And She Offered Allegiance (Bayah)

To The Prophet PBUH.

Kubraا بو كGreat, Senior
Kuhaylahٌل ده ح كName Of A Pious WomanWho Was A Good Speaker
Kulsoomموث ل كFull Of Flesh About The FaceAnd Cheeks, Rosy, Healthy
Cheeks, Chubby Cheeks.
Kulthoomموث ل كDaughter Of The Prophet Mohammed Peace Be UponHim
Kulthoumموث ل كDaughter Of The Prophet
Kulthumموث ل كDaughter Of Ahmad Bin Ali Al-Asiwatiyah Was ARighteous Woman Who Had Memorised The Quran
Kulthum KulthoomDaughter Of The Prophet
Kulusسو لو كClearness, Purity
Kunzaاز نو كHidden Treasure
Kuwaysahدهو كPretty
KydaكPreserved, Strong
Laaibahعا لLaaibah Is The PrettiestWomen In All The Jannats Heavens She Will Be In

Jannat Al Firdous

LaalلآلPearl, Ruby.
LabeebahلA Wise Woman, Name Of ASahabiyyah.
LabeeqaلIntelligent, Active, Adorned,Refined
Labibaبا لIntelligent, Judicious
LabibahلSensible, Intelligent
Ladanن الA Flower.
LafizaلAs Deep As A Sea.
Lahifaلاف ده ٌHelper.
Laibaل ع بةAngel Of Heaven
Laibahل ع بهLaaibah Is The PrettiestWomen In All The Jannats

(Heavens). She Will Be In Jannat Al Firdous.

Laihaال ئGlittering.
Lailا دلNight.
LailaلOf The Night
LailaaلName Of A Sahabiyyah.
Laiqaئا لWorthy, Deserving, Elegant
Lakhshaصها خ لGlittering.
Lakhtaخطة لEar Ring.
Lalaا ل ا لFlower.
LalzariلLal – Ruby, Zar – Golden.
Lamaما لDarkness Of Lips
Lamahال مهBrilliancy
Lambaما لFlame.
Lameesدهس م لPure Silk
Lamiaدها م لBrilliant, Lustrous
Lamiahدهاٌ م لShine
Lamisدهس م لTender Woman.
Lamis LameesSoft To The Touch
Lamisaدهس م لSoft To Touch.
Lamisahٌس م لSoft To The Touch
Lamiyaدهة ال مWith Beautiful Curls.
Lamyaدها ال مOf Dark Lips
Lamya LamyaOf Dark Lips
Lanaا ال نTo Be Gentle, Soft, Tender
LandaلReference To The VirginMary.
Lanikaال نThe Best
Laraibال دWithout A Doubt
Laseefدهف ص لGlitter.
LashirahلVery Intelligent
Lateefaةف ده ط لGentle, Kind
Lateefahٌف ده ط لVariant Transcription OfLATIFA
Latifتا لGentle, Kind
Latifaةف ده ط لGentle Kind Pleasant,
Latifahٌف ده ط لGentle, Kind, Pleasant,Friendly
Latifah LateefaGentle, Kind, Pleasant,Friendly
Latifaorlatifahتا لGentle. Kind. Pleasant,Friendly.
Latimahطمه لScent.
Lawahizل ظ وGlances In Arabic.
LayaanلGentleness, Softness
Layanا دلGentle And Soft
LayinaلTender, Supple, Resilient.
LaylaلBorn At Night, Dark Beauty
Layla LeilaBorn At Night
LayyahلTwist, Flexure
Lazimز لام دهEssential, Imperative
LeenaلPlant Of Dates, Soft, Mild,Clemency
LeylaلVariant Of LAYLA “Night” InArabic
Lhaamهآم لIntuition
LibaلMost Beautiful Hoor InJannah
LinaلPalm Tree
Linah Lina LeenaTender
LiyanaلSoftness, Tenderness
LizaلDedicated For Allah.
Lraazل زMystery.
Lu LuahShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
LubaabaلThe Innermost Essence
Lubabبا بو لThe Best Part
LubabaلEssence, Core, Gist.
LubabahلThe Innermost Essence
Lubabah LubaabaThe Innermost Essence
Lubanنا بو لPine Tree
LubanaلWish, Desire.
LubanahلWish, Desire
LublubahلAffectionate, Tender
Lubnaبو لKind Of Tree
Lujaو جى لOf Great Depth
Lujainدهن وج لGold
Lujain LujaynSilver
Lujainaدهن وج لSilver
Lujainorlujaynدهاجو لSilver
Lujaynن وجاد لSilver.
LuloahهللA Pearl
Luluو لو لPearls
Luluaا ل و لPearl.
Luluahو لو لٌPearl
Luluah LulwaPearl
Lunaا نو لMoon.
Lunahٌ نو لDate Palm
Lutfف تو لKindness, Friendliness
LutfanaلKind, Helper.
LutfiyaلDelicate, Graceful.
Lutfiyahدهٌ ف ط لDelicate, Graceful
LyanaلEye Of The Light
Ma As SamaA Noble Hearted, Generous
Lady, Daughter Of Al-Muzaffar, Had This Name
Maaarifaف عا د مFace, Countenance, Features
MaabمآبPlace To Which One Returns
Maahirahماه ٌSkillful, Able, Experienced.
Maahnoorن ٌامGlow Of Moon
Maaliه لآمNoble Things
Maaryaا ما دA Lady Of FairComplexion…Wife Of The Prophet PBUH
Mabrookaوك ب مBlessed, Prosperous
Mabroukaوك ب مLucky
Madaما اUtmost Point, Degree
Madaniyaن مCivilized, Urbane, Polished.
Madaniyahن مCivilised, Cultured
Madeehaدهها ض ماPraiseworty
Madhatت مPraise
Madihaدهها ض ماPraiseworthy
Madihahه م دPraiseworthy
Madihah MadeehaPraiseworthy, Commendable
Madihahormadeehaاهو ما د ما ده Praiseworthy, Commendable
Magdaماج اGlorious
MahaماهاWild Cow
Mahabbahٌب حمLove, Affection
Mahalaة لاحمBrave.
MahamمهامWife Of Mughal EmperorZahir.
Mahasinسن محBeauties
Mahbasahٌس ب حمA Narrator Of Hadith
Mahboobaة بوب حمDear, Beloved Sweetheart
Mahboobahٌ بوب حمMistress,Sweetheart
Mahboubaة بوب حمLiked Well
Mahbubahٌ بوب حمBeloved
Mahdiyaة مه دRightly Guided By Allah
Mahdiyahٌ مه دRightly Guided
Mahdiyaormahdiyahاه دم Rightly Guided By Allah
Maheenدهن مهLike Moon.
Mahekم قFragrance
Mahfoozaةظوف حمSafeguarded, Well-Protected
Mahfuzahةظوف حمThe Protected One
Mahibahةب ده ٌمNoble, Respected
Mahinدهن ماٌFine, Subtle, Thin.
Mahiraده ة محSkilled, Skilful
Mahirahده ٌ مهAdept, Expert
Mahjabeenم جبPowerful
Mahjoobaة بوجحمHidden, Covered, Screened
Mahmoodaم موPraised, Praiseworthy
Mahmoodahم مو ٌPraiseworthy, Praised,Elegant.
Mahnazزان ٌامPride Of The Moon.
Mahneerahده ة ن مهFirst Born Of A Pair
Mahnoorون حمLight Of The Moon
Mahparahة ب حمPiece Of Moon
Mahreenن ماه دBright And Beautiful As TheSun
Mahroshٌس و ٌمPiece Of Moon, Pleasant
Mahrozز مOne Who Has A Face LikeMoon.
Mahrukhٌ قو حمFace As Bright As The Moon.
Mahtabبات ٌمMoonlight.
Mahtalatةل ت حمMoon-Faced
MahumماهومMoons Light
Mahveenم فLight Of The Sun
Mahvishٌف حمMoon-Face
Mahwishٌ ماه دوBeautiful Like The Moon
Mahzalaة لزٌمBrightness Of Moon.
Maidaة ئامBeautiful
Mailihaدهها ل ماعBeautiful
Maimanaةن م ده مRight, Right-Hand Side
Maimoonaة نوم ده مAuspicious, Prosperous
MaimoonaMaymunahAuspicious, Blessed
Maimoonaormaymunahنوم دهام وا نووم دهام ٌاAuspicious, Blessed, A WifeOf The Prophet
Maimunaة نوم ده مLucky, Blessed
Mairaده ا مMoon
Maisس مادProud Gait
MaisaدهامWalking With A Proud Gait.
MaisahدهامWalking With A Proud,Swinging Gait
Maisah MaisaWalking With A Proud,Swinging Gait
Maisahormaysaاص ده م وحس مWalking With A Proud,Swinging Gait.
Maisaraة س ده مProsperity, Abundance
Maisarahٌ س ده مWealth, Richness
Maisoonنوس ده مOf Beautiful Face And Body.
Maisooraة وس ده مEase, Successful, Fortunate
MaisunمادMaysoon / Meaning
Maizahدهزٌ مDiscerning
Majdaماج اGlory, Honour, Nobility.
Majdiyaة مج دGlorious.
Majeedaماج ةGlorious, Noble, Sublime
Majeedahماج ٌGlorious, Honorable,Generous, Splendid.
Majidaماج ةGlorious, Noble, Respected
Majidahماج ٌGlorious, Noble, Respected
Majidahormajidaده ا ده اهو ماج ماجGlorious, Noble, Respected.
Makaarimك ا م مOf Good And Honorable
Makarimك ا م مOf Good And Honourable
Makarim MakaarimA Women Of Good AndHonorable Character
Makhtoomaةموت خمName Of A Women Singer OfThe Past
Makhtoonahة نوت خمName Of A Singer And ABeautiful Lady Of The Past
Makkiyahدهٌ ك مFrom Makkah
Maladhمال ذProtection, Shelter
Malahaاٌ لامBeauty, Grace, Elegance.
Malakمال كAngel
Malakahٌك ل مTalent
Malalaiه للامSad, Melancholic
Malayekaةك ده ل مAngel
MaleehaلامBeautiful And Charming
Maleehahده ه ل مSalty, Graceful, BrownishColour
Maleekaةك ده ل مQueen, Fem. Of Maleek.
Malihahهم لBeautiful
Malikahٌك ده ل مQueen
Malkaاك لامFem. Of Malik, Queen.
Malkiaدهة ك ل مQueen
Malmalلام لامSoft
Mamoonaة نومؤمTrustworthy, Honest
Manaalلان مAttainment, Achievement
Manaarان مGuiding Light (Lighthouse)
Manabبا نامDeputyship, Share
Manahilلٌان مSpring Of Fresh Water
Manalلا نامAttainment, Achievement
Manal ManaalAttainment, Achievement
Manarا نامGuiding Light Lighthouse
Manar ManaarGuiding Light
Manaraة ان مFem. Of Manar: Light-House.
Mandalل ن مFragrant Wood.
Manfoosahصة ف ن مShe Was The Daughter OfAbu Yazid Bin Abu Al-Firwaris
Manhaاٌ نامGift Of Allah
Manhalلاٌ نامFountains, Spring OfSalubrious Water.
Manhalahةل حن مSpring
Mannن مانGift, Present, Favour
Mannanaان ن مBountiful, Generous
Mansooraصو نمAssisted, Victorious
Mansurahصو ٌ ن مSupporter, Victorious
Manzooraة وظن مApproved Of, Chosen
Maqboolaة لوب ق مAccepted, Admitted, Granted
Maqboolahٌ لوب ق مA Noted Woman Of The PastHad This Name
Maqsoodaصو ة ق مIntended, Destined.
Maraamم امAspiration
Marabما ابWish, Desire, Purpose, Use
Marahم ٌHappiness, Joy
Maramما امAspiration
Maram MaraamAspiration
Mardhiahدهٌ ضمOne Who Is Loved AndRespected By All
Mareeraد م ةStrong, Powerful, Rope
Marghubaا بوغ امCoveted, Desired.
Mariaا ما دOne Of The Wifes Of TheProphet Muhammed Pbuh
Mariamم م دMother Of The Prophet Isa
Mariam MaryamArabic Form Of Mary Mother
Of Jesus
Mariamormaryamام امو ما د ما دArabic Form Of `Mary`
Maribب ما دPl. Of Marab, Wish.
Maridahدم A Slave Girl Of Haroon Rashid Had This Name
Marihaد م ةJoyful, Cheerful, Lively.
Mariyaا ما دPurity
Mariyahٌ ما دFair Complexion
Marjanما جانSmall Pearls, Corals.
Marjanahٌ ناج مPrecious Stone
Marmarما ماMarble.
Marniaة ن مWealthy In Every Aspect
Maroofaة فو عمFamous, Known, Eminent.
Marqoomaمو ق مWritter, Stated, Well-Defined.
Maruffمع وفFamous, Known, Noted,Celebrated
Marwaم وةA Mountain In Mekkah
Marwahما واٌA Mountain In Makkah AlSafa Wa Al Marwah
Marwaormarwahم و م وةA Mountain In Makkah (AlSafa Wa Al Marwah)
Maryamام ما دPious, Mother Of Hazrat Isa.
Maryumوم ما دMother Of Isa AS
Marziyaا ده ذد مAccepted, Well-Pleased.
Marzooqaة قوز مBlessed, Fortunate.
Marzuqahٌ قوز مBlessed By God, Fortunate
Masabeehباص مLamps, Lights
Masabihباص مPl. Of Misbah, Lamp.
Masahirده ٌاس مAncient Arabic Lute
Masarrahس حمDelight, Joy
Masarratسا ات مJoy, Delight, Pleasure.
Mashalشال ماLight, Bright Fire, Flame.
Mashelعل ٌ مLight
Mashhudaة وٌٌ مPresent, Manifest.
Mashiaدها ٌ ماWish, Desire, Will (Of Allah)
Mashmoolشمول مIncluded, Sought, After.
Masiraده ة س مNoble.
Masoodaسو ة مFortunate, Happy, Lucky.
Masoomaصومة معInnocent, Sinless.
Masoomahصومه معInnocent
Masoonسون ماSafeguarded, Well-Protected.
Masoudaسو ة مHappy, Lucky, Fortunate
Masrurahس و ٌ مGlad, Happy, Delighted.
Masturaة وت س مProtected
Masudahسو ة مHappy, Lucky, Fortunate
Masudah MasoudaHappy, Lucky, Fortunate
Masudahormasoudaاووس ام وٌ اوس امHappy, Lucky, Fortunate
Masumahسماٌ مInnocent
Masuoodahسو ة مPresent, Manifest.
Matanaة نات مGift
Mateenahٌن ده ت مFirm, Solid, Determined
Matinaةن ده ت مStrong, Solid
Mausoomaةموس ومNamely, Viz.
MavishaفامBlessing Of Life.
Mawaddaمو ةFriendship, Intimacy
Mawaddahضه موAffection, Love, Friendliness
MawahموٌAffection, Love, Friendliness
Mawaraمو اSuperior
Mawhibaةب ٌومGift, Talent, Sing.
Mawhoobaة بوٌومGifted, Talented, Favoured
Mawiyaة م دوOld Arabic Name
Mawiyahٌ م دوThe Mirror
Mawiyah MawiyaThe Essence Of Life
Mawsoofaة فوص ومWorthy Of Description
Mayaا مادPrincess
Mayameenدهن دهام مThe Blessed, The Brave
Mayedaده ا مThe Fruits Of Heaven, TheCloth On Which You Eat In Heaven, The Suraah Mayeda

In The Quran

MayesaدهامSame As
Maymounaة نوم ده مAuspicious
Maymunahٌ نوم ده مFortunate, Blessed
Maysس مادProud Gait
Mays MaisProud Gait
MaysaدهامTo Walk With A Proud,Swinging Gait
Maysa MaysaaWalking With Pride
Maysaaءاس ده مTo Walk With A SwingingGait
Maysanناس ده مA Star
Maysarahٌ س ده مLeft Hand Side
Maysoonادم Beautiful Face & Body
MaysoonormaysunدهامBeautiful Face & Body.
Maysormaisصم س ده مProud Gait
MaysunمادOf Beautiful Face And Body
Maysun MaysoonTo Walk With A Proud,Swinging Gait
Mayyadaدها ة مTo Walk With Swinging Gait.
Mayyadahدها ٌ مTo Walk With A SwingingGait
Mayyadah MayyadaTo Walk With A SwingingGait
Mayyadahormayyadaده ا ظه م مادTo Walk With A SwingingGait
Mayyasahٌس ا ده مTo Walk With A Proud Gait
Mazidaا م دزIncrease, Excess
Maziyahدزم Excellence, Merit, Virtue.
Medinaده ده مHoly City Of Saudi Arabia
Meezaدهزة مQuarter Moon
Mehakم قFragrance
Mehekم قSmell, Fragrance
Mehjabeenم جبBeautiful As The Moon,Beloved Person
Mehnazزان ٌمProuded Like A Moon
Mehndiن ٌمBeautiful Colour
Mehrدهه مFull Moon
MehreenمهLoving Nature
Mehribanا ب ٌمKind, Gentle
Mehrishه شمWonderfull Smellmehak
Mehrnazز ن حمKindness And Sweetness
Mehrunisaاص ن حمPretty Woman
Mehrunissaن حمThe Dowry Of The Women
Mehrunnisaاص ن حمSun Of The Women
Mehryدهه ي مSun, Also Affectionate, Kind.
Mehtabبات ٌمMoon.
Mehveshٌف حمLight Of The Moon
Mehvishٌف حمBright Star
MehwishمهوٌMoon, Beautiful
Melekكل مAnother Spelling For “Malak”
Menaalلان مSpecial Flower Of Heaven.
Meriemم م دMary
Mersihaدهها س ده مThe Most Beautiful
Merwaم وةA Mountain In Mekkah.
Meymonaة نوم ده مGood Fortune
Midhaضى مPraise, Eulogy In Arabic.
Midhaaضاء مAppreciate
Midhahه مPraise
Midhatت مPraise, Eulogy.
Mihriمه يSun
Minaان ده مA Place Near Makkah
Minaalلان مTo Reach Your Destination
Minalلان ده مGift, Achievement
Minhaاٌن مGrant
MinnaمنTe Gift Of God
Minnahٌن مKindness, Grace, Blessing
Minnatةن ده عمGrace, Kindness, Favour,Gift.
Minooوون ده مParadise.
Mirahده ٌ مProvisions, Supply
Miralده ال مDoe
Misaalلاث مExample, Copy.
Misamمس ده مImpression, Mark, Beauty.
Misbaاب س ده مInnocent
Misbaahحاب ص مA Lamp, A Lamp Light,Lantern, A Morning.
Misbahحاب ص مLamp, Light.
Mishaاٌ ده مBeautiful, Pretty
Mishaelلاٌ ده مTorch, Light
Mishalلاٌ ده مLightened, Sparkling, Shining.
Mishallلاٌ ده مA Light, Beautiful, Pretty
Mishelل ده ٌ ده مA Light
Miskeenahٌن ده ك س مHumble
Mohaddisaة ث احمStory Teller
MohgaمهجةThe Light Of Happiness
Mohisaةص ده حمStory Teller.
Mohsanaةن س حمChaste, Virtuous, Protected
Mohsinaةن س حمBenevolent, Beneficent
MominaممنFaithful, Truly Believing
Monaن ى مWish, Desire
Moneraده ة ن مShinning Light, Or GuidingLight
MoneraormouniraنومShinning Light, Or GuidingLight.
Moufidaده ة ف مNecessary
Mouhsinaةن س حمBeneficent
MouniaنومA Wish Or Dream Come True
Mouniraده ة ن مIts Shining
MuazahموزٌShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
MuazzaماذاElevated, Exalted.
MuazzamaمعظمExalted, Respected
MuazzazمعززPowerful, Strong
Mubaarakahٌك اب مAuspicious, Blessed, August, Sacred, Holy, Happy,Fortunate.
Mubarakaبمةك اBlessed, Fortunate, Lucky
Mubarakahٌك اب مBlessed
Mubasharaة ٌ اب مBringer Of Good News.
Mubashirahٌ ٌ اب مBringer Of Good News
Mubashsharaا ٌ ٌ اب مGiver Of Good News
Mubashshirahة ٌ ٌ اب مA Bearer Of Glad Tidings OrGood News.
Mubassirahص ةب مOne Who Comments
Mubeenahٌن ده ب مOne Who Makes SomethingClear
MubinبومClear, Obvious
Mubinaان ده ب مClear, Manifest, Plain
Mubinahٌن ده ب مManifest, Clear, One WhoClarifies
Mueenahٌن ده عمHelper.
Mueerahده ٌ مA Girl Who Gives ABorrowing.
Mufeedaفمة دهUseful
Mufiahدهة ف معObedient, Compliant
Mufidaده ة ف مBeneficial, Advantageous
Mufidahده ٌ ف مUseful, Helpful, Beneficial
Mufidah MufeedaUseful, Helpful, Beneficial
MufidahormufeedaفومUseful, Helpful, Beneficial
Mugheesahزاٌ مOne Who Helps.
Mughirahده ٌ مغDaughter Of Hassan
Muhabbatةب ٌومLove, Affection.
Muharibaة ب احمFighter, One Who Entangles.
Muhayyaا ده ده حمCountenance, Face, Look.
Muhibbahٌب ٌومLoving
MuhjaمهجةHeart, Soul.
MuhjahمهجهHearts Blood, Soul.
Muhjah MuhjaHearts Blood, Soul
Muhjahormuhjaموهجاهو موهجاHearts Blood, Soul
Muhraمه ةFilly, A Female Pony.
Muhsinaةن س حمFeminine Form Of MUHSIN R
Muhsinahٌن س حمCharitable, Benevolent
Muidaضة موReviser, Teacher
Muizzaدهزة مThe Empowerer, TheHonourer, The Strengthener
Mujahidaمجاه ةOne Who Struggles, Strives
Mujeebahةب ده جم(Mujibah) One WhoAnswers, One Who Accepts Or Grants Something.
Mujibaاب ده جمOne Who Answers
Mukarramك ا م مHonored
Mukarramaةم ك مHonoured, Revered
Mukhlisaصة ل مخDevoted, Faithful
Mukhlisahصه ل مخDevoted, Faithful
Mukhtarات خمFree.
Mulaykaةك ده ل مDiminutive Of Malaka, Angel.
Mulookكول مPl. Of Malik, King.
Mumayyazدهز ممDistinguished
MuminaممنLovely, Sweet Girl
Muminahٌن مإمPious Believer
Mumtazزات ممDistinguished, Exalted
Mumtazaةزات ممFem. Of Mumtaz.
Munaا نومWater
Muna MonaWish, Desire
Munaamمان مSoft, Delicate.
Munawarون مBright
Munawwarون مRadiant, Illuminated
Munawwaraة ون مIlluminated, Brilliant
Munazzaذن مDevoid Of Faults, Pure.
Munazzahٌزن مSacred, Clean, Honest
Muneebahةب ده ن مOne Who Turns To Allah, AMaster, A Patron, An Agent, A Client.
Muneeraده ة ن مIlluminating, Shedding Light
Muneerahده ٌ ن مSplendid, Bright Shine OfLight, Illuminous
Munerahده ٌ ن مIlluminating, Shining
Munibaةب ده ن مTo Consult With Allah,Diverted Toward Allah
Munifaةف ده ن مEminent, Exalted, Superior
Muniraده ة ن مLight, Sunshine
Munirahده ٌ ن مIlluminating, Brilliant
Munirah MuneeraIlluminating, Brilliant
Munisaىس ده ن مGentle, Friendly
Munisahصة نمFriendly
Munjiyahة ده جن مA Woman Who SavesSomeone.
Muntahaىٌت ن مThe Utmost, Highest Degree
Muntahiهٌت ن مLast Limit Of Height.
MunyaنومWish, Desire
MunyahنومWish, Desire.
Muqadaasس ق مHoly, Pure
Muqadasس ق مHoly
Muqaddasaةس ق مSacred, Holy.
Muqaddasahةس ق مHoly, Sacred.
Muqbalaةل ب ق مThis Was The Name Of ANarrator.
Muqbalahٌل ب ق مName Of A Narrator OfHadith
Murdiyyahدهٌ ضمChosen One
Murihaد م ةRestful, Soothing.
Murjanahٌ ناج مSmall Pearl
Murshidaش ة مLeader, Guide, Adviser
Murshidahش ٌ مGuide
Murujمو وجMeadows
Musaddasس س مA Poem Of Six Verses.
Musaddiqaة ق اص مOne Who Affirms The Truth.
Musaddiqahٌ ق ص مOne Who Affirms The Truth
Musaratسا ات مHapiness, Pleasure, Delight
Musarratسا ات مPleasure
Musawatةعوس ومEquality.
Musaykahٌاق ده س ومShe Narrated Hadith FromSayyidina Ayshah
Musfirahٌ ف س مBright Face
Mushahidaة ٌاٌ مObservance, Evidence,Study.
Musharrafaة ف ٌ مHonoured, Elevated.
Musheeraده ا ٌ مGiving Counsel
Mushiraده ا ٌ مCounsellor, Adviser
Mushirahده ة ٌ مGiving Counsel, Advising
Mushirah MusheeraGiving Counsel, Advising
Mushirahormusheeraوم وٌا ده ٌ وماه ه ٌGiving Counsel, Advising
Mushtariي ت ٌ مJupiter.
Musiqahٌاق ده س ومOne Who Affirms The Truth.
Muskaىق س ومSmile, Also Muskan.
Muskaanك اسن مSmile
Muskanك ن س مSmile, Happy
Muslimaةمل س مFollower Of The Religion OfIslam.
Muslimahٌمل س مDevout Believer
Musnسن موRain, Clouds
Musnahعه ن صمRain, Clouds
Mussahسح مShe Narrated Hadith
Mussaretة ص د مHappiness
Mustaeenahةن ده ع ت س مOne Who Prays For Help
Mustaneeahدهٌ ن ت س مPraying For Help, SolicitingAid.
Mutahharaمطه ةPurified, Chaste.
Mutahharahمطه ٌPurified, Chaste
Mutazahٌزت عمA Narrator Of Hadith
Mutiaدهة مطObedient, Pious, Devoted
MuwaffaqaفاومSuccessful, Prosperous
Muyassarس ده مFacilitated, Wealthy,Successful
MuzainaدهزمDiminutive Of Muzna, Rain
MuzainahدهزمA Small Drizzling Cloud, Name Of A Sahabiyyah(RA),Name Of An Arab Tribe.
Muznaا نزومRain Clouds.
Muznahٌ نزمThe Cloud That Carries TheRain
Myieshaاٌ ده مGreat Life
Myshaاٌ ده مHappy For Entire Life
Naا نNaayela-Achiever
Naadhirahاظ ٌ ن(Naazirah) One With HealthyAnd Happy Looks, A Bright Face Reflecting Luster And


Naadirahا ٌ نRare, Choice, Precious.
NaafiahفProfitable, Advantagious,Useful, Beneficial, Good.
Naailahدها نEarner, Winner.
Naairahا ٌ نBright, Shining
Naajidahج ٌ نCourageous, A Lady Who Accomplishes Difficult OrTakes Libertasks. One Who Appeals For Help Ties.
Naajiyaدهة اج نOne Who Saves Oneself, OneWho Gets Salvation.
Naashirahش ٌ ا نA Helper, A Friend.
Naashitahةطٌ ا نLively, Brisk, Active,Energetic, A Monitor, A Giving Sound
Naasihahص ه ا نAn Advisor, A Sincere Friend: Counselor, A FaithfulMinister, Advice.
Naasiraص ا نDefender, Helper, One WhoHelps Render Victorious,


Naazاز نPride, Elegance
Naazhimahدهمة ازح ن(Naazimah) Administrator,Manager
Naazhirahظه ة ن(Naazirah) Fresh, Spectator,Seer.
Naaziraاظ ة نOne With Healthy AndHappy
Naazneenظن نBeautiful
Nabaنا باGreat News
NabaahatنRenown, Nobleness,Eminence
NabahaنFame, Nobility
NabihaنEminent, Noble, Alert,
NabihahنIntelligent, Noble, Eminent
Nabihah NabeehaIntelligent
Nabihahornabeehaبا نIntelligent
NabijahنAmbitious, Leader And Brave
NabilaنHappiness, Generosity
NabilahنNoble, Magnanimous
Nabilah NabeelaNoble
Nadaا ا نGenerousity, Dew
Nadaaاء نDew, Generosity, Liberality
Nadeedaده ض نEqual (To Another Person),Rival
Nadeemahمه د نA Companion, Friend.
Nadiا ي نMoist, Damp, Tender,Delicate.
Nadiaا ا د نThe Beginning, First
Nadidaده ض نRival, Equal.
Nadidahده ة ض نEqual, Rival
Nadidah NadeedaEqual, Rival
Nadimaا مة نIntimate Friend, Companion
Nadimahمه د نFriend
Nadineا د نShowerer Of Blessings
Nadiraا ة نRare, Extraordinary, Choice
Nadirahا ٌ نRare, Precious
Nadirah NadiraRare, Precious
Nadirahornadiraا ده ا ن وٌا ده ا نRare, Precious.
Nadiyahٌ ا د نAnnouncement
Nadiyyaة ا د نFem. Of Nadi, Dew
Nadjibaاب ده جض ا نAssiduous
Nadraا ا نRare, Unique
Nadwaا وا نCouncil, Club.
Nadwahا واٌ نCouncel
Nadwah NadwaCouncil, Generosity
Nadwahornadwaاو ا ن وٌاو ا نCouncil, Generosity
Nadyaا ا د نVariant Transcription OfNADIYYA
Nadyneا د نFlower
Naeemaمة اد نEase, Blessing
Naeemahمه اد نJoyful
NafasatنPurity, Refinement.
NafayنOne Who Gets Profit.
NafeesahنPrecious, Choice, Exquisite,Delicate, Refined, Pure.
Nafeesaornafisahن واس ده دهفاPrecious Thing, Gem
Nafeezaةذ فا نPercious One
Nafiaفا نProfitable, Beneficial
NafisaنRefined, Pure, Precious
NafisahنPrecious Gem
Nafisah NafeesaPrecious Thing, Gem
Naflaفا نSurplus, Overabundance
Naflahفا نSurplus, Overabundance
Nageenaان ده ج نPrecious Stone
Nageenahةن ده جا نPrecious Stone
Nagheenدهن اجح نPearl
NaghmaمةنMelody, Song.
Naghmahمه نMelody, Song, Sweet Voice
Naginaان ده ج نDiamond
Naglaا لج نWide-Eyed
Nagmaاجما نTune
Nagwaاجوا نIntimate Conversation
Nahalهال نSmall Plant
Naharها نDay I.E. Daytime.
Naheedده ح نHonorable
Nahidاه نOne With Full, Round Breasts
Nahidaضة ٌنElevated, Delightful
Nahidahضة ٌنBig
Nahidah NaheedaBig
Nahiyaدهة اح نOne Who Advises, Adviser.
Nahizaظى نElevated, Deligent.
Nahlaةل ٌ نDrink
Nahlahٌل ٌ نA Drink Of Water
Nahlah NahlaA Drink Of Water
Nahlahornahlaا لٌا ن وٌلاٌا نA Drink Of Water
Nahleejahةجل ح نDown To Earth, Cool
Naidaا اد نA Nymph
Naifف اد نStable Never Change
Naifahدها نThis Was The Name Of A Well-Known, Woman Loved By The Masses For Her Kindness And Generosity, Her Advice Was Sought ByThe People In Different Affairs
Nailل اد نWinner, Achiever, A Boon
NailaنFem. Of Nail.
NailahنAcquirer, Obtainer, Winner
Nailah NailaAcquirer, Obtainer, One WhoSucceeds
Naimaدهمة ع نDelicate, Soft, Smooth.
Naimahمه اد نComfort, Tranquillity
Naimah NaimaComfort, Amenity,Tranquility, Peace
Naimahornaimaام ن ٌم دها نComfort, Amenity,Tranquility, Peace
Naimatمات اد نBlessing, Favour, Delight,Ease, Wealth
Nainن اد نEye
NairaنShinning, Glittering
Nairaornairahا نة نShinning, Glittering, Bright.
NaiyyiraنLuminary, Bright Star
Najaahجاح نSuccess
Najafاجاف نCity In Iraq
Najahجاح نSuccess, Safety
Najah NajaahSuccess
Najatجاة نSafety
Najdahج ٌ نCourage, Bravery
Najeebaةب ده ج نOf Noble Birth
Najeedahج ٌ نBrave, A Lady WhoAccomplishes Difficult Tasks.
Najetجت نHelp
Najiaدها اج نSaved, Liberated
Najibaةب ده ج نNoble, Excellent, Generous
Najibahٌب ده ج نOf Noble Birth, Distinguished
Najibah NajeebaDistinguished
Najibahornajeebaده ده جا ن وٌاب ده جا نDistinguished, Of Noble Birth
Najidaن جBrave
Najidahج ٌ نSuccour, Help
Najihaاج ة نSuccessful, Prosperous
Najihahاج ه نVictory
Najiyaدهة اج نIntimate Friend
Najiyahدهح ج نSafe
Najlaالاج نOf Wide Eyes
Najmجم نStar, Planet.
Najmaاجما نStar, A Fine Species Of Grass.
Najmahاجماٌ نStar
Najwaاجوا نConfidential Talk, RomanticTalk, Secret Conversation
Najwanاجوان نSaved, Liberated.
Najyaدها اج نVictorious
Nakhatتاٌك نFragrance
Namaاما نGift, Present, Grace
Namarاما نName Of A Mountain
Nameeraده ى م نDelicious Water, PiousWoman.
Namiaدها ام نForce To Move Forward
Namirahم ٌ نPrincess.
Namraام ا نNumber, Figure
Namylaا ل ده ما نQuiet, Serious
Naqaة قا نPurity, Refinement, Clarity.
NaqeebahنLeader, Head, Chief
NaqibaنMind, Intellect, Leader.
NaqiyaنClear, Pure, Clean
Naraimanمان ا د نPious Angel
Narenjaده ا نOrange.
Nargisدهس ا ج نNarcissus
Nargisornarjisس ده ج ا ن وس ده ج ا نName Of Flower
Narishaن ٌGoddess
Narjisدهس ا ج نNarcissus
Narminدهن ا م نA Flower, Delicate, Soft,Slender
Narminaان ده م ا نClean, Soft, Delicate
Naseehaده ة ص نPreacher, Advisor
Naseekaدهك س ا نNusuk Arabic Sacrifice, PieceOf Gold
Naseemahornasmahٌامس ا ن وٌام ده ده س ا نBreeze.
Naseeraده ا ص نHelper, Protector, Friend
Naseerahده ٌ ص نHelper
Nashaاٌس ا نScent, Perfume
NashatنLiveliness, Vigour
NasheedنBeautiful One
NasheelahنHoney Comb
NasheemنBreeze, Morning Air.
NashemaنWise, Blossom
NashikaنOne Who Forgives, Forgiver.
NashirahنPublisher, Diffuser
NashitaنEnergetic, Dynamic, Lively
Nashita EnergeticFull Of LifeNull
Nashitaenergeticٌ ا ن س دهNull
NashitahنActive, Energetic
NashmiaنGarden Of Flowers
NashwaنFragrance, Perfume, ThatWhich Intoxicates
NashwaaنElated, Exultant, Flushed
Nasiaدها س ا نClear, Pure, Fem. Of Nasi.
Nasibaن ص ٌ باNoble, Highborn
Nasifaةف س ا نJust, Equitable.
Nasifahن ص ٌ فهJust, Equitable
Nasihaٌ ده س ا ناOne Who Gives ValuableAdvice
Nasihahده ه ص نAdvisor
Nasilaىل ص نHoney That Flows From TheComb.
Nasimدهم س ا نFresh Air, Breeze
NasimaنFem. Of Nasim, Zephyr
NasimahنGentle Breeze, Zephyr
NasiqaنOne Who Manages,Organiser.
Nasiraه ص ناVictorious, Helper
Nasirahده ٌ ص نHelper, Protector
Nasoohصو ح نAdvised, Suggested.
Nasraص ا ا نHelper
NasreenنWild Rose
Nasrullahص ا نVictory Of Allah
Nasyaدها س ا نReformer, Advisor.
Natashaاٌ ا تا نStrong
Nathifaةف ده ظ نClean, Pure
Natilaدهل ط نRelation, Way, Sake.
Natiqaةق طا نOne Endowed With Speech
Naureenن و د نBright Light
Naushabaةب ٌ ا نElixir
Nausheenدهن صح ا نSweet, Pleasant, Agreeable
NaveenنNew, Excellent, SomethingThat Is Better Than The Rest
Navilفا نTo Be Blessed
Nawalاوال نGift
Nawalornawelل دهوا ن و لاوا نGift
Nawarاوا نFlower
Naweedن وGood News
Nawelل ا دو نGift
Nawfaا فو نExcess, Surplus.
Nawlaا ل اونGift, Present, Grant
Nawlahٌ لوا نShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Nawraاو ا نBlossom, Flower.
Nawrahو ٌ نBlossom, Flower, Happiness
Nawwalوا ل نGift
Nawwarن وMay
Nayabاب اد نScarce
Nayyabب اد نVery Rare, Exclusive
NayyaraنLuminous, Shining
Nazaahaزاهة نPurity, Righteousness,Honesty
Nazafarinن ف ظ نProducing Delight.
Nazahaزهة نPurity, Righteousness
Nazahahزهة نPurity, Righteousness,Honesty
Nazahah NazaahaPurity, Righteousness,Honesty
Nazakatك نز Delicacy, Subtlety.
Nazanظن نProud, Vain, Haughty.
Nazaninدهن ن ازع نElegant, Delicate, Beloved.
Nazaninaان ده ن عزا نHandsome, Whimy.
Nazaraظ ة نBloom, Beauty.
Nazaratظا ات نFreshness Of Splendour.
Nazarhaظ ها نA Sight
Nazdanaا ن از نOne We Take Care Of.
Nazeefahٌف ده ظ نClean
Nazeehaهة دز نPure, Virtuous, Honest
Nazeeraا ذد نWarner
Nazeerahده ٌ ظ نWarner
Nazeeyaة دز نOptimistic And Full Of Hope
Nazgulن ل زCute Flower.
Nazheerahظه ة ن(Nazeerah) Example,Instance, Precedent.
Naziaة دز نPride
Naziahٌ دز نCompanion, Friend.
Nazifaةف ده ظ نPure, Clean, Neat, Chaste
Nazihaهة دز نPure, Honest.
Nazihahهه دز نHonest
Nazihah NazeehaHonest
Nazihahornazeehaدهزا ن وٌاٌ دهزا نHonest
Nazilaا ل دز نLovely, Charming.
Nazimaظما نArranger, Organizer
Nazimahظمه نAdministrator
Nazindahدهز نName Of A Liberal WomanOf Baghdad Who Founded A Religious School
Naziraا ذد نObserver, Supervisor.
Nazirahده ٌ ظ نObserver, Supervisor
Nazirah NazeeraLike, Equal, Matching
Nazishٌ ا دز نFragrance, Proud
Nazliلزا نيThis Was The Name Of AnIntelligent, Learned Woman Who Had Command Over Different Languages, Turkish, Arabic, French, English And Was An Expert In Different


Nazmaظما نStar
Nazminظمن نLight
Nazneenظن نBeautiful
Nazninنن ظ نDelicate Lady, Beloved,Lovely
Nazoزٌ نHandsome, Whimy
Nazpariن بذA Queen Of Ancient Persia.
Nazratظ ة نPride, Nice, Great.
Nazukازك نDelicate
Nazyازي نCute
Nedjmaضجما نStar
Neelamمل ع نSapphire
Neelmaمل ع نBluish, Like Blue.
NeelofarنThe Lotus, Water Lily.
NeeloferنLotus, Water Lily
NehaنLove, Rain
Nehlaةل ٌ نPresent, Gift, Sing Of Nihel.
Nejatجاة نFreedom, Stress Free
NelamنPrecious Stone
NelofarنLotus, Water Lily
NesrinنA Field Of Wild Roses
NevaehنHeaven, Peace, Angels
Niن هBlessings
NiazنDesire, Urge To Express Love.
Niazminaان مظ نDear One, Apple Of The Eye.
Nibal NibaalArrows
NibrasنLamp, Light
Nidaن ىCall
Nidaaاء نCall
Niddaن ىCall
NigaarنPainting, Decoration,Beloved
Nighatج ت نVision, Sight
NihaنBright One, Naughty One.
Nihadها نHeight
NihalaنExalted, Pleased, Prosperous
NihelنPresents, Gifts.
Nihlaةل ٌ نPresent, Gift, Sing. Of Nihel.
NijaنSaved One
Nijahجاح نSuccess
Nikhatتاٌك نSweet Smell
NiloferنWild Mountain Rose
NiloufarنA Flower (Water Lily)
NimaنBlessing In Arabic.
NimaatنBlessings, Boons, Bounties
NimahنBlessing, Loan, Favour
Nimah NaeemaBlessing, Loan
Nimat NimaatBlessings, Loans
Nimraم ة نSoft, Lion
NinaنGracious One
NishaنWhole World
NismaنFresh Air
NisrinنKind Of Aromatic Plant
NiyafنTall And Pretty
NiyyatنIntention, Determination
Nofalلا فو نBlessing, Donation.
Nojoodجو نNoble, Wise.
Noorن وLight, Illumination.
Noor NurLight
Noor Al HayaLight Of My Life
Noor JehanAn Indian Queen Had ThisName
Nooraو ا نLight, Fem. Of Noor.
Noorafshaٌ ف ع نOne Who Sprinkles (Spreads)Light
Nooralhayaا ده ح لا و نLight Of My Life.
Nooraniyahنا و نLuminous, Brilliant.
Nooriو ي نLight.
Noorienن و د نLight
Noorjehanعها ج نAn Indian Queen Had ThisName
Noorornurن و نLight
Nooruddunyaن و نLight Of The World.
Noorulainل و نPeace Of Eyes, Light Of Eyes.
Noorunnaharٌا ن و نDay Light, Light Of The Day
Noorussabahةب س و نLight Of The Day Break, TheLight At Dawn, Morning Light
Noraو ا نLight
Noreenن و د نLovable, Bright
Noreenahده و نA Sweet Dish.
Norhanو هان نLight
NoshabaنElixir, Water Of Life
NosheenنSweet Thing
Noshiٌ و نOf Pleasant Taste.
Noshinدهن ٌ و نSweet, Pleasant, (I.E.Dream).
Noufوو ف نHighest Point On A Mountain
Nourوو نLight
Noureenن و د نLight
NuaybahنOne With Good Lineage.
Nuaymahمه اد نName Of A Narrator OfHadith
NubooghنDistinction, Eminence
Nudar NudharGold
Nudbahن ب ٌLament, Scar
Nudharن ظGold
Nudooraو ة نRareness.
Nudraن ةRarity, Rareness.
Nudratن ةSingularity
NufaysahنName Of The Daughter OfMunyah Who Arranged The
Marriage Of The ProphetPBUH With Sayyidah Khadijah RA.
Nuhaaاء نIntelligent
Nujudن جNoble, Wise
Nujud NojoodNoble, Wise
Numaوما نBeautiful And Pleasant
Nunahٌا نو نDimple In The Chin
Nupoorن ع برAnklet
Nupurو بو نPayal
Nur Al HudaLight Of The Faith
Nuraو ا نThe Light, Eg Nurul Islam,The Light Of Islam
Nurahو اٌ نLight
Nurah NoorahCorolla, Blossom
Nuralhudaى ٌ لا و نLight Of The Faith
Nuriyaة و د نLight, Luminous, Radiant
Nuriyahٌ و د نRadiant, Brilliant
Nurjahanعها ج نLight Of The World
Nurjennaان ج نLight Of Paradise
Nurynن و د نLight
NusaibaنDiminutive Of Nasiba, Noble.
Nusaibahن ص ٌ بهOld Arabic Name
Nusaibahornusaybahاٌ بOld Arabic Name
Nusaiybahن ص ٌ بهA Female Companion
NusaybaنProper Name
Nusaybahن ص ٌ بهOne With Good Lineage
NushabaنWater Of Life, Elixir
Nusrahص ٌ نHelpful
Nusratص ة نHelp, Victory
Nuwairaة دو نPetals Of Flowers
Nuwairahٌ دو نSmall Fire
Nuwairah NuwayrahSmall Fire
Nuwwarوووا نBlossoms, Flowers
Nuwwaraو ة نBlossom, Flower.
Nuwwarrahو ٌ نBlossom, Flower
Nuzarزا نPure Gold.
Nuzhaزهة نPleasure Trip, Excursion Spot
Nuzhahزهة نPleasure Trip, Promenade
Nuzhatزهة نCheerfulness
NyasiaنMost Beautiful One
NylaنWinner, Achiever
NyneishiaنIndian Princess
ObaidiyahبBondswoman Of Allah
Omeraأم اOne Who Posses An Inspiring And Great Personality, Enjoys Having A PositiveAttitude
Ommataىت مأGirl Slave.
Orwiyaأ ويFemale Mountain Goat.
Orzalaأ ذلBrightness Of Fire.
Ozraوز اVirgin, Virgin Mary
OzzaأذاA Baby Fawn, Young Female
PakizaبPure, Chaste, Polite, Nice
PalwashaبLight Ray Of Moon.
Panraا نا بLeaf.
Pardajا اج بSplendour.
Pareerouب دHaving A Face Like A Fairy
Parghundaب غ ن اCotton.
Pariا ي بFairy, Fairy-Like Beautiful.
Parizadذاذ بOf Divine Origin
Parsaسا ا بChaste, Devout, Pious.
ParveenبVery Noble
Parvinف ا بThe Pleiades.
Parweenب دو ن(Persian) Cluster Of SmallStars,Brilliant Group Of

Persons Or Things.

Pashminaان ده مٌ ا بWoollen Type Of Cloth
Patasaةس اط بSort Of Candy.
Peridotب د ةA Gem
Perkhaب ق اٌDew.
PoupakبA Kind Of Bird.
Qaabilahبا قCapable Woman,Midwife
Qaariaة ا د قReciter (Of The Holy Quran)
QabilaقAble, Wise.
QaboolقAccepted. An Early Woman
Qadiraق د ةPowerful, Able.
Qadrق اFate, Destiny.
Qadriyahق د ةTo Believe In God S Will.
Qadriyyahق د ةStrong.
Qahiraاه ة قOverpowering, Victorious.
Qailahدها قOne Who Speaks.
Qaimaةم ئا قBestower.
QaisقName Of A Sahabi Who TookPart In The Battle Of Badr,Was The Chief Security Guard Of The Holy Prophet

Peace Be Upon Him.

Qamarاما قMoon.
Qamaraم ا قThe Moon
Qamayrاماد قShe Was A Narrator OfHadith.
Qameerده م قWife Of Masrooq Bin Al-Ajda
Qamraم ا قMoonlight, Moonlit, Bright
QantaraقSmall Bridge.
Qanturahق3rd Wife Of ProphetIbraheem (Abraham)
Qaraahاٌ قCloudlet
Qarasafahlلٌف ص قShe Was A Narrator OfHadith.
Qareebahده قNear.
Qaribahده قName Of A Woman Scholar
Qarsafahةف ص قShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
QaseemaقةBeautiful Woman
QasibaقOne Who Plays At Flute
QasimaقDistributor, Divider
QasoomahقShe Was A Poetess.
Qaylahاله اد قTwo Women CompanionsHad This Name.
QaymayriyahقShe Was A Student OfHadith.
QaysarقA Name Of Women.
QiratقBeautiful Recitation
QisafقBirttle, A Student Of Hadith.
QismahقDestiny, Fate
QismatقFate, Destiny, Area.
QiyyamaقStand For Allah.
Quadriyyahق د ةStrong.
Quddoosiyyahدهٌ س قA Girl Who Is Free From Any Physical Or Moral Defects,ABlessed Girl. A Pious Girl,Celestial.
Quddusiyahدهٌ س قSacred, Pious.
Quddusiyyahدهٌ س قSacred, Pious.
Qudsiaدهة س قHoliness, Sacredness
Qudsiyahدهٌ س قGlorious, Sacred
Qudwaو وا قModel, Example.
Quraishaد قStrong,Pertaining To TheTribe Of Quraish In Makka
Quraybahده قUtricle.
Qurratulainت قCooling Or Delight Of TheEyes.
Qurratulaynت قDelights Of The Eye, Darling.
QutaylahقDaughter Of Sayfi Al-Ansari
Qutayyahٌع ده ط قA Woman Studne Tof Hadith
RaabiaباName Of Residing Peacefully, Name Of A Sahabiyyah(RA), Name Of A Saint Who IsKnown As Rabiah Basriyyah.
RaabiahباA Bounding In Green Foliage.Name Of A Sahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr.
Raabitahٌط باConnection
RaafiahفاHigh, Exalted, Wealthy.
Raahilahٌل حاA Travelling Woman.
Raahimaدهمة حMerciful, Compassionate,Pitying
Raaidaئا ةLeader.
RaainaدهBeautiful Princess
RaakibaكاHorse Rider
Raameenدهن امObedient
Raanaا نآOf Elegant, Statue, Soft
Raaniه نآA Queen.
Raashidaا شRightly Guided, Having TheTrue Faith
Raashidahش ة اPious, Follower Of The RightPath.
Raawiyaة ا دوTransmitter (Of AncientArabic Poetry)
RaaziaازيPleased, Satisfied, Willing
Raaziyahدز ة(Raadiyah) Agreed, Willing,Satisfied, Pleased.
Rababبا باWhite Cloud In The Sky
Rabahح باName Of A Sahabi(RA).
Rabeeب هSpring.
RabeeaباSpringtime, Garden
RabeeahبA Bounding In Green Foliage.
RabiaباSpring, Springtime
RabiahبGarden, Springtime
Rabiah RabeeaGarden, Springtime
RabiahorrabeeaبGarden, Springtime
RabihباWinner, Gainer.
RabihaبWinner, Gainer, Fem. Rabih.
Rabitaةط باBand, Bond, Link Nexus.
RabitahبBond, Tie
Rabiyaب هPrincess, Queen
Rabwaةو بHill.
Rachidaده ة ٌWell Guided
Radeyahدهة ض اContent, Satisfied
Radhiyaدهة ض اMeans Content
Radhiyaaدها ض اContent, Satisfied
RadhwaضوىName Of Mountain InMedina
RadifaدهOne Who Is Full Of Shame.
RadiyaضVeiled, Covered.
Radiyahدهٌ ض اContent, Satisfied
Radiyah RadhiyaContent, Satisfied
Radiyahorradhiyaا دهه ذد ض اContent, Satisfied
Radiyyahدهٌ ض ا(Raziyyah), Pleased,Delighted, Contented.
Radwa RadhwaaA Mountain In Medina
Radwaorradhwaو ذواA Mountain In Medina
Raeesaس ادLeader, Chief, Princess
Raehaها ادFragrance, Perfume, Scent.
RaeleahدهRays Of Sunshine
Rafaا فاHappiness, Prosperity.
Rafa RafaHappiness, Prosperity
Rafahف حPleasant, Luxurious Life
Rafah RafatMercy
Rafalلا فاTo Trail A Garment
Rafatتا فاMercy, Compassion, Pity.
RafeeفاMeans High
RafeeahفSublime, High.
RafiaفاHigh, Sublime
RafiahفSublime, Exquisite
RafidaفSupport, Prop.
RafifفاTo Gleam, Shimmer
RafiqaفIntimate Friend, Companion
RafiqahفFriend, Companion
Rafrafف فCushion, Eyeshade.
Raghad Or RaghdaPleasant
RaghadaةComfort Opulence,Affluence.
RaghdاPleasant, Plenty.
Raghibaةب غDesirous, Wishful, Willing
Raghibahةب غDesiring, Desirous
Raghidده غComfort, Opulence
Raghidahده ة غPleasant
RahafاهافDelicate, Fine
Rahanaان حSweet Basil
Rahatة اRest, Comfort, Ease, Relief.
Raheemaدهمة حMerciful, Companionate,Kind.
Raheemahدهمه حMerciful
Rahibaةب ده ٌNun
Rahifaةف ده ٌSharp, Fem. Of Rahif.
Rahilدهل ا ٌWife Of The Prophet Yaqub
Rahilaا ل ده حاOne Who Travels
Rahilahٌل ده حOne Who Travels
Rahimaدهمة حKind, Compassionate
RahimahمهMerciful, Compassionate
Rahiqدهق ا ٌNectar
Rahlaةل حHappy, Mirth, Joyous.
RahmaaماءTo Have Mercy Upon
Rahmaorrahmahم همةMercy
RahmatمةMercy, Compassion,Kindness.
Raidaد اExplorer, Guide, Leader
Raidahئا ٌLeader, Pioneer
Raidah RaaidaLeader
Raihaها ادSmell, Fragrance.
Raihaanaة ناح دهA Sweet-Smelling Flower
Raihanaة ناح دهThe Fragrance Of A Rose
Raimaما دHappiness
RainaدهاPeaceful Queen.
RaiqaدهاPure, Clear, Tranquil
RaiqahدهاClear, Pure, Undisturbed
RaisaدFeminine Form Of RAIS
RaitahدهاA Narrator Of Hadith
Raja RajaHope
RajabاجابThe Seventh Month Of TheIslam.
Rajeeyahدهٌ اجHoping,Full Of Hope
Rajiaدها اجHopeful, Hoping
Rajihaعها اجSuperior, Predominant
Rajiniدهن اجKingly, Very Exclusive.
Rajiyaدها اجHope, Expectation, Wish.
Rajiyahدهٌ اجHoping, Full Of Hope
Rajyaدها اجVariant Transcription OfRAJIYA
RakhasخصSoft And Delicate, Supple.
Rakheelahةل ده خName Of A Sahabiyyat(RA).
Rakhimaدهم خSoft, Pleasant, Melodious
Rakhshaanصها خ(Persian) Dazzling,Resplendent.
Rakhshanصها خDazzling, Bright.
Rakhshiصه خBeautiful-Faced, Charming.
Rakhshindaا ن ٌص خResplendant, Bright.
Rakhshindahة ن ٌص خ(Persian) Bright, Resplendent
RakinaقFirm, Steady, Fem. Of Rakin.
RamaاماBeautiful Women &GreatDress
Rameenدهن امSuccessful Woman.
Rameesahٌس مHidden.
Rameeshaدهٌ مA Bunch Of Roses
Rameethahةث ده مName Of A Sahabiyyah (RA).
Ramiaدها امSender
RamizaمزاIntelligent, Level Headed.
RamlaامالSand. Wife Of The ProphetMuhammad PBUH.
Ramlahٌل مOld Arabic Name
Ramlasandن س ل م
Ramshaةٌ مFace Like Moon
Ramziaدز م ةGift
Ramziyahدز م ةSymbolic
Ranaا ناTo Gaze, Look
Ranaaن اLovely,Beautiful,Graceful,Delicate
RandناBay Laurel
Randaا ناTree Of Good Scent
RanimناSinging, Song, Music.
Ranim RaneemTo Recite In A Sing SongVoice
RanimorraneemنTo Recite In A Sing SongVoice
Raniyah RaniyaGazing
Ranrhaاٌ ناLight.
Raodahضه و(Raozah) Park.
RaoomومLoving, Tender.
RaqiaقاSuperior, High Ranking
RaqibaقGuardian, Supervisor.
RaqiqaقDelicate, Fine, Soft
Raseeا سLife Full Of Happiness.
RashaشاYoung Gazelle
Rashaqaة قاٌGraceful, Stature, Grace
Rasheedaده ة ٌRighteous
Rasheedahده ٌ ٌIntelligent One, Sober
Rasheedahorrashidaش ا ده ه ٌIntelligent One, Sober.
Rashidaده ة ٌIntelligent, Sober
Rashidahده ٌ ٌWise, Mature
Rashidah RasheedaWise, Mature
Rashiqaةق ده ٌGraceful, Elegant
Rasikhaةخس اWell-Established
RasimaةمسPlanner, Designer
Rasinaةن ده صCalm, Composed.
Rasmiyaدهة سمCeremonial, Ceremonious
Rasmiyahدهٌ سمOfficial, Formal
RatibaتWell-Arranged, Well-Ordered.
Raudahضه و(Rauzah), Paradise.
Rauhahه وHappy Contented
Raunaqق نوBeauty, Grace, Glamour
Raushanشان وLight, Luminous, Bright
Raushaniشان وLight, Splendour.
RawaاواSatisfaction With Drink
RawahواٌCharm, Beauty, Splendor
RawahaواهاName Of A Person.
Rawahahه وA Noted Narrator Of Hadith
Rawdaضة وGarden
Rawdahضه وGarden.
Rawdah RawdhaGarden
Rawdahorrawdhaضه وذا وGarden
Rawdhaاو هاGarden
Rawhahه وNice
Rawhiyahدهٌ و حSpirituality
Rawiaا ا دوNarrator, Reciter
RawiahوعهTransmitter Of AncientArabic Poetry
Rawiah RaawiyaTransmitter Of AncientArabic Poetry
Rawiahorraawiyaا وعه دوTransmitter Of AncientArabic Poetry
Rawiyaة ا دوStoryteller, Derived FromArabic (Rawa) “To Relate”.
Rawiyahٌ ا دوTransmitter Of AncientArabic Poetry
Rawyaا ا دوVariant Transcription OfRAWIYA
Rayaا ادSated With Drink
Rayanان ادOne Of The Doors OfHeaven.
Rayannن نا دهاIts The Door Of Heaven ThatOpens In The Month Of Ramadhan
Rayhanahٌ ناح دهAromatic Sweet Basil
Rayiaة ادGuardian, Custodian, Patron
RaynaدهاPure, Clean
RaytahدهاDaughter Of Hurayth
Rayyaة ادLight
Rayya RayyaaSated With Drink
Razaanahة نا زOne Who Is Calm
Razan RazaanSensibility And Respect
Razanaة نا زCalm, Composure
Razeenدز نGentle, Noble, Name Of ASahabi.
Razeenahده زName Of A Sahabiyah (RA)
Raziaدز ةContent, Satisfied
Razinaده زCalm, Composed
Raziqaده زOne Who Feeds Others,Feeder.
Raziyaدز ةDelighted, Satisfied
RazwaازواName Of A Mountain InMadina.
Reehaد ةAir
Reemد مBeautiful Gazelle
Reemaما دWhite Antalope
Rehamهام دRain Drops
Rehanaا ناٌ دهA Handfull Of Sweet Basil
Rejaجا دGood News
ReshamدSilk, Softness.
ReshmaدGolden Silk, Expensive
Reyahاح دComfort
Reyhanaة ناح دهSweet Smelling Flower OfParadise
RibqahبThe Wife Of Hzrat Ishaaq(Ishacc) Peace Be Upon Him, A Prophet Of Allah Almighty.
Ridaد اFavored By God
Ridwaanahٌ ناوض(Rizwaanah), Pleasure,Delighted, Content.
RidwanaضوانFeminine Form Of RIZWAN
RifaدهHappiness, Prosperity.
Rifaatتا فAltitude, Height, High
RifahدهName Of Twenty ThreeCompanions Of Muhammad.
Rifatتا فHigh Rank, High Standing,Dignity, Exaltation,
Riffatتا فHigh
RifqaدهKindness, Gentleness.
Rihaanaة ناح دهSweet Basil
Rihabهاب دVastness, Expanse
Rihamهام دLasting, Fine Rain
Rihanaا ناٌ دهSweet Basil
Rihanahٌ ناح دهA Flower,Wife Of Rassole
Rijaجا دDesire, Hope
RijjaجاHeavens Beauty
Rim ReemGazelle
Rimaما دWhite, Gazelle, Antelope.
Rima ReemaWhite Antelope
Rimshaةٌ مBunch Of Flowers
RiqbahقName Of The Wife OfProphet
Riswanaة نو زSatisfaction, Pleasure
Riyazد زPl. Of Rawza, Garden.
Rizaزا دPleasure.
Rizeenدز نDignity, Heavy And Precious
Rizqinقز دهGood Fortune
Rizwanزوا ن دSatisfaction, Acceptance
Rizwanaة نو زBeautiful, Guardian OfHeaven
RobeenaبوHappy, Girl.
Rohaا وSoul, Life.
RohaanهانA River In Paradise
Roheenدهن ٌIron.
Rohiح وLife, Soul
Rohinدهن ٌRising
Romaanaة نامVariant Of Romana:Romantic
Romanaة نامPomegranate
Romeesaاس ده موHeavens Beauty
Ronaا نوShining Light
Ronaqقا نوLight
Roobiه بووRuby, Pearl.
Roshanشان وBright.
Roshanakك ناٌ وSmall Light.
Roshaniشان وBrightness
Roshinaةن ٌ وOne Who Gives Light.
Roshiniٌ نLight, Noor
Roshnaان ٌ وLight
Roshniو ٌ نLight.
Royaدو اDream
Rozinaده زRose
Rozinahده زDaily Wages, Pension,Reward.
Rubaا بوPl. Of Rubwa, Rabwa, Hill.
Rubaaب اHills, Height
Rubabaا با بوRose
RubadahبAsh Colored
Rubanنا بوPl. Of Rubwa, Hill.
Rubiبو هRed Gem
RubinaبوBlessed With Love, Waterfall
RubiyaبوSpring Season
RudainahدهOld Arabic Name
Rudainah RudaynahOld Arabic Name
Rudainahorrudaynahده اوOld Arabic Name
Rufaidah RufaydahSupport
RufayahفAn Early Student Of Hadith.
RufaydaفShe Was A FemaleCompanion
RuhabوهابOur Who Keeps OnesPromise.
Ruhaniي و انSpiritual
Ruheeح وSoul, A Flower, Who TouchesThe Heart
Ruhinaةن ده ٌSweet Fragrence
Ruhiyaدهة و حSpiritual.
RuhmaمةKind, Merciful.
Rukanن كSteady, Confident
RukayatقIt Is The Name Of One Of The Daughters Of The Prophet, ItMeans One Who Allah Loves
Rukhailahةل ده خFemale Sheep. Name Of ASahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr.
Rukhaylahةل ده خThis Is Also A Male Name.
Rukhsaanahةن ص خ(Persian) Name Of A Girl.
Rukhsaarخ صCheek, Face.
Rukhsanaان ص خBeautiful
Rukhsarخ صCheek
Rukhsaraص ا خLoving, Charming Face
Rukhshanaان ٌص خBright, Brilliant, Shining.
Rumailahةل ده مOld Arabic Name.
Rumailah RumaylahOld Arabic Name
Rumailahorrumaylahال ه الهو وماد ومادOld Arabic Name
Rumaisaاس ده موBunch Of Flowers
Rumaithahةث ده مName Of A Sahabiyah(RA).
RumaithahRumaythahOld Arabic Name
RumaithahorrumaythahدهاموOld Arabic Name
Rumanaى ناموRomantic, Loving
Rumaysaاس ده موShe Was Umm Sulaym
Rumehaدهها مBeautiful Stone
RummanومانPl. Of Rummana,
Rummanaى ناموPomegranate.
Rummanahٌ ناموA Pomegranate.
Runaا نوSixth Month
Ruqaق ةPretty, Beautiful.
RuqaiyaقName Of The Prophet
RuqayaقDaughter Of The ProphetSAW
RuqayyahقThe Daughter Of TheProphet Muhammed SAW
Ruqayyah RuqayyaGentle
Rushdو شSensible Conduct
Rushdaش ا وMost Rightly Guided.
Rushdiyaي شRightly Guided
RuwaوواBeauty In Arabic.
RuwaaواءBeauty, Grace, Prettiness
Ruwaidaدو اWalking Gently.
Ruwaidahدو ٌWalking Gently
Ruwaidah RuwaydahWalking Gently
Ruwaidahorruwaydahاٌ اهو وواد ووادWalking Gently
Ruwaydaدو اWalking Gently
Ruwaydahدو ٌWalking Gently.
Ruyaدو اSeeing, Viewing, Looking.
Ruyaaدو اءDream, Vision.
Ruyahاح دDream, Vision
Saabiraة باصPatient
Saabirahٌ باصPatient, Tolorant.
Saadatسا اتBlessing.
Saadiaة سا دLucky
Saadiqhahةٌ ق اصTrue, Sincere, Faithful,Veracious, A Woman Of His
Saadiyaةس ا دFlower
Saahibahٌب حاصFriend, Colleague.
Saaidaساع ةBranch, Tributary.
Saaimahمه صادFasting Woman.
Saaiqaةق عاصLightning.
Saairahٌ صادName Of A Sahabiyyah (RA).
Saajidahساج ٌProstrating In Prayer (Salah),One Who Makes Sajdah.
Saalehaصةح لاFlower
SaalifahلاسPrevious, Last.
Saalihaةح لاصPure Pios And Devoted
Saalihahٌح لاصPious, Righteous.
Saalikahةك لاسFollowing, Proceeding.
Saalimaام لاسSafe, Healthy
Saamiyaدهة سامElevated, Lofty
SaaraصاWife Of The ProphetIbrahim.
Saarahسا ٌ(Saara) The Wife Of Hazrat Ibrahim (Peace Be UponHim) The Prophet Of Allah.
Saariyahٌ سا دName Of A Sahabiyyah (RA).
Saarrahسا ٌA Lady Whose CarmingManner Causes Joy And Happiness.
SaatساتMoment, Time, Occasion.
Sabaا باسSheba, A Town In Yemen
Sabaaاب صA Nice Wind
Sabaahatتاحاب صBeauty, Gracefulness,Comeliness.
Sabahحاب صMorning
Sabahaاحاب صMorning, Dawn, Beautiful
Sabahatتاحاب صBeauty, Gracefulness
Sabatتب سFirmness, Stability
Sabbaaqaة قاب سTriumphant, Superior, Pre
Sabburahٌ وب صVery Patient, Enduring
Sabeehaده ة ب صBeautiful, Handsome,Morning.
Sabeehahده ة ب صBeautiful, Handsome.
SabeenباسCool Breeze Of The Morning
SabeenaباسFrom The Name Sabine AnItalian Culture
Sabeeraده ب سPatient, Tolerant
Sabeeyahدهح ب صBaby Girl
Sabhaاٌ باسPretty, Beautiful, Graceful
Sabiaدها ب صCaptivating, Enchanting
Sabihدهح ب صPretty, Beautiful, Graceful.
Sabihaده ة ب صBeautiful
Sabihahده ة ب صBeautiful
SabiqaباسFirst, Winner, Fem. Of Sabiq.
Sabiraا ب صPatient, Tolerant
Sabirahٌ ب صPatient, Perseverant
Sabirah SaabiraPatient
SabirahorsabiraباسPatient, Perseverant.
Sabitaدهت ب سWell Established, Certain
Sabiyaدها ب صBrilliant, Splendid
Saboohaةحوب صPure, Chaste.
SabrباسPatience, Self Control
Sabrinaده باسWhite Rose
Sabriyaة ده ب صPatient, Fem. Of Sabri.
Sabriyahٌ ده ب صPatient
Sabriyyaة ده ب صFeminine Form Of SABRI
Sabuhصب حShining, Brilliant.
Sabuhiه حب صMorning Star
Saburaة وب سVery Patient, Enduring.
Saburahٌ وب صIbn Abdul Aziz A Narrator OfHadith Had This Name.
SadadصRight Thing To Do, LuckyHand
Sadafصا فShell, Oyster, Pearl
Sadahسا ٌHappiness
Sadaqaة قا صDeeds Of Charity Done InAllahs (Swt) Cause
Sadaqatتا قا صTruth.
Sadatسا اتHappiness, Bliss, Felicity
Sadeeqaده صFriend, Companion
Sadiسا يDaughter Of Awf Al-Muruyyah
Sadiaا سا دFeminine Form Of SADI
Sadiahة سا دGood Luck
Sadiahorsadiyahسا د اهو سا دGood Luck. Fortunate
Sadidaا س دCorrect, Right, Sound
Sadiqaده صTrue, Truthful, Honest
Sadiqahده صTruthful, Sincere
Sadiyaة سا دHappiness, Luck, Blissful
Sadiyahث دFortunate
Sadoofص وفName Of A Poetess
Sadoohصا و ٌSinger, Singing.
Saduqسا وقHonest, Truthful, Sincere
Saeedaده ة ع سHappy, Lucky, Fem. OfSaeed.
Saeedahده ٌ ع سFortunate, Auspicious
Safaا فاسPure
Safaaءاف صClarity, Purity, Serenity
Safeenaةن ده ف سA Boat, Safeenah
Safeenahٌن ده ف سShip
Saffahحاف سKiller, Blood Shedder.
Saffanahٌ ناف سPearl
SaffiyaفاصBest Freind
Safiaدهة ف صPure
Safiraده ة ف سTraveller.
Safiyaدهة ف صUntroubled, Serene, Pure,Best Friend
Safiyahدهٌ ف صRighteous
Safiyaorsafiyyahا ده وا ده دهفاسUntroubled, Serene, Pure, Best Friend
SafiyyaفاصBest Friend
SafiyyahفاصUntroubled, Serene, Pure,Best Friend
Safiyyah SafiyaUntroubled, Serene, Pure,Best Friend
Safoorوف سExalted.
Safooraوف سGod-Fearing, Pious, Chosen
Safooraaءا ف صName Of The Wife Of HazratMoosa (Peace Be Upon Him).
Safoorahٌ ف سWife Of Prophet Musa AS
Safreenن ده ف صPure Love.
Safunنف سBreezing
Safuraس ف ةWife Of The Prophet Musa.
Safwaةوف صThe Best Part, Elite, Top
Safwahحوف سAn Arab Feminine Name
Safwanaصف وانA Shining Star, Rock
Sagedaساج ةSageda Is
Sagheeraده ة غ صYoung, Very Small, Minor,Tender
Sagheerahده ٌ غ صShort
Saghiraده ة غ صSmall, Slender, Tender.
Sahabس ابClouds.
Sahanaان حصOther Name For GoddessLakshmi
Sahibahٌب حاصColleague
Sahimahز مهPartner
Sahiraسا ةMoon
Sahirahسا ٌWakeful
Sahlaا لٌسSmooth, Simple, Fluent
Sahlahٌل ٌسEasy, Convenient
Sahlah SahlaSmooth, Soft, Fluent,Flowing
Sahnaان حصForm, Figure, Complexion
Sahrishٌ ده ٌاسSunrise
SaibaدهاسStraight, Pertinent.
Saibahحاب صShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Saidaده ة ع سMost Beautiful, Unmatched,Friendly
Saidahده ٌ سHappy, Fortunate
Saihahده ه صGood, Useful
Sailaىل صSunshine
Saimaةم ئاصKeeps Fasts
Saimahمه صادFasting
Sairaده ة سHappy
Sairahده ٌ سOne Who Travels
Sairiده ي سSatisfaction, Saturation.
Sairishٌ د سادMagic, Flower
Saiyydaده ة ع سMeans Chief.
SajaساجاTo Be Calm And Quiet
Sajidaساج ةProstrate In Worship
Sajidahساج ٌProstrating To God
Sajilaج لسDetermined.
Sajiyaدهة سجAttractive.
Sakeenaةن ده ك سGod-Inspired Peace Of Mind,Tranquility
Sakeenahٌن ده ك سCalm, Quiet And Tranquil
Sakeenaorsakeenahن وان ده دهكاسGod Inspired Peace Of Mind,Tranquility
Sakeezaاز قزFragrance.
Sakhaاٌ قاسGenerosity, Liberality.
Sakhiyaدهة سخGenerous, Liberal
Sakhrahصخ ٌRock(S).
Sakinaةن كاسShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Sakinahٌن ده ك سAllah-Inspired Peace Of Mind
Sakinah SakeenaGod Inspired Peace Of Mind,Tranquility
Salamا ل س مPeace, Safety, Security.
Salamaالمة سPeace, Safety, Security
Salamahالمه سName Of A Sahabi Who TookPart In The Battle Of Badr.
Saleemaدهمة ل سUnhurt, Affable, Healthy
Saleemahدهمه ل سHealthy, Sound
Saleshniصهن ل صSalihah, Correct, Agreeable
Salhaاٌ لاسFeminine Form Of SALIH
Saliه لاسFrend
Salihaةح لاصPious, Virtuous, Just
Salihahٌح لاصCorrect, Agreeable
SalihaorsalihahلاسPure Pios And Devoted.
Salikaةق ده ل سTraveler, Devotee
Salikahةق ده ل سFollowing
Salimaدهمة ل سSafe, Secure, Perfect
Salimahدهمه ل سSound, Safe, Healthy
Salimah SaleemaPeaceful, Flawless, Faultless,Safe, Healthy
Salmaىمل سPeaceful, Safe, Healthy
Salmaaام لاسPeaceful
Salmahٌم لاسPeace, Fem. Of Salm.
Salouaىول سPeace
Salsabeelدهل ب س ل سSpring In Jannah.
Salsabilدهل ب س ل سA Fountain In Paradise
Salsabil SalsabeelSpring In Jannah
Salwaاو لاسSolace
Salwahٌو لاسComfort, Ease, Amusement.
SamaسماHeaven, Sky.
Samah SamaahGenerosity
Samairaده ة سمEnchanting
SamanسامانPrice, Value.
SamarسامEvening Conversation
Samaraسما ةProtected By God
Samarahسما ٌSoft Light
SamawahسموٌSummit, Height
Sameeaدهة سامOne Who Listens
Sameeahدهٌ سامHearing.
Sameehaمس ةح دهGenerous Blessing Of Allah
Sameenدهن سمPrecious
Sameenaةن ده مسPrecious
Sameenahٌان ده مسOverweight, Fat
Sameeraده ة سمCompanion
Sameerahده ٌ سمCompanion In Nightly Entertainment, ConversationPartner, Entertainer.
Samehدهٌ سامForgiver
Sameyaسا م ةPure
Samiaدها سامExalted, Noble, Much Praised
Samiahدهٌ سامForgivness Or Forgiver
Samihaدهها سمGenerous, Kind, True
Samihahده ه سمGenerous
Samihah SameehaGenerous
Samimدهم سامSincere, Genuine, Pure
Samimaدهمة صمTrue, Sincere, Genuine.
Saminس م نValuable, Precious, Priceless.
Saminaةن ده مسPrecious, Generous
Saminahٌان ده مسA Healthy Girl, Fertile LandWithout Rock And Stone.
Samiqaاق ده ماسLofty, Towering.
Samiraده ة سمCall
Samirahده ٌ سمEntertaining ,Companion
Samirah SameeraEntertaining Companion
Samitahٌت ده مسMighty.
Samiunدهن سمThe Hearing
Samiyaدهة سامTo Hear
Samiyahدهٌ سامElevated, Exalted, Lofty
Samiyah SaamiyaElevated, Exhalted, Lofty
Samraسام اSoft, Light Tanned Color
Samrahسم ٌName Of A Fruit, Written InThe Quran 24 Times
Samreenن سم دFruitful, Beneficial, Helpful.
Samrinaن سم دFlower Or Fruit.
Samshadس دهم سLong, Beautiful Tree
Samurahسمو ٌName Of A DistinguishedSahabi RA.
Samyaدها سامExalted
Sanaا ناسResplendence, Brilliance
Sana SanaaEminence, Sublimity,Brilliance, Splendor
Sanaaءان س(Thana),Praise Of God.
Sanadس نSupport, Prop, Document.
Sanahٌن سSkilful, Radiance, Elegance
Sanamمان سBeloved
Sanariي ن سSweet And Beautiful
Sanaubarبون صCone Bearing Tree
Sanauburب ص ونCone Bearing Tree.
Sandaraا ناسSong.
Sangeetة ده ج نزMusic, Rhythm.
Sanginaان ده ج ناسPolite.
Sanihaنا ثTall And High, Bright.
Sanikaدهك ن سStrong Minded, WarmHearted
Saninaان ده ن سFriend, Childhood Friend.
Saniyaنا ثBrilliant, Majestic
Saniyahنا ثResplendence, Brilliance
Saniyyaنا ثFeminine Form Of SANI
Sanjeedaجن سWeighted, Guarded.
Sanjeedahٌ جن سSerious
SanyaناسVariant Transcription OfSANIYYA
SaqaafaثWisdom, Prudence.
Saqabatقا ثBrightness
Saqatطق سStrength, Courage, Power.
Saqibaقا ثPenetrating, Piercing
Saraسا اPrincess
Sarabس ابMirage.
Sarahسا ٌName Of The Wife Of TheProphet Ibrahim
Sarahatص ا ةExplanation, Detail
Sarahnaان حا سPraise, Appreciation
Sareeaة س دDetermined.
Sareemaصا مةDetermination, Resolution.
Saribaده صLoverly.
Sarikaة ق سA Thing Of Beauty, Nature
Sarinaده سPeace
Sarishٌ سا دMorning
Saritaده اسIntelligent, Clever, Active.
Sariyahد ص حName Of A FemaleCompanion
Sarmadiس م يEternal, Everlasting
Saroodو سRhythm And Ecstasy.
Saroorو سHappiness, Calm,Satisfaction.
Saroshسا وٌOne Who Gives Good News
Sarraسا ةShe Was A WomenCompanion
Sarrinahٌا نزBeautiful, Companion OfProphet SAW
Sarviaف صRich Woman, Affluent Lady.
Sarwaسا واFortune, Wealth, Riches.
Sarwaatوا ت ث(Tharwat) Wealth, Power,Influence, Affluence.
Sarwanaة نو اسOf Generous And GoodNature.
Sarwarسا واChief.
Sarwariس و يChief
Sarwatوا ت ثWealth, Power, Influence
Sarwathٌ تو ثWealth, Riches
Saryaا سا دName Of A Pious Woman.
Sashaشا ساHelper, Assistant, Supporter.
Sataishدهٌ ت سPraise.
Satilaا ل ده ت سRoyal.
Saudaص ىLeadership, The Narrator OfHadith.
Sauda SawdahWife Of The Prophet
Saudahسو ٌName Of One Of The Honourable Wives Of The Holy Prophet(Peace Be UponHim).
Saudaorsawdahساو اٌ ساو اوA Wife Of The Prophet(S.A.W).
Sawdaسو اProper Name
Sawdahسو ٌA Wife Of The Prophet SAW
Saweraصو ةDawn, Early Morning.
Sawsanسن سوLily Of The Valley
Sayidaده ة سChief, Leader, Lady, Mrs
Sayyahدهاح صFragrance.
Sayyedahده ٌ س(Sayyidah) Name Of TheWife Of Hazrat Ismaa
Sayyidaده ة سLady, Mistress In Arabic.
Sayyidahده ٌ سLady, Woman
Seemaدهما سMein, Expression,Countenance.
SeemeenثName Of Some Women
Seeratده ة سInner Beauty, Fame
Sehrدهه سSunrise
Sehrishد س ٌThe Sunrise
Selimaدهمة ل سVariant Transcription OfSALIMA “Safe”, Derived From

Arabic (Salima) “To Be Safe”.

Selinaان ده ل ده سMoon, Salty
Selmaىمل سPeaceful
Senadaا ن سGraceful, Heavenly
Senaitدهة ن سGood Luck
Senzelaلظن سType Of Flower.
Sfiyahدهٌ ف صRighteous
Shaadشا(Persian) Happy, Pleased.
Shaadaanشاذان(Persian) Happy, Pleased.
Shaadiyaة شا دSinger
ShaafiahفاٌOne Who Deprecates, OneWho Intercedes, Advocate,

Patron, A Mediator.

Shaaheenن ده ٌاٌA Royal White Falcon.
Shaaheenahٌن حاٌA Royal White Falcon.
Shaahidahٌ ٌاٌOne Who Bears Witness, ADeponent.
Shaaistahةت س ٌ(Persian) Polite.
Shaakirahٌ شا كGrateful (For), Thankful,Content, Praising, One Who

Gives Due Appreciation.

Shaariqahٌ ق اٌRadiant, Shining.
Shabahٌ باٌResembling.
Shabanنا باٌThe Eighth Month Of TheIslam.
Shabanaان ب ع ٌFamous
Shabeehahدههه ب ٌPicture, Image, Like
Shabibahش ب ٌ بةYouthful
ShabinباٌOf Night, Music Of Night.
Shabinaباٌ ن دهThe Eye Of The Storm
Shabnamمان ب ع ٌDew
Shadaabش ابGreen, Fresh, Wet, Ever-Green.
Shadahش ٌPleasant, Happy, Jovial,Jubilant.
Shadanشا نYoung Gazelle
Shadha ShadhaaAroma
Shadhiyahدهة شظAromatic
Shadiaا شا دSinger.
Shadinن شا دFawn, Young Deer.
Shadiyaة شا دFeminine Form Of SHADI
Shadiyahٌ شا دSinger
Shadmanش ماGlad, Cheerful, Joyful.
Shadmaniش منJoy, Happiness
Shadyaا شا دVariant Transcription OfSHADIYA
Shafaatطاف ٌRecommendation,Exoneration.
Shafanaان ف ٌIntegrity And Virtuous
Shafaqقا فاٌDawn Redness In The Sky At
Shafathش ف تهCuring Or Healing People
Shafeeahدهٌ ف ٌAdvocate, Patron,Intercessor.
Shafeeqahٌق ده ف ٌA Compassionate KindHearted Friend
Shafeeqahorshafiqa hوٌاق ده دهفاٌA Compassionate Kind Hearted Friend.
Shaffanناف ٌCool Breeze, MorningBreeze.
Shafiahدهٌ ف ٌIntercessor
Shafiqaةق ده ف ٌCompassionate, Kind-Hearted
Shafiqahٌق ده ف ٌCompassionate, Sympathetic
Shafqatةق ف ٌCompassion, Pity, Kindness
Shaghalayل شا غContended.
Shagoofaا فوغ ٌBlossom
ShagoonشجونOmen, Luck, Fortunate
Shaguftaتف غ ٌBlooming
Shaguftahش غ ف تةBlooming, Happy.
Shahabaةب حاٌFlame Of Fire.
Shahadaة اٌٌBearing Witness
ShahamatةماٌٌBravery, Valour.
Shahanaةن حاٌQueen
ShahdٌاٌHoney, Honeycomb
Shahdorshahedده ٌاٌ و ٌاٌHoney, Honeycomb
Shahedده ٌاٌHoney
Shaheedaا ده ٌٌMartyr In The Cause OfIslam.
Shaheenن ده ٌاٌA Royal White Falcon
Shaheenahٌن حاٌFalcon
Shaheeraة ده ٌٌFamous, Eminent, Renowned
Shaheerahٌ ده ٌٌWell-Known
Shaheerahorshahirahٌا ده ٌاٌ وٌا ده ده ٌاٌWell-Known. Famous
Shahidaا ده ٌٌWitness
Shahidahٌ ٌاٌWitness
Shahinaن ده ٌاٌPrincess
Shahiqaةق ٌاٌHigh, Towering, Lofty, Tall
Shahiraة ده ٌٌRenowned In Arabic.
Shahirahٌ ده ٌٌWell Known, Famous
Shahlaا لٌٌDark Flower, Dark Grey Eyes
Shahlaaءا لٌٌHaving Grey Eyes With A Shade Of Red, A Species OfNacissus Flower.
Shahlahةل ٌٌBlush
Shahlalaiلا لٌٌQueen Of Flowers.
Shahnaazزان ٌٌPride Of The King
Shahnazزان ٌاٌBride
Shahnoorن حاٌRoyal Glow
Shahraا ٌاٌGift, Souvenir.
Shahrazadا زٌٌTeller Of “Tales Of 1,001Nights”
Shahrbanoنا ب ٌٌLady Of The City.
Shahrinن ده ٌاٌMonth. Shahrin
Shahrizadا زٌٌVariant Transcription OfSHAHRAZAD
Shahrnazزا ن ٌٌThe Towns Loved/FavoriteOne.
Shahrzadahةا زٌٌOffspring Of The City
Shahzaadeeذ شPrincess
Shahzadiذ شPrincess.
Shaibaةب ده ٌA Variety Of Artemisia.
Shaidaش ةGreatly Attached
Shailaىل ده ٌSmall Mountain
Shaimaدهما ٌDaughter Of Halima
Shairaشاع ةPoetess
Shairahده ٌ ٌPoetess
Shaistaات س ٌPolite She Desires Support And Encouragement In All Her Goals Extremely Dedicated And VeryIntelligent
Shaistahةت س ٌPolite, Courteous
Shajarahشج ٌTree
Shajeeaدهة شجCourageous, Bold, Brave
Shajeeahدهة شجBrave
Shakeebaدهب ك ٌPatience
Shakeelaا لك ٌComely
Shakeelahٌل ك ٌComely, Beautiful
Shakilaا لك ٌPretty
ShakiraشاكThankful, Grateful
Shakirahٌ شا كThankful
Shakufaةف ق ٌBlossom, Opening Bud.
Shakuraك ا ٌThankful, Grateful
Shakurahك ٌ ٌGrateful, Very Thankful
ShalimarلاٌBeautiful & Strong
Shamaailahٌ لامٌGood Qualities, Virtues,Excellencies, Talents,

Dispositions, Customs, Northerly Winds Or Regions.

ShamaamahةمامٌThe Fragrance Of Scent,Perfume.
Shamailدهل شمVirtues, Pl. Of Shamila.
ShamailahئامٌGood Traits ExcellentDisposition
Shameelaةل ده مٌNatural Disposition
Shameelahةل ده مٌGood Quality, Virtue,
Excellence, Talent,Disposition, Custom, Northerly Winds Or Regions.
Shameemدهم شمShy.
Shameemahدهمة شمA Fragrant Breeze
Shameenaان ده مٌShareefa
Shamikhدهخ شامHigh, Lofty, Towering.
Shamilaةل ماٌOne Of Friendly And LikableNature
Shamilahٌل ماٌComplete, Comprehensive
Shamimدهم شامPerfume, Scent.
Shamimaدهم شمFragrant Breeze
Shamimanobleلب ن م ده مٌ
Shamiraده شامExperienced, Expert
Shamisدهس شامThe Sun
ShamlaشامالBreeze, Air
ShammaشماPinch (Of Snuff).
Shamoodahشم ةDiamond
Shamsaةس مٌSunshine
Shamshaadشا شم(Persian) The Box Tree, A TallAnd Upright Tree, The Graceful Figure Of A


Shamshadش شمTall And Upright Tree
Shamsiaدهة س شمBeautiful, Shining Star, OneAnd Only
Shamudaع ا شمDiamond.
Shanazزن ده ٌPride Of King
Shanikaاق ن ٌGood
Shanumمو ناٌAllahs Blessing, Dignity
Shanzaاز ناٌWoman Of Diginity.
Shanzeزن ده ٌRose.
Shaperaiا ب ٌFairy.
Shaqeeqahٌق ده ق ٌReal Sister
Shaqiqaةق ده ق ٌFull Sister.
Shaqraا قاٌBlond, Fair-Haired
Shaquarriaا ق ٌGifted And Talented*
Sharafشا افNobility, High Rank
Shareefaده ٌNoble
Shareefahده ٌNoble, Holy, Modest,Humble.
Shareekahده ٌPartner
Shareenد ش نSweet
Sharfaا ف اٌMost Noble, Gentle, Urbane.
Sharfaaءا ف ٌA Most Noble AndHonourable Lady, Name Of A Sahabiyyah.
Shariaة ع د ٌPrincess
Sharifaده ٌNoble, Eminent, Honourable
Sharifahده ٌNoble, Honoured,Distinguished
Sharifah ShareefaSherrifahNoble, Honored
Sharifahorshareefaف ده اٌ وٌافهNoble, Honoured, Distinguished.
Shariqahٌ ق ٌShining
Sharleezل اٌBeautful
Sharmeelaا م لٌShy
Sharmeenش مShy
Sharminدهن شا مModesty
Shasmeenسم ٌVery Beautiful, A Heart Of Gold , Trustworthy, An Angel, Perfect
ShathaشذىShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Shayaanدهان ٌIntelligent.
ShaylaدهاٌLittle Mountain
Shaymaدهما ٌHaving A Beauty Spot
Shayma ShaymaaTo Look Out
ShazaشذىAroma, Fragrance.
ShaziشذيFragrant In Arabic.
ShazmahةمذٌRare Moon
Shazminaان مذٌToo Much Love.
Sheebaةب ده ٌInfatuated, Demented,Loony.
Sheemaدهما ٌFace, Expression
Sheenن ده ده ٌBeautiful, Pretty, Good
Sheenazزن ده ٌBeauty
Sheereenن ده د ٌ(Persian) Sweet, Name Of AQueen Of Iran.
Shehlaا لٌٌKind Of A Flower
Shehr BanoPrincess
Shehrbanoنا ب ٌٌPrincess.
Shehzadiذ شPrincess
Shehzeenش ذA Ray Of Sunshine
Sheilaىل ده ٌLittle Mountain
Shellahٌل ٌTruely, Kind Person ,Beautiful
Sherinن ده د ٌVery Sweet
Sherminدهن ده م ٌShy
Sheylaىل ده ٌPine Tree
ShezaشذىGood Religious Girl
Shifaاف ده ٌCuring, Healing
Shifaaءاف ٌCure,Remedy,Sahabia
Shillanنا ل ده ٌA Flower
Shimaaدهماء ٌMirth, Joy, Ecstasy, Gladness.
Shimahدهمه ٌNature, Habit
Shimazدهماز ٌBeloved
Shinatطن ٌBeautiful Lady
Shinkaiكن ده ٌGreenish.
Shinogaiه جن ده ٌHaving Green Eyes.
Shireenن ده د ٌSweet
Shiyaajدهاج ٌEndeavour, Strife, Hardwork.
Shiyamدهم ٌNature, Character
Shizaدهزا ٌA Gift Or Present
Shmoodahشم ةDiamond
Sholaا ل شوFlame, Blaze
ShuaشواRays Of Sun Light
ShuaaشاءThe Rays Of The Sun,Sunshine, Light, Luster, Splendor.
Shuailaىل ده ٌBurning Candle.
Shudunش ونPowerful, Straight
Shughlaا ل شو غLight Ray.
Shuhdaا ٌٌHoney, Honeycomb
Shuhrahٌ ٌٌFame, Reputation
Shuhratة ٌٌFame, Renown
Shujanaان جٌBrave, Strong
Shukrشو كThanks, Gratitude
Shukrahك ٌ ٌThankfulness
Shukriaك ا ٌThank You
Shukriyaا ك د ٌVariant Transcription OfSHUKRIYYA
Shukriyahٌ ك د ٌOf Thanks
Shukriyyaا ك د ٌFeminine Form Of SHUKRI
Shulaا ل شوFlame In Arabic.
Shumailaةل ده مٌBeautiful Face
Shumaylahةل ده مٌThe First Woman In IslamWho Wore Coloured Garments Was Shumaylah
Shumaysahةس ده مٌShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Shuqraا قوٌFair-Complexioned, Blonde
Shurafaة ف ٌNoble
Shuraihح ئا ٌName Of A Sahabi (RA).
Shurooqش وقDawn, Sunrise
Shurooqorshuruqقو وٌ و قوو وٌDawn, Sunrise.
Shuruqشو وقRising, Shining
Sibaalلاب سEyes With Long Lashes.
Sibalلاب ده سEyes With Long Lashes
Sibal SibaalEyes With Long Lashes
Siddeeqahده صTruthful, Righteous.
Siddiqaده صRighteous, Very Truthful
Siddiqahده صUpright, Very Truthful
Siddraده ا سLike A Star
Sidraده ا سTree
Sidrahده اٌ سName Of A Tree
Sihدهٌ سArrow
Siham SihaamArrows
Silahال ح سArms, Armour, Weapons.
Silaiهل ده سWind.
Silmaىمل سPeace, Fem. Of Silm
Simaدهما سSign Of Prostration
Simaabدهمب سMercury, Silver.
SimaalسمالA Redresser Of Grievances,Defender
SimahسماٌSign, Characteristic,Expression
SiminثSilvery, Made Of Silver
Simraسم ةHeaven, Princess
Simrahسم ٌJannat Heaven
Sincerityت ٌ ن ده سHonour, Hospitality,Generosity.
Sirahده اٌ سSee “Sarah”
Sirinن ده د سWife Of Prophets CompanionHassan Ibn Thabit
Sirin SireenWife Of Prophets CompanionHassan Ibn Thabit
Sirinorsireenده ده سWife Of Prophets CompanionHassan Ibn Thabit
Sisbanناب س ده سTree
Sitaarahٌ ات س(Persian) Star, A Planet.
Sitaraدهط ة سVeil, Screen, Curtain
Sitarahدهط ة سStar
Siyanaة نا ده صProtection
Smeraده ا سمSmily
Sobaikaةك ده ب سGold
SobiaبوسGood And Noble Girl
SobiyaبNurse Of Prophet PBUH.
Sogandن جسOath, Pledge.
Somayaدهة سمBeautiful GardenSurrounded With Roses And Flowers
Somilaةل ده مزTranquil
Somnaان مصMoonlight
SoniaنوسPretty, Very Beautiful
Soniyaدهة ن سWisdom
Soorayaا سو دPleiades (Cluster Of SevenBrilliant Stars In Taurus)
Soraiyaا سو دPrincess
Sorayaا سو دBeautiful
Sorfinaف صClean, Neat, Free From Dirt
Souadعو سWellbeing
Souhaylaةل ده ٌسStar
Sparghaiص ب غFirespark Or Ember.
SuadسواGood Fortune
Suad SouadGood Fortune
Suadorsouadس ده سGood Fortune
Subahحاب صBeautiful, Graceful.
Subahaاحاب صBeautiful
Subayahدهح ب صDaughter Of Al-Harith Al-Aslamiyah, She Was A Narrator Of Hadith
Subaytahس ب ٌ تةBrave.
Subbihaده ة ب صClean, Tidy
Subhٌ بوسDawn, Aurora, Morning
Subhaanناحب سPraising Allah
Subhahٌحب صIn The Morning
Subhanaناحب سPure, Chaste, Fine, Nice
Subhiyahٌ ده حب صOf The Morning
Subuhiه حب صThe Cold Breeze Of Morning
Sudaسو اHappy, Lucky
Sudiسو يShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
SufiaفوصA Person Who FollowsSufism – Clean Heart
SufiyaفوصA Mystic
Sughraص ىSmall
Sughraaص ىSmall, Slender, Tender.
Sugraص ىVery Small, Minor, Young,Tender
SuhaاٌوسName Of A Star
Suhailaةل ده ٌسCanopus.
Suhailahٌل ده ٌسThe Star Canopies, The Star.
Suhailah SuhaylahSmooth, Soft, Fluent,Flowing
Suhailahorsuhaylahدهاٌوس وٌا ل دهاٌوسٌا لSmooth, Soft, Fluent,Flowing
SuhaimaامٌسSmall Arrow.
Suhaimahز مهSmall Arrow
Suhaimah SuhaymahSmall Arrow
Suhairده ٌسProper Name.
Suhair SuhayrProper Name
Suhairaة ٌسBeautiful, Pretty.
Suhairorsuhayrدهاٌوس و دهاٌوسProper Name
Suhaylaةل ده ٌسSmooth, Soft (Ground),Fluent, Flowing (Style)
Suhaylahٌل ده ٌسSmooth, Soft, Fluent,Flowing
Suhaymaدهم سحSmall Arrow
Suhaymahدهمة سحSmall Arrow
Suhayrده ٌسProper Name
Suheeraده ٌسBeautiful
Sujahدهوجه سCivilization.
Sukainaةن ده ك سDiminutive Of Sakina
Sukainahٌن ده ك سDiminutive Of Sakeenah ,Meaning Is Same As Sakeenah.
Sukainah SukaynahCharming, Likable
Sukaynahٌن ده ك سCalm, Quietude
Sulabhaاٌب ل سSimple,Easily Available
Sulafaاف ل سChoicest, (Wine).
Sulaimaدهمة ل سDiminutive Of Salma,Beloved.
Sultaanahٌ ناطل سQueen, Empress.
Sultanaناطل سQueen, Woman Ruler
Sultanahٌ ناطل سSultaness
Sulwaىول سComfort, Ease, Amusement
Sumairaده ة سمPrincess, Successful
Sumaira SumayraDiminutive Of Samra
Sumairaaده اء سمOf A Brownish Colour, NameOf A Sahabiyyah(RA).
Sumaiyaدهة سمPure
Sumaiyaaا سمادProper Name
Sumaiyahدهح سمName Of A Lady Companion
Sumaiyah SumayyahName Of A Lady CompanionOf The Prophet The First Martyr In Islam
Sumaiyahorsumayyahٌ دهاهوسومادName Of A Lady CompanionOf The Prophet The First Martyr In Islam
SumamahصممهMillet (Plant).
Sumanahٌن مسShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Sumaraسما ةEntertainer
Sumayaدهة سمDiminutive Of Samia, High.
Sumayrahده ٌ سمBrownish
Sumaytahٌت ده مسShe Was A Companion
Sumayyaدهة سمHigh Above In Arabic. This Was The Name Of The FirstMartyr For Islam.
Sumayyahدهح سمProper Name
Sumbalلب مسA Fragrant Weed.
Sumbulلب مسFrail, Delicate
SumlسوملName Of An EarlyDistinguisher.
Sumlinaهن ده ل مزMorning Star
SummarسمFruit, Gifts
Summayaدهة سمThe First Lady Who ObtainedShahadat In Islam
Summayyahدهح سمFirst Martyr Of Islam
Sumnahٌن مسName Of An Arab Girl FH
Sumraسم ةFruit, Summer Fruit
Sunatةن سWay, Method
Sunbulلب ن سSpikes Of Grain
Sunbulaةل ب ن سEar Of Corn.
Sundasس ن سDress Of Heaven
Sundusس ن سSilk Brocade
SunyaنوسSunshine, Brightness
Suraسو اTo Travel By Night
Sura SuraaTo Travel By Night
Suraiyaا سو دPolite
Surayaا سو دStar
Surayyaا سو دThe Pleiades
Surayyaaا سو دCluster Of Seven Brilliant Stars In Taurus, Commonly Known As The Seven Sisters, A Wealthy Lady, Luster,Chandelier.
Suriسو يRed Rose.
Surrayaا سو دPleides
Susanسا ن سوLily Of The Valley, Iris.
Sussanسن سوA Flower, Lily Of The Valley.
Suwaibahٌ باوص(Thuwaibah) Name Of TheWoman Who Breast-Fed The

Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) In His Infancy.

Suwaydahٌ د س دوShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
SuzanسوزانOaceptabelt Beetende!
Swiyyahٌ س دوLittle One
Taabahبا تSweet, Agreeable, Pure,Excellent
TaadeelتModeration, Equality
Taahiraطاه ةPure, Chaste
Taahirahطاه ٌClean
Taaibaا باطRepentant
Taaibahدها تOne Who Refrains From Evil-Doings, Repentant.
Taaleaه لا تFortunate
Taaliahلا تLucky, Fortunate, Fortune
Taallufف لا تHarmony, Intimacy, MutualAffection
TaaqulتWise Thought.
Taaseesدهس س ا تInception, Foundation.
Tabaت اب اClean
TabahhujتBe Glad, Cheerful
TabahhurتLike The River, ProfoundlyLearned, Deep
TabalahتShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Tabanعن ب طGlittering, Splendid.
TabanaتBright Moonlight.
TabasummتSweet Smile
TabeedahتComplex, Zigzag, Curling.
TabeerتResult Of Deeds.
TabinaتEnlighting, Sparkling.
TabindaتBright, Shining
TafidaتParadise Egyptian Name
TaghridتSinging As A Bird
Tahaniه ناٌ تCongratulations
Taheraطاه ةPure, Chaste
Taheraortahiraا ٌ ت ح تPure, Chaste.
Tahiraطاه ةHoly, Pure
Tahirahطاه ٌPure, Chaste
Tahirah TaahiraPure, Chaste
Tahiyaدهة ح تGreeting, Salutation, Cheer
Tahiyahٌ ده ده ح تGreeting
Tahiyahortahiyatت وٌا ده ده ٌا تGreeting
Tahiyatدهة ح تGreetings
Tahiyyahٌ ده ده ح تGreeting,Cheer
Tahkeemدهم ك ح تPower, Rule.
Tahleemمل ح تBeauty, Decoration
Tahminaان ده مح تWife Of The Famous PersianHero Rustam And Mother Of Sohrab.
Tahniatةئ ن ٌ تCongratulations
Tahreemت د مRespectful, Respected
Tahseenدهن س ح تAdornment, Ornament
Tahseenahٌن ده س ح تAcclaim
Taibaئا تOne Who Refrains From Evil-Doings, Repentant, Fem. Of


Taibahٌب ده طRepentant
Taifدهف طVision, Spectre.
TaimaتOasis In Northwest Arabia.
Taima TaymaOasis In Northwest Arabia
Taimaortaymaت مطOasis In Northwest Arabia
Tajmeelدهل جم تDecoration, Beauty, Show.
Tajweedج دو تPraise Of Allah, Hymn.
TakiyahقاطPious, Righteous
TakreemتRespect, Honour, Sanctity.
TalahتYoung Palm Tree.
Talah TaalahYoung Palm Tree
Talatت لاطFace, Sight
TalbashahتA Narrator Of Hadith
Talhahٌحل طHer Kuniyah Was UmmGhurab And She Was A Narrator Of Hadith.
Taliه لا تRising Star, Rising.
Taliaلا تDew Of Heaven.
TalibaلاطStudent, Seeker, Pursuer
TalibahلاطSeeker After Knowledge
TalwasaتAs In May You Always Live.
Tamadhurض ما تProper Name
Tamadorض ما تMilk, Praises
Tamadurض ما تBrilliant
Tamannaن ى م تTo Wish, To Desire, To Hope.
Tamanniت م نWish, Wishing (For), Desire.
Tamarام تDats
Tamaraما ا تDate Tree
Tamazurمز تBrilliant, Whiteness.
Tameemahدهمه م تName Of A Poetess
Tameemiyaدهة دهم م تPerfection.
Tameenدهن ام تProtection, Patronage, Care.
Tameezدهز م تDistinction, Difference
Tamekaمك تTwin
Tamkeenدهن ك م تHonour, Place, Status, Show.
Tamraام تDate Palm, Palm Tree
Tamseelدهل ث م تExample, Allegory, Parable.
TanazتDelicate Body
Tanjiaةجن طRescue, Salvation
TanveerتRays Of Light(Origin Islamic)
TanweerتRadiant, Illuminating
TanzeelaتRevelation, ReceivingHospitably
TanzilaتRevelation, Sending Down
TaqiyaقاطGod-Fearing, Devout, Pious
TaqiyahقاطHeedful Of God
TaqwaتPiety, Devoutness,Heedfulness Of God
Taqwa TaqwaaPiety, Devoutness,
Heedfulness Of God
TaqwaaتPiety, Devoutness
Taraا ا تStar
Taraabا ب تJoy & Sorrow.
Taranaا نا تMelody, Song
Tarannumت ن مSinging.
Tareefaده طRare, Strange, Curious
Tarfaة ف طKind Of Tree
Taribب ا د تLively, Gleeful, Merry.
Tarifaده طRare
Tariqahده طThis Was The Name Of The Freed Slave Of Labeet Of TheFamily Of The Princes Of Al- Qays Bin Zayd AN
Tarneemت نRhythm, Voice.
Taroobط وبLively, Gleeful, Merry.
Tarubا وب تMerry
Tarzا ز تMusic Rythem
TasheenتEver Ambitious
TasiyahتConsolation, Comfort.
TaslimaتGreeting, Salutation
TasmeekhتLiving In Fragrance.
TasmeemتStrong, Durable, LongLasting.
TasmiaتBismillah, Giving Name.
TasminتShe Who Fulfills.
TasmiyahتAn Arabic Name For FemaleMeans Elevation,Noble,And

Also Means (In The Name Of Allah). Tasleem,Tasleemah

TasneemتFountain Of Paridise
TasneemaتA Spring In Paradise.
Tasneemortasnimس ا ت موم ده ده نFountain Of Paridise.
TasnimتFountain In Paradise
TasweebتJustification, Truth.
Taufeeqفو تInstruction, Courage, Daring.
Taufeerفو تObundance, Excess.
Taufiqaفو تProsperity, Success
Tauqeerقو تRespect, Honour.
Tawaddudت وEndearment
Tawbahٌ بو تRepentence
Tawfiqaفو تProsperity, Good Luck
Tawheedaده وح تOne Who Say La Ilaha IllaAllah
Taybahٌب ده طPure
TayseerتOne Who Facilitates AndHelp Others
Tayyabaةب ده طPure, Chaste, Generous,Good-Natured
Tayyibaةب ده طGood, Good-Natured, Sweet
Tayyibahٌب ده طGood, Pleasant, Agreeable
Tazimز عم تRespect
TazimaتGlorification, Exaltation
Tazkiaك تز Special, Unique
Tazmeenظمن تOne Having Good Qualities,Nature & Habits
Tehminaان ده مح تClever
Tehreemت د مRespect, Sanctity.
Tehzeebب هذد تRespect
Thabitahبا ثFirm
Thameenaةن ده م ثValuable
Thameenahٌن ده م ث(Sameenah) Expensive,Precious, Costly, Dear.
Thaminaةن ده م ثHealthy In Arabic.
Thaminahٌن ده م ثPrecious, Generous
ThanaثThankfulness, Praise
Thana ThanaaThankfulness,Commendation, Praise
ThanaaثPraise, Applause, Eulogy.
Tharaذ ةWealth
Thara TharaaWealth
Tharaaاء ثWealth
Tharwahوة ثWealth
Tharwatو ت ث(Sarwat): Wealth, Power,Influence, Affluence
Tharyaا ر ثName Of A Pious Woman
Thashinدهن ٌ ح تAcclaim
Thawabوا ب ثReward
Thorayaة و د ثStar
ThubaitahثName Of A Sahabiyyah (RA).
ThubaytahثShe Was Among The Early Muhajirs To Madina And A Distinguished Woman Comapnion, Daughter OfYaar Bin Zayd Al-Ansariyah
Thufailahت ح ف لةElegant With Good RespectFor Her Elders
Thumlومل ثName Of An EarlyDistinguished Woman
Thuraiyaة و د ثStar, Constellation Pleiades
Thuraiya ThurayyaStar, Constellation Pleiades
Thuraiyaorthurayyaا ده ث ده ح تStar, Constellation Pleiades
Thurayaا ر ثStar
Thurayyaا ر ثStar
Thurrayaة و د ثPleides
Thurrayyaة و د ثStar,The Pleiades
Thuwabahٌ بو ث(Thuwaybah)Name Of ASahabiyyah (RA), Name Of The Lady, Who Had Breast-
Fed The Holy Prophet,Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
Thuwaibahدهو ثDeserving Of Gods Reward
Thuwaibah ThuwaybahDeserving Of Gods Reward, Name Of A WomenCompanion Of The Prophet
Thuwaibahorthuway bahدهاوو ث وٌاببDeserving Of Gods Reward
Thuwaybahدهو ثName Of One Of The Wet-Nurses Of The Prophet SAW
Tibahٌب ده طGoodness, Kindness
TiranaتSong, Anthem.
TishaتOne Who Is Active, Lively
Toobaة بو تGood News.
ToshanaتLover Of Life
Tranaا نا تMelody, Song.
Tubaت وب اThe Name Of A Tree InHeaven
Tuba TubaaBlessedness, Beautitude
Tubaaت وب اBlessedness, Beatitude.
TufaylahتThis Was The Name Of TheFreed Slave Of Al-Waleed Bin Abdullah
Tuhfaت ح فةGift, Present.
Tulayhahده ة ل طShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Tumadurض ما تOld Arabic Name
Tuqaا قوطHeedfulness Of God.
Tuqa TuqaaHeedfulness Of God
Turfaة ف طRarity, Rare Object, Novelty.
Ubabبا بوWaves, Heavy Rain.
Ubab,با بوWaves, Heavy Rain
Ubab UbaabWaves, Heavy Rain
Ubahٌا بأFlower
Ubaidahده ٌ ب عServant Of God
Ubaydaده ة ب عFemale Servant
Udaysahده أShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Udoolaال ع وJustified.
UgayوجايKind Of Necklace.
Uheeٌ أSoul, A Flower, Who TouchesThe Heart.
UhudوهوCommitment, Pledge,Delegation
Ujalaةل جعLight Of The Universe
Ulemaامل عIntelligent One
UlfahلأHarmony, Intimacy
UlfatلوFriendship, Intimacy, Love
Ulwiyatتا دهو لوأSublimity
Ulyaدها ل عHigher, Highest, Fem. Of Ala.
Ulyaaدهاء ل عHigh, Eminent
Umaimahدهمة أمDiminutive Of Umm, Mother.
Umairaده ة أمLiving A Long Life
Umaizaدهز أمBright, Beautiful And SoftHearted
UmamaأمامةProper Name.
UmamahأمامهYoung Mother
Umarahعم ٌName Of A Sahabi Who TookPart In The Battle Of Badr.
Umaymaدهمة أمDiminutive Of Umm, Mother.
Umaymahدهمة أمYoung Mother
Umaynahٌن ده مأShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Umayrahده ٌ أمShe Was The Daughter OfAlqamah
Umayyahٌ أمادShe Was A Narrator OfHadith.
Umm E KulsumThe Mother Of Kulsum
Umm KalthumName Of The ProphetsDaughter
Umm KulthumOne With Round Face
Ummayyahدهة أممShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Ummidده عمHope.
Ummkalthumلاق مName Of The ProphetsDaughter. One With Round Face.
Ummkulthumلوق مOne With Round Face.
Ummulkhairٌك ل مأNice Mother
Umniaدهة ن أمGift
Umniaorumniyahده ده ن مو وا ده ن مو ٌاA Wish, An Aspiration, Gift.
Umniyaدهة ن أمWish, Desire, Hope.
Umniyahدهٌ ن أمA Wish, An Aspiration
Umrahعم ٌPilgrimage To Makkah
Unaizaدهزة ن عSheep/Goat
Unqudaوق ن عBunch Of Grapes.
Uroobaا بو وأWoman Who Loves HerHusband.
Uroojع وجHeight, Exaltation.
Uroosaةس و عBride, Heroine.
Urshiaاٌس عOne Who Belongs In TheSkies
Urwaأ وىSupport, Handhold.
Usaimahٌماس أOld Arabic Name.
Usaimah UsaymahOld Arabic Name
Ushnaان ٌ وFragrant.
Ushtaشت عEverlastingHappiness,Illumination
Uswaسوة أSunnah, Practice.
Utaybahع ت ٌ بهA Narrator Of Hadith
Uwaisahع دوBilberry.
Uwaisah UwaysahBilberry, Whortleberry
VafiaفComplete, Just
Vardaف اRose
Vardahضه فRose
Varishaف ةٌLightning
VegaفFalling Star
WaabisahباوName Of A DistinguishedSahabi (RA).
Waahibahٌب حاوGiver, Generous.
Waahidaوا ةOne, Alone, Unique
Waahidahوا ٌOne, Unique.
Waajidaواج ةOne Whose Wants AreSatisfied, Wealthy, A Lover Or Beloved.
Waajidahواج ٌOne Who Acheives Her GoalsIn Life, Loved, Beloved
WaaliyahلاوThe Female Governor, SheWho Directs, Manages, Conducts, Governs,


Waarithahٌ ث او(Waarisah) An Heir, A Master, A Lord, An Owner, ASuccessor.
Waasifahٌف س اوDescribing
Waasilahٌل ص اوJoining, Connecting.
Wabisaس بوSomething Bright
WabisahباوBin Mabad RA Had ThisName.
WadaaatوذاتMildness, Gentleness, Peace
Wadaanaا ن اوProsperous.
Wadadا وLove, Friendship.
Waddiaة و دAmicable, Friendly.
Wadeedahة وع دLover, Friend, Beloved,Devoted
Wadhaض ةواBright.
Wadha WadhaaBright
Wadiوا يGentle, Calm.
Wadiahٌ و دCalm, Peaceable
Wadidaة وع دAttached, Devoted, Friendly
Wafaا فوFaithfulness, Fidelity
Wafa WafaaFaithfulness
WafeeqaدهSuccessful, Fem. Of Wafiq.
WafiaفاوFaithful, Loyal.
Wafiqah WafeeqaSuccessful
WafiyaفوTrue, Trustworthy, Reliable
WafiyahفوLoyal, Faithful
WafiyyahفوLoyal, Faithful
Wafizaز فوFresh Air
WagmaواجماMorning Breeze, Dew
Wahabahٌب ٌوThis Was The Name Of APoetess
Wahbiyahدهة بوٌGiving
Waheebahٌب ده ٌوOne Who Gives.
Waheedaده ة وحOne, Exclusive, Unique
Waheedahده ٌ وحUnique, Singular,Unparalleled, Alone.
Wahibaةب ده ٌوGiver.
Wahibahٌب ده ٌوGiver, Donor
Wahidaوا ةOne Of Its Kind.
Wahidahده ٌ وحExclusive, Unique
WahujوهجFirst Light Of Day, Dawn,New Beginning
Waiyaا دوGuardian, Watchguard
WajdواجPassion, Strong Emotion
Wajeeوا جHappy, Jolly, Pleasant.
Wajeedaده ة وجOne Who Is Noble.
Wajeehدهٌ وجOf A Good. Appearance,Aspect. Appearance, Handsome, Respectable.
Wajeehaدههة وجEminent, Distinguished
Wajiaدهة وجMelody.
Wajidaده ة وجAchiever, Excited, Finder
Wajidahده ٌ وجOne Who Acheives Her GoalsIn Life, Loved, Beloved.
Wajihaواج هةHigh, Eminent
WajihahوجههEminent, Distinguished,Notable
Wajnaةن جوHappy, Jolly, Pleasant.
Wakalatة لا كوAdvocacy.
Wakeeه كوAdvocacy, Practice At The Bar, Atembassy, Agency, Commission, Name Of The Teacher Of Hazrat ImamShaafi
Wala WalaaLoyalty
Walidahٌ لاوNewborn
Walihahةٌ لاوThis Was The Name Of APoetess
Walladaة والProlific, Fertile, Fruitful.
Walladahٌ لاوFrequently Producing,Prolific
WaniyaنوGift Of Allah (Swt).
Waqarا قوDignity.
WaqiaقاوLofty, Wise, Forceful,Respectable
Waraqaة ق وRich, Paper-Made.
Wardaوا اGuardian, Protector
Wardahٌ وRose
Wardah WordahRose
Wardahorwordahوا اهو وو اٌRose
Wareeshaده وHappiness
Warisaده وHeiress.
Warqaة ق وTo Do With Paper, Leaf.
Warqa WarqaaPigeon
Warqahٌ ق وPetal Of A Flower.
Warsanسان وعTrue News, Wonderful News
Wasamaةماس اوBeauty, Gracefulness
Waseefahٌف ده س وServant
Waseemaدهما س وBeautiful, Pretty, Charming.
Waseemahدهمه س وComely
Wasfiyahدهٌ ف ص وDepictive
Wasfiyahorفص و ٌ دهDepictive
Washidaش ة وBloomed, Fresh.
Washmaشما وCultured.
Wasiaدها س واExpansionist, Vast, Spacious.
Wasifaةف ده ص وPraiser
Wasifahٌف ده س وOne Who Describes
Wasifiهف ده ص وPraiseworthy.
Wasilaةل ده س وInseparable Friend.
Wasilahٌل ده س وInseparable Friend
Wasillaةل ده س وBond
Wasimaدهما س وBeautiful, Pretty, Graceful
Wasimahدهمه س وPretty, Beautiful
WasiqaثوConfident, Sure, Certain
Wasmaسما واA Pretty Face, Beautiful
Wasnaةن س وA Narrator Of Hadith HadThis Name
Wateebدهب وطHeart
Wawrinaاوو ي نSnow White.
Wazeeraة و دزWomen Minister
Wazeerahٌ و دزFemale Minister.
Wiamام دوHarmony, Agreement
Widadا وLove, Friendship
Widad WidaadLove, Friendship
Widedدو دAffection
Wifaqقا فوHarmony, Consent
Wijdanوج انEcstacy, Sentiment
WisaalوإدCommunion In Love
WisalدوCommunion In Love
Wisal WisaalReunion, Being Together,Communion In Love
Wisamسام وDecoration, Medal
Wisam WisaamMedal, Badge Of Honor
Wrangaاج نا وRay Of Light.
Wrashminشمن وSilken.
Wurudوو وRoses
Yaaniه نا دهRipe, Scarlet
Yaaqootتو قا دهRuby, A Precious Stone, AGarnet.
Yafitaةط فا دهSavior.
Yakootahٌ تو قا دهEmerald
YaktaدهUnique, Incomparable.
Yalaaا ل دهExalted, High.
YalqootدهAn Early Woman Who GaveMuch In Charity
Yamaamahٌمام دهIntention, Design, MaidenWho Could See A Person At
A Distance Of Three Days
Yamamahٌمام دهValley In Arabia
Yamanaىن م دهPious
Yamhaاٌما دهDove
Yaminaان ده م دهHappy
Yaminahٌن ده م دهRight And Proper
Yamnaةن م دهFortunate
YaqaazahدهWatchful, Providant
Yaqootتو قا دهRuby, Sapphire, Topaz.
Yaraا ا دهLittle Butterfly
Yarahٌا دهWarm
Yariqaى ق دهBright, White, Fair
Yaserس ا دهWealth
YasharahدهIntelligent, Precious Stone.
YashfeenدهShefa, Healthiness.
YasiraدهRich Woman.
Yasmeenن ده مس ا دهJasmine
Yasmeenahٌن ده مس ا دهSweet-Smelling FlowerAmong Er Work Is A Commentry On Surah Al- Baqarah, She Is Mentioned By Salahuddin Al-Safdi In His Book As One Of The Distinguished People Of Egypt
Yasminن ده مس ا دهJasmine Flower
Yasmin YasmeenJasmine
Yasminaان ده مس ا دهA Beautiful Flower ThatShines
Yasmineهن ده مس ا دهFlower
Yasminoryasmeenمس ا ده نا ده ونJasmine Flower.
YasnaدهIt Means White Rose InArabic
YasraدهAffluent, Rich, Prosperous.
YeldaدهDark Night
Youmnaان مو دهHope
Yumnنمو دهGood Fortune, Success
Yumnaان مو دهGood Fortune, Success
Yumnaaان مو دهRight Side, Blessed, Grace.
Yumnahحن م دهHappiness, Success, Fem.
Yumnah YumnaRight Side
YusairahدٌName Of A Sahabiyyah (RA).
YusayrahدهEasy One Of The First Two Swear Allegiance Bayah To The Prophet SAW Among The Ansar But It Is Also Said That She Was Among TheMuhajirs Emigrants
Yusra YusraaMost Prosperous
YusraaادLeft Side,Easier.
YusriyahدهMost Prosperous
YusriyyaدهEasy, Kind, Smooth, Sahabia
Zaafiraة فاظVictorious, Successful
Zaahidahزاه ةAbstinent, Lacking MundaneAmbitions.
Zaahiraظاه ةFeminine Form Of ZAAHIR
Zaahirahظاه ٌGuest
Zaaiirahدز ٌVisitor, Guest.
ZaamatذمةPower, Authority, Command,Glory, Honour
Zaaminahٌن ده مزOne Who Stands Surety ForAnother One Who Helps.
Zaaraزا اBeautiful Flower
Zababaة با بذLeader, Head, Chief
Zabanaة نا بزFlame (Of A Candle)
Zabiaدهة ب ظLike Deer
Zabiyahدهٌ ب ظShe Was The Daughter Of Al-Barra Bin Maroor, She Reported Hadith From The

Prophet PBUH.

ZabreenبزDominant, Exalted, Upright.
Zabyaدهة ب ظFemale Gazelle.
Zaeemahمه دزLeader
Zafeeraده ة ف ظOne Who Is A Source OfSuccess, A Successful Lady.
Zafeerahده ة ف ظFirm
Zafiraده ة ف ظVictorious, Triumphant
Zafirahٌ فزVictorious
Zafirah ZaafirahVictorious, Successful
Zafratتا فزStrong
Zafwatةاو فزAffluence, Plenty, Complete
Zagheefatاف ده غزةGreen, Blooming, Fresh
Zagheeghatةاغ ده غزAbundance, Affluence,Multitude
Zaghlulaلول غزYoung Pigeon, Fem. OfZaghlul.
Zaghrabزا ابFlowing Abundantly, Deep
ZahaaزهاءRadiance, Brilliance
Zahabiaدهة بذٌGolden, Precious.
Zahabiyaدهة بذٌGold
Zaharaزه ةFlower, Beauty, Star
Zahbiaدهة بذٌBeautiful
Zaheenدهن ذحIntelligent
Zaheeraده زٌHelper, Supporter
Zaheerahده ةزٌHelper, Assistant
Zahiaدها زا ٌPious, Noble, Grand, Great.
Zahidaده ةزٌDevout, Ascetic, A Hermit
ZahidabanoبPious Princess
Zahidahده ٌزٌAscetic, Abstentious
Zahidasultanaلوس ا ده ٌازPious Queen
Zahirده زا ٌBright, Brilliant,Distinguished, Lofty
Zahiraده ةزٌBright, Brilliant, Shining
Zahirahزه ٌShining, Luminous
Zahraزاه اBeautiful
Zahra ZahraaWhite
Zahraaزه اءLady Of Jannah
Zahrahزه ٌFlower, Beauty, Star
ZahwahزهوٌBeauty, Pretty
Zaibب زادBeauty
ZaibaدهزBeautiful. Adorned
ZaidدزGrowth, Increase
Zaidaة ئازShe Was A Very DevotedWorshipper About Whose

Worship The Prophet SAW Also Learnt

Zaimaما دزLeader.
Zainدز نBeauty, Grace
Zain ZaynBeauty
ZainabدهزProphets Wife
Zainab ZaynabAn Ornamented Tree
ZainaborzaynabدهازAn Ornamented Tree
ZainbaدهزBeautiful (Two Words
Zairahٌ ئازVisitor
ZaitunدهزThe Olive Tree Or The OliveFruit.
ZaitunaدهزOlive, Fem. Of Zaytun.
ZakiraةذاكOne Who Speaks Of,Speaker.
ZakirahٌذكOne Who Remembers AllahRegularly
ZakiyaزكIntelligent, Bright
ZakiyyaزكPure, Chaste, Sinless, Fem.
ZalandaدهزBright, Masculine Zaland.
ZalfaلزThis Was The Name Of ADistinguished Woman Of Her Times, She Was Hajib Known

As Umm Al-Hajib Abdul Malik

Zamdaزام اA Plant That Grows In Quick
Zameelahٌل ده مزCompanion
Zameenaدهن زمIntelligent, Intellectual
ZamrudزمShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
ZamurdزاموA Narrator Of Hadith
ZamzamزمزمThe Name Of A Spring InArabia.
Zaneه نازBeloved
Zanubiyaبو نزName Of A Great SyrianQueen
Zaqawatتو قزWisdom, Sharpness,Prudence.
Zaraزا اBright As The Dawn
Zarafatتا فازWit, Humour, Wisdom,Prudence.
Zarayز يPossibly A Variant Of
Zarbahaٌ ب ذGold.
Zareefaده ظElegant, Witty, Graceful
Zareenن ز دFull Of Expression And Smile.
Zareenaا ن ازGold
Zareenahٌا نزA Companion Of ProphetSAW
Zareeshد ز ٌWealth.
Zarghunaان غزGreen.
ZarifaدهElegant, Graceful, Witty
Zarifahده ظBeauty, Smart
Zarinن زا دJust Like Gold.
Zarinaان عزGolden.
Zariyaة ذ دBeauty And Light
Zarkaازا كElegant Bird (Crane).
Zarmaزا ماCaptivating.
Zarminaان مزLovely And Precious Gold
Zarnabبا ن ازPure Gold
Zarolaالزا وHunter
Zarqaا ق ازBlue
Zarqaaءا قزBlue Color.
Zarqabanoبا قزBlue Eyed Princess
Zarqahabibaاب ب ٌ قزBlue Eyed Friend
Zarqasultanaلوس ا ق ازBlue Eyed Queen
Zarrahزا ٌShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
Zarrah `زا هاShe Was A Narrator OfHadith.
Zartajجا ت ازQueen
Zawiyaة زا دوSlim Beauty
Zayaanان دزSomething Beautiful
Zaybب زادAdornment
Zaynن زادBeauty
ZaynaدهزFeminine Form Of ZAYN
ZaynabدهزProper Name, Name OfProphets Daughter
Zaynah ZainaBeautiful
ZaytoonahدهزA Single Olive
ZeenaدهزOrnament, SomethingBeautiful
Zehbaىب ٌذGold
Zehnaى نٌذBeautiful
Zehraزه ةFlower
Zeradaة زGold Maker.
Zerahذ ٌRising Of Light
Zerinaان عزPrincess, Smart, Inteligent
Zhaahirahدهه ةزٌ(Zaahirah) Apparent,Evident, Bright.
Zhafeerahحز (Zafeerah) Of Firm And Resolute Intention.
Zhaheerahدهه ةزٌ(Zaheerah Assistant,Supporter.
Zhalaiز لHail.
ZibaدهزPl. Of Zaby, Gazelle.
Zilalال ل دزShade, Shadow
Zillaا ل ذدShadow
ZinaatدهزPl. Of Zinat, Ornament.
Zinah ZinatAdornment, Ornamentation
ZinatدهزAdornment, Ornament,Decoration, Elegance,


ZiniaدهزName Of A Flower.
ZinneerahدزName Of A Sahabiah
Ziramام دزGlow
Ziyaه دهزLight
Ziyadaا ة دزGrowth
Ziyanدز نElegance
Zobiaدهة ب ظGod Gifted
Zoeyaا دزLife
Zohalز لMoon Of Another Planet.
Zoharinظه نDawn, Light Of Day
Zohniyyaدهة ن ذٌBright Minded
Zohraظه اVenus, Jewels Of Sky
Zohuraزه ةBeautiful, Innocent AndCaring
ZoniraنزPrecious Stone, ExpensiveJewel
ZoonaزونWise Women
Zorahزو ٌDawn
ZoreedزOne Who Meets
Zoyaا ز دوLoving & Caring
Zubaahحا بذName Of A Sahaabiyyah
ZubaidaبزDiminutive Of Zubda, Butter
ZubairaaبزDiminutive Of Zahraa
ZubaydahبزThis Was The Name Of TheDaughter Of Jafar Mansoor And The Wife Of Khalifah
Haroon Rasheed
Zubdahٌ بزButter
Zubiه بزLoving And Understanding
Zudoraزو و اLaborer
ZuhaزهاBrightness, Early Morning.
Zuhairaده زٌFloret, Small Flower.
Zuharahزه ٌPlanet Venus
Zuhayraده زٌCourage
Zuheraزه ةName Of A Planet
Zuhraزه ةVenus, Brilliancy, Brightness
Zuhrahزه ٌBrightness
ZuhurزهوTo Flower, To Blossom, ToGlow
Zukhrufزخ فPure Gold
ZulaikhaلزWife Of The King Of Egypt
ZulaykhaلزShe Was A Narrator OfHadith
ZuleikaلوزBrilliant And Lovely
ZuleikhaلزBrilliant And Lovely
ZulekhaلزBrilliant Beauty
ZulfaلزFirst Part Of The Night
ZulfahلزNearness, Closeness
Zumarradaزم ةEmerald,Precious Stone
Zumurrudaزم ةEmerald
ZumzumزمزمSweet Water Of Paradise
Zunairahة ا نزFlower Found In Paradise
Zurafaة فازElegant, Witty, Graceful

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