US refused Visa to Pakistan Government officials

ISLAMABAD: The United States has refuse to issue Visa for three senior government officials  because of row over repatriation  of deportees.

Pakistan’s  Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi  told  on Tuesday to the  National Assembly’s Standing Committee  for Foreign Affairs that visa  refusal  had been imposed on three officials of  Pakistan government’s Interior Ministry.

The officials who are facing visa restrictions are an additional secretary and a joint secretary of the interior ministry as well as the director general passports. The sanctions  on these  officials  have been put in place after a row  between the two countries  over deportation of dozens of Pakistanis, currently in the US because of overstay and other allegations.  Mr. Quereshi said  that the government had asked to fulfill the legal requirements.

The US has deported more than 100 Pakistanis  in last 18 months and all of whom were accepted back.  It is the first in Pakistan’s history that government  have insisted  on a verification  of the credentials of the deportees. The foreign minister, however, clarified that there were no visa restrictions by the US government on Pakistani citizens in general. Consular operations of the US embassy in Islamabad  is granting visas to the eligible applicants.


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