UAF Rabia Faridi Speech at UN General Assembly on 22 September

It is the very great achievement of Pakistan top ranked university of Faisalabad (UAF) that one of its students Rabia Faridi has been selected to present Pakistan image about female education in UN General Assembly from September 22, 2014.

Rabia Faridi Youth Encourage Award 2014(Speech) at UN

Rabia Faridi is a student of of M.Sc Hons (Plant Breeding and Genetics) and she has earned her name through various forms like global youth ambassador of education by UN, UAF and member of Debating Club, Office of the Senior Tutor, UAF and a winner of Bargad Youth I-con Award 2014. Currently she is working on bringing out-of-school and dropout towards education in the Faisalabad Division.

UAF Student flew for United Nations today on Sunday to present her speech and debate in UNGA Session Commencing from September 22, 2014.

Few months ago Rabia Faridi present her speech in Islamabad at Convention Centre on Women Education in Pakistan and worldwide where UN Special Envoy for Global Education and former Britain Prime Minster Gordon Brown was the chief guest.

She got highly ranked praise and admire at that time by all the participants at Convention Centre.

She Will Speech at UN General Assembly to present Pakistan whole nation at 5:33PM. So as the she made her speech we will upload on this page.

So keep visiting this page we will show you live Rabia Faridi Speech at United Nations General Assembly on

Click the link given below to get Rabia Faridi live Speech for Women Education.

Rabia Faridi Speech

Rabia Faridi (Fareedi) Youth Encouragement Award 2014

Rabia Faridi belong to a rural Family and she will present pivotal role of rural area for the progress of the country. She said that her father supports her very much to move forward and all UAF Staff provide her such environment to improve her potential qualities and skills.


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