Ufone Super Card Super Offers and Packages Details

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

Ufone Super Card Offers packages Information.Ufone super card family brought a wide range of super card offers and packages for a whole month that brings peace of mind and to get rid of credit for any package for any service including free minutes, text messages, free audio video call packages, and vice versa.  you just have to need a super card and enjoy all that you want with its super offers.  Ufone super card family has a number of options for getting a super card which is given below as under:-

Ufone Super Card Gold

Digital Mega Offer (Free Golootlo + SHOQ Subscription + Waada Subscription + U Cloud)

Off Net Minutes1000
U-U & PTCL Minutes10000
Internet200 GB
Validity30 Days
To subscribe dial*9080#
SHOQ Subscription*976#
Waada Subscription*977#
Golootlo SubscriptionAuto Subscribed
Ucloud Subscription*978#


Ufone Super Card Max

Ufone super card Max has also stunning or star amazing services for its customers for the period of whole month with just rupees 799.  You can just subscribe to one offer and enjoy it the whole month for using any service on your mobile phone.

Super Card Max

Off Net Minutes350
U-U & PTCL MinutesUnlimited*
Internet10 GB
Validity30 Days
To subscribe dial*629#
To subscribe for a loved one dial*3*2#

Ufone Super Card Plus

Ufone super card plus offers you off-net minutes, internet, Ufone to Ufone and PTCL minutes, and SMS also for just rupees 599.  It has also amazing services to get everything for a whole month.

Off-Net Minutes180
Internet2000MB + Unlimited* Facebook 
U-U & PTCL Minutes1200
Validity30 Days
To subscribe dial*250#

Super Card Gold

Ufone Mini super card is also available for just rupees 330 with special social bundles for 15 days.  It has also off-net minutes, internet and other services which can be used fortnightly.

Off Net Minutes600
U-U & PTCL MinutesUnlimited*
Internet30 GB
Validity30 Days
To subscribe dial*900#
To subscribe for a loved one dial*3*2

Ufone Super Recharge Offer

If you have a low balance in your account then you need not worry about it because you are a Ufone customer which can connect you with your friends, family members, and others after getting services of Ufone super recharge offer for just rupees 53 and can stay connected with your family and friends for two days.

Off-Net Minutes10
Internet100 MBs
U-U & PTCL Minutes300
To subscribe dial*300#

Ufone Super Minutes

Ufone super minutes bring 100 all network minutes for just rupees 135 Upload. Ufone Super Minutes can be used for seven days while having the Super Minutes package on your sim card.

All Networks Minutes100
To subscribe dial*210#

Ufone super internet

Subscribe to Ufone super internet offer with just rupees 135 Uload and get 1GB data for 7 days.

Internet1.2 GB
To subscribe dial*220#

keep in mind Ufone Super Card Gold, Super Card Max, Super Card Plus, Mini super card, Super Minutes and super internet offers and packages can also be availed through Uload.

If you want to get more info about Ufone super card offers and packages you may visit the official website of Ufone Pakistan. Enjoy with Ufone super card offers for fortnightly as well as for a whole month including all services which you want to get while using a smartphone or other cell phone.

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