Shadi Mubarak SMS 2024 Wishes Greetings Shayari Urdu Messages

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shadi Mubarak sms urduShadi mubarak wishes in English 2024 Wishes Greetings Shayari Urdu Messages

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Did you know that “Shadi Mubarak” translates to “marriage blessing” in English? In countries such as Syria, Jordan, and Egypt, it is a custom to wish someone a good marriage by saying the phrases “Shadi Mubarak” or “Shadna Noussaama”. Wishing you happiness and success in your new life together.

Shadi Mubarak’s wishes are one of the most common ways to say congratulations. They are intended to bring happiness and good fortune to the recipient, usually on the occasion of their marriage.

A shadi Mubarak is a traditional way to wish the bride and groom congratulations on their newlywed status. It is shown through the colors of the wedding dress, fruits, flowers, money, china plates, and much more. The celebrations are repeated for three days with various activities that are enjoyed by both families.

In a traditional Muslim wedding, the bride is often veiled and escorted by a procession of male relatives. The groom greets the bride with a nikah, a marriage contract signed in front of two witnesses.

The ceremony also includes at least two Walima feasts. After the ceremony is completed, wedding guests often toss rice on the newlyweds to wish them prosperity.

Shadi Mubarak’s wishes are celebrated before and after the wedding ceremony. The bride will stand before her groom and says “Bismillah” (In the name of God) to begin the marriage. The groom reciprocates by saying “Ikrahum-Allah” (For God, I consented to), granting his consent to the marriage.

The Shadna Noussaama is held on the wedding night at the couple’s residence. The groom would ask the bride to prepare a feast for the newlyweds. Weddings Poetry, Shadi Mubarak Urdu messages pictures, Urdu Shadi Mubarak Shayari. Download Shadi Mubarak wishes in English & Urdu. 

Shadi Mubarak Ho Pyaar Hi Pyaar Tmko Miley

Dil Se Duwa Hai Ye Meri Pyara Sa Sansaar Tmko Mily

Qismat Miley Ayesi Naseeb Se Ke Sab Dekhte Rah Jai

Chandni Ho Hr Raat Teri Tu Hr Din Bhaar Mily

shadi mubarak sms urdu poetry Happy Anniversary
and May
your marriage be Blessed with love,
joy And companionship
For all the years of your lives!

Shadi Mubarak Shayari urdu

Nothing in dis world Could ever be As wonderful as da Luv You’ve given me
ur Luv makes my days so very bright, just knowing you’re my darling wife(Husband).


Islamic shadi mubarak greetings cardBest wishes 2 u both on ur anniversary, May da Luv dat u share Last ur lifetime through, As u make a wonderful pair. Happy Wedding anniversary. S


Shadi mubarak wishes greetings EnglishHusband & wife are like Liver and Kidney. Husband is liver & wife
If the Liver fails, the Kidney fails. If Kidney fails, Liver manages with
other Kidney……;-
Shadi Mubarak wishes


Badsoorat Wife:
Apne Husband Se

Khirki K Parde Lagwa Do,
Naya Parosi Muje Dekhne Ki Koshish Krta Hy
1 Bar Dekh Lene Do,
Wo Khud Parde Lagwa Lega.
Shadi Mubarak Urdu messages

Happy Marriage SMS 2024 – Best SMS in Urdu, Hindi & English

Shadi mubarak urdu messages Poetry pics

Santa-jab meri nayi nayi shadi hui thi
mujhe biwi itni pyari lagti thi man karta tha khaa jaun.
Banta-aur ab?
Santa-khaa hi jata to acCha h0ta.


Shaadion Main Khaana Khaane K 2 Golden Rules……….
Rule # 1:
Pehli Baar Is Terha Khao K Doosri Baar Mile Ga Nahi
Rule # 2:
Doosri Baar Is Terha Khao k Pehli Baar khaya Nahi..
Shadi Mubarak Urdu messages Shayary


It is very common to greet new weds (newly married couples):
آپ دونوں کو ہزاروں خوشیوں کے ساتھ یہ شادی مبارک ہو
All the best


ur happiness begins
With ur wonderful wedding day,
u’ll share everything together,
Through it all, ur love will stay.
Shadi Mubarak greetings 

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