When is 1st Muharram 1445 (2023)/ Ashura 144510th Muharram Date

Islamic New Year (1435) will start on 5th November all over the world. Islamic Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar and varies from country to country. It is a Lunar Calendar. This difference means Al-Hijra / Muharram moves in the Gregorian calendar approximately 11 days every year. The date of New Islamic Calendar varies from country to country. The new moon is born on 3rd November in some countries of the world and it will be not appear in most countries of the world.

Here we are sharing new crescent born curve given below. Please take a look of new Islamic New year Muharram moon published below.

When does New Islamic Year 1435 start?

Here you can see in this picture the new moon of Muharram born on 3rd November is appeared at very late and it is expected anywhere in the world.

 And on 4th November you can see that new crescent moon appeared all over the world. Hence, all countries around the world should start the New Islamic Year / Muharram 1435 on the same day of Tuesday, 5th November 2013. 


When does New Islamic Year 1435 start? What is the date of 1stMuharram 1435 (2013)?

Muharram 1435 starts on Tuesday, 5th November 2013 all over the world.

When is Ashura 1435 [10th Muharram]?

Ashura 1435 / Ashura 2013 is on Thursday, 14th November 2013 all over the world.


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